Interview With the Vampire

  1. Episode 7 The Thing Lay Still
    Interview With the Vampire Season-Finale Recap: You’ve Only Heard Half the Story What other way would there be to end the first season of this bloody, bonkers show than with a masquerade ball?
  2. Episode 6 Like Angels Put in Hell By God
    Interview With the Vampire Recap: Checkmate Reunited and it feels so bad.
  3. Episode 5 A Vile Hunger for Your Hammering Heart
    Interview With the Vampire Recap: Somebody to Love Claudia is a little teen serial killer in a fairly miserable episode.
  4. Episode 4 The Ruthless Pursuit of Blood With All a Child’s Demanding
  5. Episode 3 Is My Very Nature That of a Devil
    Interview With the Vampire Recap: Bad Daddy Open relationships are complicated for vampires, too.
  6. Episode 2 …After the Phantoms of Your Former Self
    Interview With the Vampire Recap: Baby’s First Murder Lesson one: No drinking from the dead.
  7. Episode 1 In Throes of Increasing Wonder…
    Interview With the Vampire Series-Premiere Recap: Let the Story Seduce You The first episode of AMC’s Anne Rice series has it all: Sex! Catholics! New Orleans! Mind control!

More on Interview With the Vampire

  1. that bites
    Looks Like Interview With the Vampire’s Cast Isn’t ImmortalBailey Bass will be replaced as Claudia in season two.
  2. chat room
    Interview With the Vampire’s Jacob Anderson on Power Struggles and Ethical Meals“I was swilling water to get fake blood and rat hair out of my mouth for days afterwards.”
  3. let the right one in
    We’ve Drunk This Blood BeforeTwo vampire remakes are currently competing for TV audiences’ attention. Surprisingly, they both have teeth.
  4. rip
    Anne Rice, Queen of Gothic Lit, Dies at 80Author of The Vampire Chronicles.
  5. casting vamps
    AMC Is Making an Interview With the Vampire Series, Starring Grey WormSam Reid will play Lestat.
  6. suck it
    Grab Your Crucifix Recorders, Interview With the Vampire Gets Adapted for AMCThe series will be Anne Rice’s first for the network.