1. Episode 2 The Giant Squid
    Industry Recap: Let’s Find Out How Essential You Are “I’m sick of commenting on the direction of the wind. Shall we make it blow?”
  2. Episode 1 Daddy
    Industry Season-Premiere Recap: Purgatory Industry wastes no time plunging us right back into the tension and exhilaration that made season one so exciting.

The Latest Industry News

  1. stonks!
    Industry Is the Best Show to Listen To Who knew money-flavored white noise could be so soothing?
  2. trailer mix
    Morally Bankrupt Finance Grads Are Back in the Industry Season-Two Trailer Premiering August 1.
  3. profile
    Myha’la Herrold Knows She’s Good The Industry star is just as ambitious as her junior-banker character. The big difference? “I don’t act crazy.”
  4. remember film festivals?
    Sundance Cancels In-Person Film Festival for 2022 The festival stated in-person events would be “irresponsible in this climate.”
  5. chat room
    Industry’s Ken Leung Thinks ‘Anything Is Possible’ for Eric After That Finale “He’s a smart guy. How does he negotiate having survived this close call?”
  6. 🤑🤑🤑
    Industry’s Creators Decode the Show’s Most Jargony Trader Talk Mickey Down and Konrad Kay walk us through what you need to know to understand the season’s major plot points — including Harper’s big screwup.
  7. tv review
    Industry Trades On Known Quantities At this point, the new HBO drama feels defined more by its influences than its characters.
  8. capitalism tv
    Lena Dunham Will Also Make a Show About Finance for HBO Succession, meet Industry.
  9. glorious returns
    Jon Stewart May Be on HBO Before the Election Makes sense.
  10. boycotts
    Tyler Perry Joins Chorus Condemning Georgia’s Anti-Gay Bill “We do not tolerate bigotry, division, and discrimination.”