Legends of Tomorrow

  1. Episode 16 Legendary
    Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale Recap: Wanderlust “This is the craziest bad-guy plan in the history of bad-guy plans.”
  2. Episode 15 Destiny
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: A Date With Destiny Legends of Tomorrow just made a fatal mistake.
  3. Episode 14 River of Time
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Masters of Time With only two episodes left, Legends of Tomorrow still hasn’t learned how to improve
  4. Episode 13 Leviathan
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Time Will Tell Does this show believe in fate or free will? We still don’t know.
  5. Episode 12 Last Refuge
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Pitiful Paradox Nonsensical time travel makes this episode the weakest we’ve seen in awhile.
  6. Episode 11 The Magnificent Eight
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Introducing Jonah Hex This show is at its best when Vandal Savage is nowhere to be found.
  7. Episode 10 Progeny
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Do the Right Thing “Progeny” is a wholly pointless episode.
  8. Episode 9 Left Behind
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Past Lives It says a lot about how Legends of Tomorrow has improved that I actually missed the show during its hiatus.
  9. Episode 8 Night of the Hawk
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Pleasantville “Night of the Hawk” addresses racism, sexism, and homophobia with surprising depth and grace.
  10. Episode 7 Marooned
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Fire and Ice Can this show survive without Leonard Snart and Mick Rory?
  11. Episode 6 Star City 2046
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Back to the Future In the year 2046, a new Deathstroke has ravaged Star City.
  12. Episode 5 Fail-Safe
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Prison Break Sidelining Kendra is the smartest thing this show has done.
  13. Episode 4 White Knights
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Cold War Congratulations, Ray! You win the Worst Hero Award … again.
  14. Episode 3 Blood Ties
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Take His Heart Despite its many flaws, Legends of Tomorrow is coming into its own.
  15. Episode 2 Pilot: Part Two
    Legends of Tomorrow Recap: Destiny Is Overrated In 1975, Professor Stein was a pot-smoking little snot.
  16. Episode 1 Pilot, Part One
    Legends of Tomorrow Series Premiere Recap: Back to the Future The CW’s latest superhero show is more bombastic than Arrow or The Flash, but lacks purpose.

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