I Know What You Did Last Summer

  1. Episode 8 Your Next Life Could Be So Much Happier
    I Know What You Did Last Summer Season-Finale Recap: There Are No Good People The finale answers who is behind these murders, but is this teen thriller built to last as an ongoing series?
  2. Episode 7 If Only Dogs Could Talk
    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: I Set Her Free In retrospect, Alison was never going to be able to keep the secret.
  3. Episode 6 Least You Had a Spare
    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: You’d Do Anything to Win The show is more devoted to character drama than horror or suspense, and yet we don’t know who these kids are outside of their archetypes.
  4. Episode 5 Mukbang
    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: You Got Nothing to Hide Everyone finally recognizes Clara for the obvious murder suspect she is.
  5. Episode 4 Hot Shrimp Salad
    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: She So Wishes She Was You The longer the show goes on, the messier it feels.
  6. Episode 3 A Gorilla Head Will Not Do
    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: I Am You Everyone assumes Alison survived and is the one stalking the group in this messy and unstable episode.
  7. Episode 2 It’s Not Just for Dog Shit
    I Know What You Did Last Summer Recap: It Changed Everyone Catching up with everyone leads to a mostly sleepy episode that ends with the nastiest bit yet.
  8. Episode 1 It’s Thursday
    I Know What You Did Last Summer Series-Premiere Recap The teen-thriller classic gets an update with a new twist that makes it equal parts spooky and serious.

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