I May Destroy You

  1. Episode 9 Social Media Is a Great Way to Connect
    I May Destroy You Recap: Is This a Subtweet? Arabella’s search for comfort in her social-media presence hands viewers another double-edged sword to contemplate.
  2. Episode 8 Line Spectrum Border
    I May Destroy You Recap: The Uninvited Arabella gives in to her worst impulses and forces her way back into Biagio’s life for an in-person chat that goes terribly.
  3. Episode 7 Happy Animals
    I May Destroy You Recap: Party’s Over Whether out of guilt or loyalty, Terry’s trying to deal with Arabella’s present, not what already happened to her.
  4. Episode 6 The Alliance
    I May Destroy You Recap: The Past Is Prologue Arabella finds support by reconnecting with an old schoolmate, but they’re linked by something much more complicated than their present pain.
  5. Episode 5 … It Just Came Up
    I May Destroy You Recap: Mic Drop Arabella moves into the next stage of her healing process via yoga, social media, and an impromptu Me Too moment.
  6. Episode 4 That Was Fun
    I May Destroy You Recap: Rules of Engagement Arabella and Kwame navigate the modern dating scene in a dual story of violated consent.
  7. Episode 3 Don’t Forget the Sea
    I May Destroy You Recap: The Trip to Italy We jump back in time with Arabella and Terry for some sparkling friendship dynamics and another murky situation about consent.
  8. Episode 2 Someone is Lying
    I May Destroy You Recap: A Hellish Whodunit As Arabella pieces together the fragments of the night, she plays a sleuth to solve her own traumatic mystery.
  9. Episode 1 Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes
    I May Destroy You Premiere Recap: Life, Interrupted Michaela Coel’s new series begins by confronting the terror of piecing together the events leading up to a lost night.

The Latest I May Destroy You News

  1. close reads
    The Innate Black Britishness of I May Destroy You Within Michaela Coel’s searing drama, Black British culture is everything in that it is treated as nothing. It just is.
  2. chat room
    I May Destroy You’s Paapa Essiedu on Going to Drama School With Michaela Coel “There’s no nepotism in your favor from being friends with Michaela Coel!”
  3. profile
    Michaela the Destroyer How a young talent from East London went from open-mic nights to making the year’s most sublimely unsettling show.
  4. the view from home
    How Protesting Helped Tayarisha Poe Feel Normal Again The Selah and the Spades director isn’t expecting a “yes, the revolution has arrived” moment — but she is feeling a lot of hope.
  5. chat room
    I May Destroy You’s Weruche Opia Became Instant Friends With Michaela Coel “A lot of people would ask how long Michaela and I have known each other, and we only really properly met on the set.”
  6. tv review
    I May Destroy You Confirms Michaela Coel’s Stunning Talent An unflinching, dynamic exploration of desire and consent stands on the strength of Coel’s work as a writer, director, and performer.
  7. trailer mix
    I May Destroy You Trailer: Michaela Coel’s New Show Warns Us Right in the Title Her Chewing Gum follow-up tackles sexual assault head-on.
  8. summer 2020
    The 20 Best and Biggest TV Shows to Watch This Summer Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, The Good Lord Bird, I May Destroy You, and more worth seeing during the Great Indoor Summer.