I May Destroy You

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  1. Episode 12 Ego Death
    I May Destroy You Finale Recap: To Catch a Predator Arabella’s future is hers to write.
  2. Episode 11 Would You Like to Know the Sex?
    I May Destroy You Recap: Taking Out the Trash Just as Arabella’s book seems like a lost cause, an unexpected source of help arrives.
  3. Episode 10 The Cause the Cure
    I May Destroy You Recap: Forgive a Little Now that Arabella has cleared the tension between her and Simon and relieved a guilty Terry, will she be able to forgive herself next?
  4. Episode 9 Social Media Is a Great Way to Connect
    I May Destroy You Recap: Is This a Subtweet? Arabella’s search for comfort in her social-media presence hands viewers another double-edged sword to contemplate.
  5. Episode 8 Line Spectrum Border
    I May Destroy You Recap: The Uninvited Arabella gives in to her worst impulses and forces her way back into Biagio’s life for an in-person chat that goes terribly.
  6. Episode 7 Happy Animals
    I May Destroy You Recap: Party’s Over Whether out of guilt or loyalty, Terry’s trying to deal with Arabella’s present, not what already happened to her.
  7. Episode 6 The Alliance
    I May Destroy You Recap: The Past Is Prologue Arabella finds support by reconnecting with an old schoolmate, but they’re linked by something much more complicated than their present pain.
  8. Episode 5 … It Just Came Up
    I May Destroy You Recap: Mic Drop Arabella moves into the next stage of her healing process via yoga, social media, and an impromptu Me Too moment.
  9. Episode 4 That Was Fun
    I May Destroy You Recap: Rules of Engagement Arabella and Kwame navigate the modern dating scene in a dual story of violated consent.
  10. Episode 3 Don’t Forget the Sea
    I May Destroy You Recap: The Trip to Italy We jump back in time with Arabella and Terry for some sparkling friendship dynamics and another murky situation about consent.
  11. Episode 2 Someone is Lying
    I May Destroy You Recap: A Hellish Whodunit As Arabella pieces together the fragments of the night, she plays a sleuth to solve her own traumatic mystery.
  12. Episode 1 Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes
    I May Destroy You Premiere Recap: Life, Interrupted Michaela Coel’s new series begins by confronting the terror of piecing together the events leading up to a lost night.

The Latest I May Destroy You News

  1. deserving
    Michaela Coel’s Emmy Acceptance Speech May Destroy You “I dedicate this story to every single survivor of sexual assault.”
  2. predictions
    What Will Win and What Should Win at the 2021 Emmy Awards You can bet on these predictions … maybe!
  3. one grand books
    Michaela Coel’s 10 Favorite Books Breakfast of Champions, Society Within, The Book of Eels, and more.
  4. tv
    Michaela Coel Dedicates BAFTA TV Award to I May Destroy You Intimacy Coordinator “Thank you for your existence in our industry, for making the space safe.”
  5. film independent spirit awards
    Nomadland Wins Big at Film Independent Spirit Awards I May Destroy You also took home two trophies!
  6. period piece
    A Brief History of Onscreen Periods Very rarely is a period portrayed as what it is like for almost everyone who experiences it — mundane.
  7. comment dites-vous snub?
    Emily in Paris Writer Is Also Raging Over I May Destroy You’s Golden Globes Snub “It’s not only wrong, it’s what is wrong with everything.”
  8. endings
    The Queasy Ending of Promising Young Woman In Emerald Fennell’s incendiary revenge movie, rage can be a sanctuary, and it can also be a dead end.
  9. best of 2020
    The 10 Best TV Needle Drops of 2020 From Queen’s Gambit’s “Venus” to I May Destroy You’s “Something About Us,” these musical moments helped push their series to new heights.
  10. connective tissue
    I May Destroy You, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark, and the Therapeutic Power of Story Though markedly different, the two series are complementary voices in the ongoing conversation about sexual assault and its aftermath.