Irma Vep

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“More than two decades after he first zipped Maggie Cheung into the Irma Vep catsuit, Olivier Assayas is remaking his own hit film into a series for HBO. The name and source material (Louis Feuillade’s 1915 silent-film series Les Vampires) are the same, but this time around, Assayas has aimed his pointed satire at the French film industry and Hollywood, instead of exploring a famous Hong Kong actress’s disorienting experience of making a French film. The eight-hour series (or is it an eight-hour movie, as a character insists in an early episode?) centers on Alicia Vikander as Mira, a young movie star who’s disillusioned with her superhero-centric career and has defied her agents to jet off to France and do an indie remake of Feuillade’s classic.” — Rachel Handler “’Irma Vep Is Not a Movie. Irma Vep Is a Concept.’”

  1. Episode 4 The Poisoner
    Irma Vep Recap: Too Many Ghosts Mira feels dangerously adrift as René places the burden of carrying the series on her.
  2. Episode 3 Dead Man’s Escape
    Irma Vep Recap: Renew Wave Irma Vep reveals itself to be a savagely self-deprecating enterprise for its creator, Olivier Assayas.
  3. Episode 2 The Ring That Kills
    Irma Vep Recap: A Film (Divided Into Eight Pieces) Mira has only gotten a small taste of the dysfunction to come.
  4. Episode 1 The Severed Head
    Irma Vep Series-Premiere Recap: Screw Up the Plan Mira’s (Alicia Vikander) hustle from Hollywood star to Irma Vep makes for an awkward transitional moment in Paris.

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