1. Episode 8 Where I Really Come From
    Invincible Season-Finale Recap: My Father the Hero One of the most harrowing episode of superhero TV ever produced matches extreme, spectacular violence with devastating emotional conflict.
  2. Episode 7 We Need to Talk
    Invincible Recap: Trust Issues An eventful penultimate episode puts us back in action-extravaganza mode, as Omni-Man reveals his true self and obliterates his domestic human life.
  3. Episode 6 You Look Pretty Dead
    Invincible Recap: A Different World Even in the world of higher education, Mark can’t escape the blue and yellow costume.
  4. Episode 5 That Actually Hurt
    Invincible Recap: Growing Pains In going against his father’s wishes to team up with Titan (Mahershala Ali), Mark makes a valiant choice that backfires spectacularly.
  5. Episode 4 Neil Armstrong, Eat Your Heart Out
    Invincible Recap: Suspicious Minds As Nolan’s and Debbie’s characters get fleshed out, the tension between their competing ideologies grows within Mark.
  6. Episode 3 Who You Calling Ugly?
    Invincible Recap: Tryout Season Mark’s father has specific expectations for him, and it’s looking like those expectations are going to cause some major problems.
  7. Episode 2 Here Goes Nothing
    Invincible Recap: Blue Badge of Courage Nobody said being a superhero was going to be easy, and Mark quickly learns the many difficulties of his new life.
  8. Episode 1 It’s About Time
    Invincible Premiere Recap: Father Knows Best What at first seems like a sunny superhero origin story soon descends into the darkest aspects of the genre.
  1. Episode 1 Atom Eve Special
    Invincible: Atom Eve Recap: The Atom Family The pink-clad matter manipulator gets an origin-story special that, in typical Invincible fashion, blends deep familial tragedy with dynamic violence.

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