Jersey Shore

  1. Episode 9 That’s How the Shore Goes
    Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap: Top Ten Catchphrase Countdown “If you’re hungry, try a Snickers.”
  2. Episode 8 One Shot
  3. Episode 7 What Happens in AC
    Jersey Shore Recap: Top Ten Catchphrase Countdown (Part One) “I don’t understand that religion, what it is. I just wanna get to the business.”
  4. Episode 6 Boardwalk Blowups
    10 Catchphrases From Last Night’s Jersey Shore “Gym, tanning, laundry. You know, that’s how they, like, make the guidos.”
  5. Episode 5 Just Another Day at the Shore
    Jersey Shore Recap: This Week’s Top Ten Catchphrases “I’m a vet tech. I save animals, I don’t kill them.”
  6. Episode 4 Fade to Black
  7. Episode 3
    Jersey Shore Recap: Tongue-Kissing Catchphrase Countdown “Yo, seriously, she’s like on a whole ‘nother level on pickles.”
  8. Episodes 1 and 2 A New Family; The Tanned Triangle
  1. Episode 13 Back Into the Fold
    Jersey Shore Recap: Quoth the Crow, ‘This Sucked’ “When I’m not hanging out with you, I don’t want to do anything else.”
  2. Episode 12 Deja Vu All Over Again
    Jersey Shore Recap: ‘Usually You Don’t Have Sex With Your Big Brother’ “She looks so good, she looks like the ultimate stripper.”
  3. Episode 11 Girls Like That
    Jersey Shore Recap: ‘It Goes in Salt Water, You Idiot’ “Back in the day they had the prophecy that one day there would be the pimp of all pimps.”
  4. Episode 10 Gone, Baby, Gone
    Jersey Shore Recap: Where Are the Juicehead Gorillas? “Standing in the other corner, at 322 pounds, the Staten Island Dump!”
  5. Episode 9 Dirty Pad
    Jersey Shore Recap: Angelina and the Case of the Bathroom Accident “Did you ever get kicked in the coo-ca?”
  6. Episode 8 All in the Family
  7. Episode 7
    Jersey Shore Recap: It Puts the Lotion on Its Butt “But he gave you a Fossil watch.”
  8. Episode 6 Not So Shore
    Jersey Shore Recap: A Pain In Our Eye Somehow, a fight between Sammi and Ronnie becomes a fight between Sammi and JWOWW. Elsewhere, Mike has a thing with a tranny.
  9. Episode 5 The Letter
    Jersey Shore Recap: Hippos and Heartbreaks The boys juggle hook-ups, Sammi finds the anonymous note, and Snooki mourns her relationship with Emilio.
  10. Episode 4 Breaking Up
    Jersey Shore: Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman The girls concoct a crazy plan to tell Sammi about Ronnie’s infidelities. So who was this week’s classiest cast member? And why didn’t Pauly get more screen time?
  11. Episode 3 Creepin’
    Jersey Shore Recap Who won this week’s Class-Off? Hint: It’s not Ronnie.
  12. Episode 2 The Hangover
    Jersey Shore Recap Each week, we pick the classiest of the bunch. Find out who won on last night’s episode! (Hint: It’s not Angelina.)
  13. Episode 1 Goin’ South
    Jersey Shore Recap Returns! “I’m putting Vaseline on my face, I’m taking my earrings outs, I’m putting my hair up, and I’m beating the crap out of her.”
  1. Episode 14 Reunion Special
    Jersey Shore Recap: Reunited, and It Feels So Gross The roomies get back together one more time to parse a season’s worth of poop and borderline assault.
  2. Episode 13 At the End of the Day
    Jersey Shore Recap: One Last Fight for the Road The season ends, and SamRon go out the way they came in: screaming at each other.
  3. Episode 12 A House Divided
    Jersey Shore Recap: Tales of Anti-Romance Vinny’s earrings turn him into a bejeweled monster, Pauly D decides which hookups stay or go, and the inevitable SamRon suicide/murder grows closer.
  4. Episode 11 GTF - Gym, Tan, Find Out Who Sammi Is Texting
    Jersey Shore Recap: Dog Torture, Facials, and Fighting A slow, meandering episode ends with the return of the SamRon battles
  5. Episode 10 A Cheesy Situation
    Jersey Shore Recap: The Cheese Hides Alone A night of horrific sights and sounds concludes with Mike being fooled into thinking his hookup smells Parmesany.
  6. Episode 9 Kissing Cousins
    Jersey Shore Recap: Punk’d Drunk Love In retaliation for their marshmallow shenanigans, the Situation sends Deena and Snooki on an unannounced trip across the river.
  7. Episode 8
    Jersey Shore Recap: Blood, Poo, and Tears This week, it’s basically a recrap.
  8. Episode 7 Cabs Are Here!
    Jersey Shore Recap: Breakups and Smash-Ups Tonight’s show was awesome, especially if you like near-domestic violence with people standing by and doing nothing!
  9. Episode 6 Should We Just Break Up?
    Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki’s in Love, at Least Until Dinner Sammi and Ron, however, enjoy being in hate.
  10. Episode 5 Drunk Punch Love
    Jersey Shore Recap: If It’s Thursday, Someone Must Be Getting Punched Sammi hitting Ron, some analingus, and dogs watching roomies have sex. What didn’t this episode have?
  11. Episode 4 Free Snooki
    Jersey Shore Recap: Romance Is Not Dead With Snooki out of jail, she takes a hard look at her own drinking, and she and JWOWW take a longer look at love. Or the ‘Jersey Shore’ equivalent.
  12. Episode 3 Where’s the Beach?
    Jersey Shore Recap: Snooki Fought the Law and the Law Won After defying the laws of etiquette by sticking her butt in a fridge, Snooki discovers she can’t defy Jersey’s laws.
  13. Episode 2 It’s Gonna Be an Interesting Summer
    Jersey Shore Recap: Hiding (Among Other Things) in a Bush This week’s dirty filthy dozen includes Snooki’s act of camouflage, Ron and Sammi’s trip to church, and an aborted threesome.
  14. Episode 1 Back to the Shore
    Jersey Shore Recap: Let the Punching Begin! The twelve key moments from the season premiere, from the vibrator conversation to “I’m a walking holiday.”
  1. Episode 12 Ciao Italia
    Jersey Shore Recap: So Long, Italy, Sorry for the Mess Mike says farewell with an apology that could be some sort of trap.
  2. Episode 11 Situation Problems
    Jersey Shore Recap: Meatball Soup If you like watching people fall down and bespoil hot tubs, this is the episode for you.
  3. Episode 10 Damage Is Done
    Jersey Shore Recap: The Truth About Snooki Why is Jionni still taking her calls? Other than for camera time, mind you.
  4. Episode 9
    Jersey Shore Recap: The Worst Day of Snooki’s Life Snooki soldiers on without Jionni. Kind of.
  5. Episode 8
    Jersey Shore Recap: The Boyfriend’s Back Jionni and Snooki take over for Ronnie and Sam.
  6. Episode 7
    Jersey Shore Recap: Livin’ la Vida Cuca If you have a minute, go to your kitchen and find two oranges …
  7. Episode 6
    Jersey Shore Recap: The Adventures of Louie and Tony Ron and Sammi whine, Snooki yells at a priest, and Pauly and Vinny impersonate themselves.
  8. Episode 5 And the Wall Won
    Jersey Shore Recap: Situation Critical Mike’s head-butting the wall will be played in highlight reels, and at his funeral when he dies of self-inflicted blunt trauma.
  9. Episode 4 Crime and Punishment
    Jersey Shore Recap: Hurricane I-Ron The battle of Mike and Ron almost begins.
  10. Episode 3 Twinning
    Jersey Shore Recap: Isn’t It Romantical? And it begins: the return of Ron and Sammi.
  11. Episode 2 Like More than a Friend
    Jersey Shore Recap: Under the Tuscan Bum And they all, all fall down.
  12. Episode 1 Italy Gets Smushed
  1. Episode 11 We Are Family
    Jersey Shore Recap: All Guido Things Must End “What am I going to do now?” Snooki wonders in the finale. Good question.
  2. Episode 10 One Meatball Stands Alone
    Jersey Shore Recap: Inside Out “A bonjo? A bango?”
  3. Episode 9 The Truth Will Set You Free
    Jersey Shore Recap: Get It Back Tenfold “There should be a butter named after me, ‘cause I’m so smooth.”
  4. Episode 8 Sharp Objects
    Jersey Shore Recap: Crabbing and Fishing And forcing drinks on people to lower their sexual resolve.
  5. Episode 7 Love at the Jersey Shore
    Jersey Shore Recap: Have Your Cake and Beat a Stranger “We make the batter or whatever, we put it in the pan, after all is said and done, this is going to be an amazing cake.”
  6. Episode 6 The Follow Game
    Jersey Shore Recap: Acne of the Nether Parts And Vinny is wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a Modest Mouse lyric.
  7. Episode 5 Nothing But Nice
    Jersey Shore Recap: Loyalty and Betrayal Vinny wants some tats, as soon as he gets this whole crotch-acne thing cleared up.
  8. Episode 4 Free Vinny
    Jersey Shore Recap: Let Go and Let God “We barge into Vinny’s house like we’re a SWAT team.”
  9. Episode 3 Dropping Like Flies
    Jersey Shore Recap: Vinconsolable “My identity is tearing off at this point.”
  10. Episode 2 One Man Down
    Jersey Shore Recap: Things Start Getting Real Or at least very depressing.
  11. Episode 1 Hurricane Situation
    Jersey Shore Premiere Recap: The More You Know “A mixture between a mullet, mohawk, and faux-hawk.”
  1. Episode 13 The Icing on the Cake
    Jersey Shore Recap: Memento Shore-y And just like that, it was over.
  2. Episode 12 Raining Men and Meatballs
    Jersey Shore Recap: I’m Your Private Guido Mike’s headed back to the pole.
  3. Episode 11 Awkward
    Jersey Shore Recap: Peace in Our T-Shirt Time This week, we handed out apologies like so many recovering pill-addicted juice heads.
  4. Episode 10 Shore Shower
    Jersey Shore Recap: Trash Bag Redux This week, the house threw Snooki a “shore shower.”
  5. Episode 9 Make It Unofficial
    Jersey Shore Recap: Situation No Win In which Mike breaks up with his girlfriend Headband, sort of.
  6. Episode 8 Control the Crazy
    Jersey Shore Recap: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Butt Pad Well, this week picked up a little bit, no? SOME things happened.
  7. Episode 7 Great Meatballs of Fire
    Jersey Shore Recap: When a Man Loves a Meatball On last night’s installment of the Insane Brown Posse farewell tour …
  8. Episode 6 Let’s Make It Official
    Jersey Shore Recap: Beware of Guidos Bearing Gifts Deena was sprung from the chokey, and her parents were most displeased.
  9. Episode 5 Merp Walk
    Jersey Shore Recap: Caged Meat ( … Balls) This episode’s barely beating heart was the Roger-Jenni shove/drink toss.
  10. Episodes 3 and 4 Toxic Shots Syndrome
    Jersey Shore Recap: Pregnancy House of Horror We all watched the debate last night, right?
  11. Episodes 1 and 2 Once More Unto the Beach

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