1. Episode 8 Double Turn
    Heels Season-Finale Recap: Sometimes You’re a Heel, Sometimes You’re a Face A satisfying finale ends the season on a joyful note.
  2. Episode 7 The Big Bad Fish Man
    Heels Recap: Don’t Come for My Shit Given everything that Jack has done to him, it might be better if Ace just leaves the DWL for good.
  3. Episode 6 House Show
    Heels Recap: An Oasis in the Midst of Chaos An episode with plenty of backstories gives us plenty of juicy details on what is fueling the present drama.
  4. Episode 5 Swerve
    Heels Recap: Get Real Wild Bill pulls just the right strings to send Ace into full villain mode.
  5. Episode 4 Cutting Promos
    Heels Recap: Sometimes That’s the Way Sad Comes Out If Ace is considering taking on the heel lifestyle, he needs to take a good hard look at Wild Bill to see where it leads.
  6. Episode 3 Cheap Heat
    Heels Recap: Like Father, Like Son? Jack, time and again, proves that he’s the ultimate heel, inside and out of the ring.
  7. Episode 2 Dusty Finish
    Heels Recap: Flipping the Script Duffy life isn’t enough for either Spade brother. Jack copes by throwing everything into the DWL while Ace dreams of leaving altogether.
  8. Episode 1 Kayfabe
    Heels Series-Premiere Recap: I Am My Brother’s Keeper This wrestling-themed drama about a sibling rivalry and struggling family business has everything wrestling fans already know and love.

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    Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa’s Wedding Was a Subtly Shady Affair The Selling Sunset star and Flip or Flop co-host tied the knot on October 23.
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    Love Life’s New Season Is a Charmer The HBO Max rom-com levels up in its second season thanks in large part to William Jackson Harper’s leading-man charisma.
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    How Maya and the Three’s Jorge R. Gutiérrez Crafted a New Kind of Fantasy Epic The new miniseries’s creator breaks down its unique blend of Mesoamerican history, Latin American culture, and Lord of the Rings–inspired mythology.
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    Dancing With the Stars Horror Night Is Frightfully Entertaining TV Has Jordan Peele seen this?
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    Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes Go Instagram Official With Their Breakup The Bachelorette couple said that they “are not compatible as life partners.”
  6. chat room
    Succession’s Natalie Gold Knows ‘You Can Never Really Get Out’ of the Roy Family “Rava can’t help herself with Kendall. She draws firm boundaries and then he always surprises her and she’ll let him in.”
  7. annexed bachelor nation
    Disgraced Former Bachelor Host Engaged to Current Bachelor Reporter Corporate synergy!
  8. housewives institute bulletin
    Halloween Can’t Kill Kyle Richards It may be Kyle’s big moment, but even she can’t steal Erika’s RHOBH reunion spotlight.
  9. summer of scam
    Julia Garner Scams Us Into Believing She’s Anna Delvey She really delved into the role.
  10. close reads
    Chucky Turns a Tired Horror Cliché on Its Head As the first Child’s Play installment with a gay lead, the new TV series is reclaiming a harmful trope that’s dogged the slasher genre for decades.