High Fidelity

  1. Episode 10 The Other Side Of The Rock
    High Fidelity Season Finale Recap: Wild, Wild Life Rob finally reckons more fully with the past, rather than just revisiting it in hopes of finding a single answer.
  2. Episode 9 Fun Rob
    High Fidelity Recap: You Ever See Somebody Ruin Their Own Life? Rob’s birthday reveals that she’s not romantically doomed—she’s a pretty garden-variety mess who now has to face the consequences of her actions.
  3. Episode 8 Ballad of the Lonesome Loser
    High Fidelity Recap: Simon Feels (Mighty Real) A great standalone episode takes us out of Rob’s head and into an altogether different sort of troubled romantic history.
  4. Episode 7 Me Time
    High Fidelity Recap: Alone Again Or Clyde may well not turn out to be Mr. Right, but he sure is game.
  5. Episode 6 Weird… But Warm
    High Fidelity Recap: U Got the Look Rob, Cherise, and Simon all begin to recognize that while wearing a mask may be protective, it can crush their hopes just as completely as rejection.
  6. Episode 5 Uptown
    High Fidelity Recap: The Collector A welcome detour uptown uses Rob’s career as a different lens on her overall existential crisis.
  7. Episode 4 Good Luck & Goodbye
    High Fidelity Recap: She’s Come Undone As entertaining as it is to revisit Rob’s memories of her Top Five Heartbreaks, the toll it’s taking on her in the present is dire.
  8. Episode 3 What Fucking Lily Girl?
    High Fidelity Recap: Once I Had a Love … What at first seems like a genial filler episode takes on a different tone once Rob’s fairy godmother, Debbie Harry, shows up.
  9. Episode 2 Track 2
    High Fidelity Recap: Our Playlists, Our Selves The series follows Rob’s philosophy of sequencing a playlist, with a second entry that delivers on the promise of the first.
  10. Episode 1 Top Five Heartbreaks
    High Fidelity Premiere Recap: Total Eclipse of the Heart Hulu’s new adaptation kicks off with an appropriately musical introduction to Zoe Kravitz’s Rob and her disastrous romantic backstory.

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    Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer to Star in Slow Burn Podcast TV Adaptation Produced by Sam Esmail and also including Sean Penn and Joel Edgerton.
  7. close reads
    Every Good Show Needs a Good Stand-alone Episode In different ways, High Fidelity and Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet show how taking a break from the main characters can make a series stronger.
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