1. Episode 12 Marine One
    Homeland Finale Recap: The Trigger Effect Homeland ends its first season without a bang.
  2. Episode 11 The Vest
    Homeland Recap: Color Me Manic Claire Danes gets her Emmy reel in order.
  3. Episode 10 Representative Brody
  4. Episode 9 Crossfire
    Homeland Recap: Befriend It Like Beckham Or, emotionally bulletproof reasons to become a terrorist.
  5. Episode 8 Achilles’ Heel
    Homeland Recap: I’m Out Out of what, Brody?!
  6. Episode 7 The Weekend
    Homeland Recap: Into the Woods For some sex. While sober.
  7. Episode 6 The Good Soldier
    Homeland Recap: Sex, Lies, and Surveillance Tape Carrie gets down to business.
  8. Episode 5 Blind Spot
    Homeland Recap: Out of Sight The blind spots continue to make trouble.
  9. Episode 4 Semper I
    Homeland Recap: Traffic on the Beltway Carrie takes up surveillance when the cameras go off.
  10. Episode 3 Clean Skin
    Homeland Recap: An Affair to Forget Sullen daughter Dana reveals she knows all about her mom’s affair with dad’s best friend.
  11. Episode 2 Grace
    Homeland Recap: Get Off My Lawn Brody starts to pray. Also, takes to throat punching.
  12. Episode 1 Pilot
    Homeland Recap: Brody Came Home With a Mission Showtime’s new drama gets off to a strong start.
  1. Episode 12 The Choice
    Homeland Recap: A World Turned Upside Down The second season finale feels like a flip of last year’s closer.
  2. Episode 11 In Memoriam
    Homeland Recap: What’s Left to Do Now? After a climactic shooting, the raison d’être of the show seems to have vanished.
  3. Episode 10 Broken Hearts
    Homeland Recap: Pace Yourself When did Ryan Murphy start writing for Homeland?
  4. Episode 9 Two Hats
    Homeland Recap: The War at Home Jessica and Mike get their own version of Brody’s and Carrie’s woodland interlude.
  5. Episode 8 I’ll Fly Away
    Homeland Recap: Spies in the House of Love The second super-soapy episode in a row.
  6. Episode 7 The Clearing
    Homeland Recap: Petraeus, Carrie, Brody and CIA Love This might have been the most overtly soapy single episode of Homeland yet.
  7. Episode 6 A Gettysburg Address
    Homeland Recap: Nod If You Understand What a piece of work is Brody! He has flipped. He hasn’t flipped. He has flipped, kind of. He’s conflicted. He’s playing everyone.
  8. Episode 5 Q&A
    Homeland Recap: The Ball Game Is Over This might be the series’ second best episode after “The Weekend.”
  9. Episode 4 New Car Smell
    Homeland Recap: If Nothing Else Faith in Homeland: restored.
  10. Episode 3 State of Independence
    Homeland Recap: The Tailor of Gettysburg We were going to make fun of this episode until one hilarious scene turned the whole thing around.
  11. Episode 2 Beirut Is Back
    Homeland Recap: When You’re Right, You’re Right The show can go one of two ways after tonight’s episode.
  12. Episode 1 The Smile
    Homeland Recap: Matters of Trust The now-Emmy-winning show returns for its second season.
  1. Episode 12 The Star
    Homeland Season Three Finale Recap: A Kind of Peace We have absolutely no idea where Homeland could go from here. And that’s a great place for this show to be.
  2. Episode 11 Big Man in Tehran
    Homeland Recap: The Most Wanted Man in the World It looked like Homeland was back to being the show our recapper loved again. And then it chickened out.
  3. Episode 10 Good Night
    Homeland Recap: Relax the Goat At least the show has the decency to acknowledge that Saul’s second “play” is a long shot.
  4. Episode 9 One Last Time
    Homeland Recap: Never Have to See You Again Saul has an absolutely crazy plan.
  5. Episode 8 A Red Wheelbarrow
    Homeland Recap: Knowing the Game We’re coming to terms with the fact that Homeland is a show in which the characters don’t make the same decisions that actual humans would.
  6. Episode 7 Gerontion
    Homeland Recap: The Eyes of God Cunning passages. Impudent crimes.
  7. Episode 6 Still Positive
    Homeland Recap: Domain Management Homeland sure loves its what the hell moments.
  8. Episode 5 The Yoga Play
    Homeland Recap: Duck Hunting Senator Lockhart is just what this show needs.
  9. Episode 4 Game On
    Homeland Recap: Full-Blown Contagion “Game On” was an episode that left us torn between pleasure at the show’s nervy plotting, and rage-y frustration.
  10. Episode 3 Tower of David
    Homeland Recap: Like a Cockroach Amount of Saul in this episode? Zero.
  11. Episode 2 Uh… Oh… Ah…
    Homeland Recap: The Big Lie Carrie: Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
  12. Episode 1 Tin Man Is Down
    Homeland Season Premiere Recap: Keepers of the Sacred Flame The show is doing something more interesting than simply minimizing liabilities.
  1. Episode 12 Long Time Coming
    Homeland Season 4 Finale Recap: Grudge Dread As an episode “Long Time Coming” was solid; as a season finale it was wonderful.
  2. Episode 11 Krieg Nicht Lieb
    Homeland Recap: Failure Protocol Carrie seems to have a new attitude towards vengeance.
  3. Episode 10 13 Hours in Islamabad
    Homeland Recap: Embassy Siege Homeland continues on its late-season hot streak.
  4. Episode 9 There’s Something Else Going On
  5. Episode 8 Halfway to a Donut
    Homeland Recap: Only Wrong Choices A great Homeland episode, exciting and surprising.
  6. Episode 7 Redux
    Homeland Recap: Breakdown Takedown This week, we truly saw things from Carrie’s perspective.
  7. Episode 6 From A to B and Back Again
    Homeland Recap: Lady Death Strike One of the show’s biggest shockers yet.
  8. Episode 5 About a Boy
    Homeland Recap: You Bet Your Asset What’s the more alarming behavior: crying during sex or pretending to cry during sex?
  9. Episode 4 Iron in the Fire
    Homeland Recap: The Spy Who Loved Me What Carrie did last night was one of the weirdest, most inappropriate things she’s ever done. And that’s saying something.
  10. Episode 3 Shalwar Kameez
    Homeland Recap: In Love and War on Terror Last night, we realized where this season is headed.
  11. Episodes 1 - 2 The Drone Queen/Trylon and Perisphere
    Homeland Season 4 Premiere Recap: Bad Mom Working single mothers: How do they do it?
  1. Episode 12 A False Glimmer
    Homeland Finale Recap: Love’s Easy Tears This finale is a romantic tragedy worthy of a Brontë novel.
  2. Episode 11 Our Man in Damascus
    Homeland Recap: Reborn Identity This episode is peak Homeland.
  3. Episode 10 New Normal
    Homeland Recap: Untold Horrors This Frankenstein’s monster of a season finally starts coming together.
  4. Episode 9 The Litvinov Ruse
    Homeland Recap: Whack-a-Mole Carrie reunites with Saul. They like each other again!
  5. Episode 8 All About Allison
    Homeland Recap: Flashback to the Future A good wig can really say it all.
  6. Episode 7 Oriole
    Homeland Recap: Defector Detector In a vacuum, “Oriole” was a solid, suspenseful episode of television.
  7. Episode 6 Parabiosis
    Homeland Recap: Boss Fight CIA bosses: They’re just like us!
  8. Episode 5 Better Call Saul
    Homeland Recap: Masking for a Friend This episode came down to Peter Quinn.
  9. Episode 4 Why Is This Night Different?
    Homeland Recap: Disguise the Limit On Homeland, a great romance will start with a contract killing, a flesh wound, and a sleeper hold.
  10. Episode 3 Super Powers
    Homeland Recap: So-Called Angels Carrie — and this episode — meant business.
  11. Episode 2 The Tradition of Hospitality
    Homeland Recap: U.N. Danger Girl This episode ramped up the tension and intrigue, landing us firmly back in Homeland’s best neighborhood: Stresstown.
  12. Episode 1 Separation Anxiety
    Homeland Season Premiere Recap: Disquiet Life Carrie thought she was done with the game, but the game wasn’t done with Carrie.
  1. Episode 12 America First
    Homeland Season-Finale Recap: Another Lesson Learned The season finale of Homeland focused on several of the things this show does best.
  2. Episode 11 R For Romeo
    Homeland Recap: Toxic Soldier This episode took some unexpected twists.
  3. Episode 10 The Flag House
    Homeland Recap: Family Ties Who can stop Dar Adal?
  4. Episode 9 Sock Puppets
    Homeland Recap: A Doomed Man “Sock Puppets” is built on five-and-a-half seasons of drama.
  5. Episode 8 Alt.Truth
    Homeland Recap: Black Dog A frustrating season of Homeland improved this week by focusing on the vulnerabilities of four of its most interesting characters.
  6. Episode 7 Imminent Risk
    Homeland Recap: A House on a Lake Dar Adal has officially gone full villain.
  7. Episode 6 The Return
    Homeland Recap: The New York Groove Anyone else miss the action-packed Homeland of seasons past?
  8. Episode 5 Casus Belli
    Homeland Recap: Hostage Situation When will Carrie and Saul reunite? Homeland is always better when they’re together.
  9. Episode 4 Flash of Light
    Homeland Recap: Whistleblowers It’ll be very interesting to see where Homeland goes from here.
  10. Episode 3 The Covenant
    Homeland Recap: A Long Trip “The Covenant” is a remarkably thin episode.
  11. Episode 2 The Man in the Basement
    Homeland Recap: Inside Woman Will Quinn be radicalized against America?
  12. Episode 1 Fair Game
    Homeland Season-Premiere Recap: Transition of Power The good news: Quinn is alive. The bad: He’s very far from okay.
  1. Episode 12 Paean to the People
    Homeland Season-Finale Recap: God Bless America “Paean to the People” ends season seven on a surprisingly somber note.
  2. Episode 11 All In
    Homeland Recap: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Will Carrie make it back to Washington in time to save Keane’s presidency?
  3. Episode 10 Clarity
    Homeland Recap: A Presidency in Crisis Carrie and President Keane are both faced with life-changing decisions.
  4. Episode 9 Useful Idiot
    Homeland Recap: The Useful Idiot Is Dante Allen dead?!
  5. Episode 8 Lies, Amplifiers, F**king Twitter
    Homeland Recap: The Unknown Known “The things we thought could never happen in this country apparently can.”
  6. Episode 7 Andante
    Homeland Recap: It All Falls Down Carrie has always had a thing for bad guys.
  7. Episode 6 Species Jump
    Homeland Recap: The Russians Are Coming! “Species Jump” is one of the best Homeland episodes in years.
  8. Episode 5 Active Measures
    Homeland Recap: A Terrible Thing Can President Keane prevent a civil war before it’s too late?
  9. Episode 4 Like Bad at Things
    Homeland Recap: The War Against America “Like Bad at Things” throws Saul into the middle of a disturbingly believable disaster.
  10. Episode 3 Standoff
    Homeland Recap: A Waking Nightmare Is Dante the new Quinn?
  11. Episode 2 Rebel Rebel
    Homeland Recap: The Lunatic Fringe Don’t mess with Carrie Mathison.
  12. Episode 1 Enemy of the State
    Homeland Season-Premiere Recap: Welcome to the Resistance What does Homeland look like without Peter Quinn?
  1. Episode 12 Prisoners of War
    Homeland Series-Finale Recap: In Plain Sight A confident, nuanced ending sidesteps nuclear war and easy answers alike.
  2. Episode 11 The English Teacher
    Homeland Recap: The Secret Agent One episode from the end, Homeland narrows its focus to the relationship this series has been about from the very beginning: Carrie and Saul.
  3. Episode 10 Designated Driver
    Homeland Recap: Double Agent Would Carrie betray a fellow agent, and Saul for that matter, to save the world? And could she possibly save her own reputation if she does?
  4. Episode 9 In Full Flight
    Homeland Recap: Fresh Out of Secrets Carrie is either way too trusting or playing way too long a game.
  5. Episode 8 Threnody(s)
    Homeland Recap: Fury Road Neither Hayes nor Haqqani fully grasp the situation they’re in, or seem to care about destroying the efforts of the men whose shoes they now fill.
  6. Episode 7 F**ker Shot Me
    Homeland Recap: Show of Strength With the world on the precipice of World War III, the new POTUS’s inexperience and poor leadership gets a harsh spotlight.
  7. Episode 6 Two Minutes
    Homeland Recap: Defining Moment The response to an international crisis shows the many ways in which one can act against the interest of their country for personal reasons.
  8. Episode 5 Chalk Two Down
    Homeland Recap: Chain of Command In the wake of a history-defining helicopter crash, Saul and Carrie try to keep their fingers in the dam holding back World War III.
  9. Episode 4 Chalk One Up
    Homeland Recap: Behind Enemy Lines A seismic event changes the world of Homeland forever, and raises big questions about how Carrie Mathison fits into it.
  10. Episode 3 False Friends
    Homeland Recap: Double Agents In the world of Homeland, even when you trust someone, you remain unsure.
  11. Episode 2 Catch and Release
    Homeland Recap: Playing Dumb While off on parallel missions, Carrie and Saul reunite with old friends from their respective pasts.
  12. Episode 1 Deception Indicated
    Homeland Season-Premiere Recap: Final Mission Is Carrie Mathison the new Nicholas Brody, an American hero who has been turned by the enemy?

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