High Fidelity

  1. Episode 10 The Other Side Of The Rock
    High Fidelity Season Finale Recap: Wild, Wild Life Rob finally reckons more fully with the past, rather than just revisiting it in hopes of finding a single answer.
  2. Episode 9 Fun Rob
    High Fidelity Recap: You Ever See Somebody Ruin Their Own Life? Rob’s birthday reveals that she’s not romantically doomed—she’s a pretty garden-variety mess who now has to face the consequences of her actions.
  3. Episode 8 Ballad of the Lonesome Loser
    High Fidelity Recap: Simon Feels (Mighty Real) A great standalone episode takes us out of Rob’s head and into an altogether different sort of troubled romantic history.
  4. Episode 7 Me Time
    High Fidelity Recap: Alone Again Or Clyde may well not turn out to be Mr. Right, but he sure is game.
  5. Episode 6 Weird… But Warm
    High Fidelity Recap: U Got the Look Rob, Cherise, and Simon all begin to recognize that while wearing a mask may be protective, it can crush their hopes just as completely as rejection.
  6. Episode 5 Uptown
    High Fidelity Recap: The Collector A welcome detour uptown uses Rob’s career as a different lens on her overall existential crisis.
  7. Episode 4 Good Luck & Goodbye
    High Fidelity Recap: She’s Come Undone As entertaining as it is to revisit Rob’s memories of her Top Five Heartbreaks, the toll it’s taking on her in the present is dire.
  8. Episode 3 What Fucking Lily Girl?
    High Fidelity Recap: Once I Had a Love … What at first seems like a genial filler episode takes on a different tone once Rob’s fairy godmother, Debbie Harry, shows up.
  9. Episode 2 Track 2
    High Fidelity Recap: Our Playlists, Our Selves The series follows Rob’s philosophy of sequencing a playlist, with a second entry that delivers on the promise of the first.
  10. Episode 1 Top Five Heartbreaks
    High Fidelity Premiere Recap: Total Eclipse of the Heart Hulu’s new adaptation kicks off with an appropriately musical introduction to Zoe Kravitz’s Rob and her disastrous romantic backstory.

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