Jane the Virgin

  1. Episode 22 Chapter Twenty-Two
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Oh, Baby This finale leaves one sick at the thought of what’s to come.
  2. Episode 21 Chapter Twenty-One
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Friends and Lovers Jane deserves a partner who is just as interested in being her friend as he is in being her forever love.
  3. Episode 20 Chapter Twenty
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Burning Down the House What Jane the Virgin has been missing for awhile now is a good, old-fashioned fight.
  4. Episode 19 Chapter Nineteen
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Baby, Think It Over Jane the Virgin is too good a show to leave its best story developments out on the branch to rot.
  5. Episode 18 Chapter Eighteen
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Head and the Heart Jane the Virgin seamlessly allows its characters the comfort of their beliefs while still recognizing the realities of life.
  6. Episode 17 “Chapter Seventeen”
  7. Episode 16 Episode 16
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Blank Space Enough is enough, says Jane.
  8. Episode 15 Episode 15
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Jane Says Life is short. Life is long.
  9. Episode 14 Episode 14
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Livin’ on a Prayer This episode never finds its footing.
  10. Episode 13 Part 13
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Letting Go In which we finally understand what all that subtlety from last week was about.
  11. Episode 12 Chapter Twelve
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Passions Without Santos Jane is now morally beyond reproach, which is going to be a problem for her show.
  12. Episode 11 Chapter Eleven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Quickening What to make of a conflict-averse telenovela star?
  13. Episode 10 Chapter Ten
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Hurricane Jane This week: An awkward adventure trapped in an elevator and some very pun-laden sexy-time in an institution!
  1. Episode 22 Chapter Forty-Four
    Jane the Virgin Finale Recap: The Wedding “Chapter Forty-Four” is a shock-and-awe storytelling spectacular.
  2. Episode 21 Chapter Forty-Three
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Cumpleaños Feliz It’s time to get worried about Michael.
  3. Episode 20 Chapter Forty-Two
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Mother’s Day An awkward Mother’s Day brunch drives Our Poor Narrator to drink.
  4. Episode 19 Chapter Forty-One
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Calm Before the Storm This week’s fun gimmick: a silent movie!
  5. Episode 18 Chapter Forty
    Jane the Virgin Recap: How to Get Away With Metafiction This ingenious episode is a referendum on Jane the Virgin itself.
  6. Episode 17 Chapter Thirty-Nine
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Parent Trap In Jane’s world, happiness rarely lasts long.
  7. Episode 16 Chapter Thirty-Eight
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Charo! It’s thrilling to see Jane the Virgin tell a story about postpartum depression.
  8. Episode 15 Chapter Thirty-Seven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Bechdel Test I feel your skepticism, Narrator.
  9. Episode 14 Chapter Thirty-Six
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Sliding Doors This episode proves Jane the Virgin is a worthy successor to Gilmore Girls.
  10. Episode 13 Chapter Thirty-Five
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Sink or Swim Three cheers for Jane and Michael’s slow, thoughtful reconciliation!
  11. Episode 12 Chapter Thirty-Four
    Jane the Virgin Recap: La Vie en Rose This is a heart-stopping episode for #TeamMichael.
  12. Episode 11 Chapter Thirty-Three
    Jane the Virgin Recap: A Beautiful Day to Be Rogelio Gather round, Rogelifans! This is a glorious, shining showcase for our favorite telenovela star.
  13. Episode 10 Chapter Thirty-Two
    Jane the Virgin Recap: It’s on You After all of this, I don’t particularly care who Mutter is.
  14. Episode 9 Chapter Thirty-One
    Jane the Virgin Recap: A Truth Universally Acknowledged The crime lord Mutter is finally revealed. But first, Jane needs to sleep-train her son.
  15. Episode 8 Chapter Thirty
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Elodea Gale Vigor “That’s the thing about miracles. There are only so many of them.”
  16. Episode 7 Chapter Twenty-Nine
    Jane the Virgin Recap: #BlackFridayVirgin It’s time for us to talk about Target.
  17. Episode 6 Chapter Twenty-Eight
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Milestones It’s rare for TV to portray the intense near-impossibility of being both a mother and a student, but Jane the Virgin nails it.
  18. Episode 5 Chapter Twenty-Seven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Writing on the Wall A lot of this episode was classic Jane the Virgin fun, but sewn together, the predominant effect was a bit Frankenstein-y.
  19. Episode 4 Chapter Twenty-Six
    Jane the Virgin Recap: #TeamMichael “It’s all food here!”
  20. Episode 3 Chapter Twenty-Five
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Make Love Week We take a little breather.
  21. Episode 2 Chapter Twenty-Four
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Final Rose This week, Jane the Virgin came for me where I live: Ironic Bachelor Nation.
  22. Episode 1 Chapter Twenty-Three
    Jane the Virgin Recap: 3 Villanuevas and a Baby This first episode of season two makes several wise choices.
  1. Episode 20 Chapter Sixty-Four
    Jane the Virgin Season-Three Finale Recap: Full Circle Did you really think Xo and Ro’s wedding would be a fairy tale?
  2. Episode 19 Chapter Sixty-Three
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Once Upon a Time “I tried to use Fabian for his horses and now he’s taking it out on Dad!”
  3. Episode 18 Chapter Sixty-Two
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Sex and the Telenovela Jane is Carrie, Xo is Samantha, Alba is Miranda, and Rogelio is Charlotte. In case you’re wondering.
  4. Episode 17 Chapter Sixty-One
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Netflix and Chilly This is an episode full of awwwws.
  5. Episode 16 Chapter Sixty
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Chasing Waterfalls “Chapter Sixty” feels like a return to the show’s roots.
  6. Episode 15 Chapter Fifty-Nine
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Flirt Alert Xiomara and Rogelio forever!
  7. Episode 14 Chapter Fifty-Eight
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Room Mom Election 2017 Rafael came away from prison with a Zen attitude and a remarkable set of shoulder muscles.
  8. Episode 13 Chapter Fifty-Seven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Monte Carlo Night “Chapter Fifty-Seven” shifts back to a looser Jane the Virgin.
  9. Episode 12 Chapter Fifty-Six
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Reality Check A defense of Jane the Virgin’s three-year time jump.
  10. Episode 11 Chapter Fifty-Five
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Sunny Days, Rainy Days “Chapter Fifty-Five” is a remarkably great story about trauma and recovery.
  11. Episode 10 Chapter Fifty-Four
    Jane the Virgin Recap: A Chapter Ends Love it or hate it, this episode pulls off an extraordinary surprise.
  12. Episode 9 Chapter Fifty-Three
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Essential Oils, Anyone? This show’s willingness to let Jane and Michael fight is one of its great strengths.
  13. Episode 8 Chapter Fifty-Two
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Let It Bee Michael should never, ever be a stand-up comic.
  14. Episode 7 Chapter Fifty-One
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Nun Who Knew Too Much There is so much excellence in this Hitchcock-themed episode.
  15. Episode 6 Chapter Fifty
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Rival Arepas Let’s talk about advertising.
  16. Episode 5 Chapter Forty-Nine
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Full Frontal Welcome back, Petra! We’ve really missed you.
  17. Episode 4 Chapter Forty-Eight
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Flamingo Fight It’s time to #FreePetra.
  18. Episode 3 Chapter Forty-Seven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Let’s Get It On Jane the Virgin is no longer a virgin!
  19. Episode 2 Chapter Forty-Six
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Moving On “Chapter Forty-Six” pulls off a quietly political act.
  20. Episode 1 Chapter Forty-Five
    Jane the Virgin Season-Premiere Recap: Is Michael Dead?! “Chapter Forty-Five” puts us through the emotional wringer.
  1. Episode 17 Chapter Eighty-One
    Jane the Virgin Recap: OMFG Nothing could have prepared me for the final seconds of “Chapter Eighty-One.”
  2. Episode 16 Chapter Eighty
    Jane the Virgin Recap: It Does Get Harder “Chapter Eighty” is the darkest that Jane the Virgin has gotten for Xo’s cancer diagnosis.
  3. Episode 15 Chapter Seventy-Nine
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Cancer Card “Chapter Seventy-Nine” leaps ahead to the aftermath of Xiomara’s mastectomy.
  4. Episode 14 Chapter Seventy-Eight
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Good-bye, Lefty Oof, Xiomara does indeed have breast cancer.
  5. Episode 13 Chapter Seventy-Seven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: A Visit From the Tooth Fairy When this show wants to get serious, it doesn’t mess around.
  6. Episode 12 Chapter Seventy-Six
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Everyone’s a Critic Rogelio’s mustachioed inner critic is amazing.
  7. Episode 11 Chapter Seventy-Five
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Whose Story Do You Think This Is? Anybody wanna talk about the nitty-gritty of narrative theory?
  8. Episode 10 Chapter Seventy-Four
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Alba Get Your Vibrator This may be the platonic ideal of a Jane the Virgin episode.
  9. Episode 9 Chapter Seventy-Three
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Fifty Shades of Jane The redemption of Rafael is a tricky needle to thread.
  10. Episode 8 Chapter Seventy-Two
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Kiss “Chapter Seventy-Two” is a master class in sexy and enthusiastic consent.
  11. Episode 7 Chapter Seventy-One
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Rafael’s Redemption Congratulations to Team Rafael!
  12. Episode 6 Chapter Seventy
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Isabel Allende! Is anyone really good enough for Jane?
  13. Episode 5 Chapter Sixty-Nine
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Pulling Out It’s amazing for a show in the midst of its fourth season to still surprise you.
  14. Episode 4 Chapter Sixty-Eight
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Let’s Talk About Rafael Raf’s downward spiral into dickish, desperate territory happened pretty quickly.
  15. Episode 3 Chapter Sixty-Seven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Time Warp “Chapter Sixty-Seven” is such a goofy and sweet and smart episode.
  16. Episode 2 Chapter Sixty-Six
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Past Adventures of Adam and Jane Gina Rodriguez’s performance is stunningly good.
  17. Episode 1 Chapter Sixty-Five
    Jane the Virgin Season-Premiere Recap: A Tale of Two Narrators Will Adam turn out to be Jane’s true love?
  1. Episode 19 Chapter One-Hundred
    Jane the Virgin Series-Finale Recap: The End. There are no secrets left. Just an ending and happiness.
  2. Episode 17 Chapter Ninety-Eight
    Jane the Virgin Recap: The Tail End The series’s penultimate episode wraps up loose ends in ways both emotional (Michael!) and absolutely bonkers (Sin Rostro!).
  3. Episode 16 Chapter Ninety-Seven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Sin Rostro Returns! The seasons-long Rose story line finally makes its way toward something like a conclusion but not before throwing out one last red herring.
  4. Episode 15 Chapter Ninety-Six
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Just Like a Telenovela! As Jane heads into its endgame, the two biggest unresolved matters are questions the series has been playing with from the first episode.
  5. Episode 14 Chapter Ninety-Five
    Jane the Virgin Recap: A Storm’s Coming As it approaches its endgame, Jane looks backward in order to move ahead.
  6. Episode 13 Chapter Ninety-Four
    Jane the Virgin Recap: No Cheating at Lotería Jane and Rafael finally have the conversation they needed to have, and Rogelio finally gets the hang of his tail.
  7. Episode 12 Chapter Ninety-Three
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Jane the Musical! Finally these two have figured it out! If ever there was a time for a grand musical statement, this is it.
  8. Episode 11 Chapter Ninety-Two
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Man of the House Jorge and Alba’s relationship may not make sense to Jane, but it doesn’t have to.
  9. Episode 10 Chapter Ninety-One
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Try to Focus Rafael, buddy, you’re making it so hard to love you!
  10. Episode 9 Chapter Ninety
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Go Have Sex, Alba! It’s poignant that a series so rooted in Alba’s convictions about virginity and purity has finally ended up here.
  11. Episode 8 Chapter Eighty-Nine
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Jane the Anti-Hero Having checked off one of its last major telenovela boxes — the amnesia plot — the show has Jane struggle with a far more typical human experience.
  12. Episode 7 Chapter Eighty-Eight
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Bad Reception A trip to a secluded Montana ranch finally gives Jane — and the series — some clarity about the Michael-Raphael situation.
  13. Episode 6 Chapter Eighty-Seven
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Whoa, Too Much Baggage! Remember how much sex fretting there used to be on this show? Look how far we’ve come!
  14. Episode 5 Chapter Eighty-Six
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Here I Am, Once Again It’s time to talk about the love triangle — again.
  15. Episode 4 Chapter Eighty-Five
    Jane the Virgin Recap: My Nerves Can’t Take This! The real crux of the amnesiac-Michael story line is finally, excruciatingly revealed, and Jane and Rafael are ripped to shreds in the process.
  16. Episode 3 Chapter Eighty-Four
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Soul Mates? A classic Jane the Virgin emotional balancing act leans into the uncertainty Jane, and viewers, feel toward MichaelJason.
  17. Episode 2 Chapter Eighty-Three
    Jane the Virgin Recap: Boot Scootin’ and Catholic Guilt With her initial shock over MichaelJason’s return behind her, Jane is forced to face some deep-down truths — and to go line dancing.
  18. Episode 1 Chapter Eighty-Two
    Jane the Virgin Season Premiere Recap: Back From the Dead With the shocking return of Michael — sorry, Jason — Jane realizes she doesn’t know her own story anymore.

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