1. Episode 6 For All Time, Always
    Loki Season-Finale Recap: A Low-Key Finish A major antagonist reveal elegantly punctuates the show’s ideas about identity, both the ones people are born to and the ones they choose.
  2. Episode 5 Journey Into Mystery
    Loki Recap: Which One of Us Are You? Loki and company navigate The Void that lies between us and this series’ endgame.
  3. Episode 4 The Nexus Event
    Loki Recap: The End of a Thousand Worlds The narrative behind the TVA is revealed, and it’s truly repulsive.
  4. Episode 3 Lamentis
    Loki Recap: Lamentation Configuration As Loki and Sylvie get to know each other, we get more questions about why exactly the TVA is chasing them.
  5. Episode 2 The Variant
    Loki Recap: A Question of Superiority Loki’s first field mission confirms that the old tricks aren’t going to be enough this time around.
  6. Episode 1 Glorious Purpose
    Loki Series-Premiere Recap: Continuity Violation The Asgardian deity of mischief gets a soft reset in a premiere that’s funny, mysterious, and appealingly weird.

The Latest MCU News

  1. sdcc 2022
    Marvel Studios Leaves Other Panels Shaking By Returning to San Diego Comic-Con They have not participated since 2019.
  2. what could have been
    Thor: Love and Thunder Was Also Going to Heavily Feature Kate Bush According to Christian Bale.
  3. mcu-later
    Hey, Marvel, Chris Evans ‘Would Love’ to Play the Human Torch Again “That would actually be an easier sell to me than coming back as Cap.”
  4. just joshing
    Jeremy Renner Ghosted Josh Brolin Trouble in the MCU?
  5. tv review
    Ms. Marvel’s Enthusiasm Is Infectious It has been too long since the MCU had a proper coming-of-age tale, and this confident, focused miniseries rises to the occasion.
  6. korg core
    Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Blurs Chris Hemsworth’s Butt And introducing … Natalie Thortman!
  7. truth or dare
    Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio May Dare to Return to Daredevil A revival is reportedly in the works at Disney+.
  8. trailer mix
    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Trailer: (Green) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Smashing onto Disney+ on August 17.
  9. the pg-13 multiverse
    Sam Raimi Exploding Superheroes’ Heads in ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Is Good, Actually The MCU has always been about death as an abstract form of entertainment, but Multiverse of Madness gets darkly, and thrillingly, literal.
  10. *stares directly into camera*
    The Biggest Cameo in Doctor Strange 2 Is a Bit of a Stretch Well, that unraveled quickly.