House of the Dragon

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Almost two centuries before the Long Night, Red Wedding, or the Battle of the Bastards, another massive conflict wreaked havoc across Westeros. The first of many planned spin-offs of HBO’s landmark series Game of Thrones goes back to an era when the Targaryens ruled the Seven Kingdoms and dragons were plentiful.

Based on material from George R. R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, House of the Dragon tells the story of the Dance of Dragons and the events leading up to the brutal civil war. King Viserys I Targaryen rules over an unprecedented time of peace, but questions about his succession threaten to send the realm into chaos. Will Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen sit on the Iron Throne, or is Westeros not ready for a queen?

House of the Dragon was developed by Ryan J. Condal and Miguel Sapochnik. It stars Paddy Considine, Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Rhys Ifans, Sonoya Mizuno, Milly Alcock, Emily Carey, and a whole lot of dragons.

  1. Episode 10 The Black Queen
    House of the Dragon Season-Finale Recap: Blood of the Dragon The dragons are about to eat one another alive.
  2. Episode 9 The Green Council
    House of the Dragon Recap: Pawn, Queen, King The king is dead! Long live the king! … If the Hightowers can find Aegon and pull off this coup.
  3. Episode 8 The Lord of the Tides
    House of the Dragon Recap: A Cozy Little Melee The Targaryen and Velaryon families are not the kind of kinfolk whose problems can be solved over the dinner table.
  4. Episode 7 Driftmark
    House of the Dragon Recap: Bastards and Broken Noses The various dispersed Targaryens descend on Driftmark, and bring with them their genetically endowed abilities to be uniquely awful.
  5. Episode 6 The Princess and the Queen
    House of the Dragon Recap: A Bad Egg Like it was for the Starks in early Game of Thrones episodes, the stakes for child’s play are high for these little Targaryens.
  6. Episode 5 We Light the Way
    House of the Dragon Recap: One Wedding and Two Funerals A pack of new menaces has arrived just in time to broaden the show’s reach.
  7. Episode 4 King of the Narrow Sea
    House of the Dragon Recap: The Second Sex Congratulations to House of the Dragon for finding a way to make sex actually further the narrative and character development.
  8. Episode 3 Second of His Name
    House of the Dragon Recap: Green-Eyed Monster Viserys may swear to Rhaenyra, “On your mother’s memory, you will not be supplanted,” but Daemon is still out there, waiting in the wings.
  9. Episode 2 The Rogue Prince
    House of the Dragon Recap: The Westeros Wing Viserys actually makes pretty good decisions for a Targaryen king, which leads to boring ol’ stable politics. Luckily, there’s a dragon face-off.
  10. Episode 1 The Heirs of the Dragon
    House of the Dragon Series-Premiere Recap: A Song of Ice and Fire A Targaryen-centric prequel begins in typical Game of Thrones fashion: well-acted, violent, revolting, CGI’d to the max, and more than a little horny.

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    How House of the Dragon Can Keep Filming Amid the SAG StrikeIt’s all about those local union rules.
  2. fire deal
    House of the Dragon Is Throwing in 5 More Dragons With Season TwoFire-breathing pets are so hot.
  3. buffering
    HBO’s Big Dragon Bet Paid Off“My No. 1 feeling is relief,” says HBO chief Casey Bloys.
  4. fire and blood
    House of the Dragon’s Director Wants You Asking Questions About DaemonGreg Yaitanes on Rhaenyra’s coronation, Daemon’s betrayal, and that dragon chase: “Something horrible happening in the midst of somewhere beautiful.”
  5. a long talk
    House of the Dragon’s Two Queens Would Rather Co-Rule WesterosEmma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke relive Rhaenyra and Alicent’s season-one arc: “The whole series is about trying to get back to each other.”
  6. legally blonde 2
    House of the Dragon Is Getting a Second Season of Fire, Blood, and BlondesKeep those dragon eggs warm for season two.
  7. finales
    A Few Questions for That House of the Dragon FinaleExposition, dragons, and more excruciating childbirth leaves us with the promise of bigger and bloodier things to come.
  8. fire & blood & spoilers
    What to Expect Next on House of the DragonStrap in, we’re spoiling everything that happens in the Dance of the Dragons.
  9. fire and blood
    What If Viserys Married Laena Velaryon?Predicting a House of the Dragon future in which the Blues usurped the Greens in the Dance of the Dragons.
  10. fire & blood
    What’s Going on With House of the Dragon’s Mysaria?Her fate in the season’s penultimate episode is as confusing as everything else about this character.
  11. close read
    The Fantasy-Prequel ProblemHouse of the Dragon and The Rings of Power have been presented as shining new jewels in the streaming pantheon. They also belie a lack of imagination.
  12. emergency discussion
    What Is Time on House of the Dragon?The series’ frantic rush forward tests the efficacy of the TV time jump — and viewers’ ability to keep up.
  13. fire and blood
    Is Queen Alicent Acting in Bad Faith?The presence of a certain seven-pointed star adds an intriguing new wrinkle to House of the Dragon’s Targaryen-Hightower power struggle.
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    House of the Dragon’s Emma D’Arcy Brings You the New Drink of the SeasonAnd why is the internet going mad for it?
  15. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Is Mad About How Dark That House of the Dragon Episode Was TooWhile he still has a platform, Noah is going to be fighting for what really matters.
  16. dinner party
    One Simple Trick Can Fix House of the Dragon’s Lighting ProblemAnd any other shows that look like they were shot during an eclipse.
  17. yikes
    George R.R. Martin’s Co-authors Are Not Fit to PostRise of the Dragon co-author Linda Antonsson has repeatedly critiqued the casting of people of color on Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.
  18. fire and blood
    House of the Dragon’s Big Twist: A Happy Ending“Driftmark” subverts book canon for a character send-off that might just be the last nice thing that happens in this series.
  19. fire and blood
    Why Did That Episode of House of the Dragon Look So Bad?Possible explanations, not excuses, for why you couldn’t see anything.
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    Westeros Weddings Ranked by How Much Fun a Guest Would HaveSome of these unions are just not worth the RSVP.
  21. fire and blood
    Wow, It Kinda Sucks to Be a Velaryon Right Now, Doesn’t It?More money, more incest-caused problems!
  22. fire and blood
    The Casting Challenge Behind House of the Dragon’s 10-Year Time JumpHow the series’ casting director navigated a time-lapsed, multigenerational plot.
  23. buffering
    Dragons vs. Elves: Who Has the Better Release Strategy?Streamers say time slots are irrelevant. Maybe they’re wrong.
  24. tv ratings
    The Rings of Power Ratings Are In, and They’re GoodNielsen weighs in on the Lord of the Rings versus Game of Thrones battle.
  25. close read
    House of the Dragon’s Brutal Birth Obsession Isn’t Realism. It’s Cruelty.In three separate instances, the Game of Thrones prequel reduces a birthing woman to the limits of her body.
  26. chat room
    House of the Dragon’s Matthew Needham Is Playing Larys As a Hero“He might seem completely mad, but it’s very methodical.”
  27. fire and blood
    Theo Nate Could Ride a Dragon All DayAs his House of the Dragon role is aged up and recast, the British actor reflects on Laenor Velaryon’s bravery on and off the battlefield.
  28. chat room
    House of the Dragon’s Fabien Frankel on Ser Criston Cole’s Wedding Woes“He has to go in like, I’m going to f - - - ing give it everything I’ve got, and let it be what it is after that.”
  29. house of the dragon
    So Is Incest Taboo in Westeros, or What?The Targaryens’ whole deal, explained.
  30. close read
    The Rings of Power Looks on the Bright SideThe unfailingly well-lit fantasy series’ radiant beauty is illuminating both figuratively and literally.
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