Howards End

  1. Episode 4 Part 3
    Howards End Finale Recap: Margaret’s Inheritance A delightfully dramatic end to the E.M. Forster mini-series.
  2. Episode 3 Part 3
    Howards End Recap: Only Connect Matthew Macfadyen is the master of thoroughly awkward marriage proposals.
  3. Episode 2 Part 2
    Howards End Recap: Pencil Never Counts Watching Tibby watch Margaret and Mr. Wilcox is one of the great joys of this episode.
  4. Episode 1 Part 1
    Howards End Premiere Recap: Did Anyone Lose an Umbrella? This new Howards End has a lot of promise.

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  7. all the boys i've killed before
    Why Do All of Emilia Clarke’s Movie Boyfriends Die? Emilia Clarke loves to watch men die, and while I for one cannot blame her, I do want to know: Why?
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    Gaze Upon Olivia Colman’s Single, Perfect Tear on The Crown Not only did she summon Elizabeth’s glorious tear without any makeup or SFX cheats, she timed it perfectly on multiple takes.
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    Harry Styles Is an Extremely Cool Little Brother in This Cut SNL Sketch Featuring Kyle Mooney and Chris Redd.