1. Episode 8 Where I Really Come From
    Invincible Season-Finale Recap: My Father the Hero One of the most harrowing episode of superhero TV ever produced matches extreme, spectacular violence with devastating emotional conflict.
  2. Episode 7 We Need to Talk
    Invincible Recap: Trust Issues An eventful penultimate episode puts us back in action-extravaganza mode, as Omni-Man reveals his true self and obliterates his domestic human life.
  3. Episode 6 You Look Pretty Dead
    Invincible Recap: A Different World Even in the world of higher education, Mark can’t escape the blue and yellow costume.
  4. Episode 5 That Actually Hurt
    Invincible Recap: Growing Pains In going against his father’s wishes to team up with Titan (Mahershala Ali), Mark makes a valiant choice that backfires spectacularly.
  5. Episode 4 Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out
    Invincible Recap: Suspicious Minds As Nolan’s and Debbie’s characters get fleshed out, the tension between their competing ideologies grows within Mark.
  6. Episode 3 Who You Calling Ugly?
    Invincible Recap: Tryout Season Mark’s father has specific expectations for him, and it’s looking like those expectations are going to cause some major problems.
  7. Episode 2 Here Goes Nothing
    Invincible Recap: Blue Badge of Courage Nobody said being a superhero was going to be easy, and Mark quickly learns the many difficulties of his new life.
  8. Episode 1 It’s About Time
    Invincible Premiere Recap: Father Knows Best What at first seems like a sunny superhero origin story soon descends into the darkest aspects of the genre.

The Latest TV News

  1. trailer mix
    You Goes to College in Season 4 Teaser Meet “Professor Jonathan Moore.”
  2. coming soon
    The Crown Season 5 Returns to the Throne The royal family is coming back to Netflix.
  3. bah humbug buddies
    Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds to Sing a Modern Christmas Carol Apple is adapting the Dickens classic as a musical comedy called Spirited.
  4. coming soon
    The Original High School Musical Cast Is (Almost) All in This Together “This” being season four of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.
  5. allegations
    Constance Wu Alleges Sexual Harassment, Intimidation on Fresh Off the Boat She says she kept quiet about the way a senior producer treated her because she didn’t want to stain the historic show’s reputation.
  6. tv review
    The Problem With Dahmer The series states its aim to humanize those affected by the serial killer’s crimes, but it can’t resist a base attraction to its central monster.
  7. ex-wife guy
    Jesse Eisenberg Summons Divorced-Man Energy for Fleishman Is in Trouble Claire Danes and Lizzy Caplan co-star in the upcoming FX limited series.
  8. coming soon
    HBO’s True Detective: Night Country Has Jodie Foster on the Case Season four will co-star Fiona Shaw, Kali Reis, John Hawkes, and more.
  9. trailer mix
    Wednesday Will Start Streaming Around Her Favorite Holiday Everyone knows how much she loves talking about the true meaning of Thanksgiving.
  10. had to get away
    The White Lotus Season Two Booked Its Italian Vacation for October 30 They’ve swapped out the wallpaper for the new Sicilian season’s credits sequence