Impeachment: American Crime Story


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  1. interview
    Annaleigh Ashford Wants You to Empathize With Paula Jones The Impeachment star on acting opposite a roomful of men and wearing Jones’s real clothes onscreen.
  2. fact vs fiction
    Fact-checking Impeachment Episode Three, ‘Not To Be Believed’ An expert analysis of everything from Matt Drudge’s dumpster diving to how Paula Jones really felt about that $700,000 settlement offer.
  3. fact vs fiction
    Fact-checking Impeachment, Episode Two, ‘The President Kissed Me’ An expert analysis of everything from Clinton and Lewinsky’s first kiss to Linda Tripp’s Christmas obsession.
  4. fact vs fiction
    Fact-Checking the Impeachment: American Crime Story Premiere An expert analysis of everything from Tripp and Lewinsky’s first meeting to the onion on Vince Foster’s burger.
  5. tv review
    Impeachment Asks Us to Gaze Upon Our Own Discomfort The newest American Crime Story is imperfect but transfixing, pushing the familiar tale of presidential scandal into the realm of American myth.
  6. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Impeachment Wants to Remind You All This Stuff Really Happened It’s our first look at Bill Clinton.
  7. casting
    Cobie Smulders Replaces Betty Gilpin As Ann Coulter in American Crime Story Robin Scherbatsky is back on the news.
  8. casting
    ACS: Impeachment Makes Some Pretty Troll Choices for Ann Coulter and Matt Drudge For a dollar … did Bill Clinton have sexual relations with that woman?