1. Episode 6 For All Time, Always
    Loki Season-Finale Recap: A Low-Key Finish A major antagonist reveal elegantly punctuates the show’s ideas about identity, both the ones people are born to and the ones they choose.
  2. Episode 5 Journey Into Mystery
    Loki Recap: Which One of Us Are You? Loki and company navigate The Void that lies between us and this series’ endgame.
  3. Episode 4 The Nexus Event
    Loki Recap: The End of a Thousand Worlds The narrative behind the TVA is revealed, and it’s truly repulsive.
  4. Episode 3 Lamentis
    Loki Recap: Lamentation Configuration As Loki and Sylvie get to know each other, we get more questions about why exactly the TVA is chasing them.
  5. Episode 2 The Variant
    Loki Recap: A Question of Superiority Loki’s first field mission confirms that the old tricks aren’t going to be enough this time around.
  6. Episode 1 Glorious Purpose
    Loki Series-Premiere Recap: Continuity Violation The Asgardian deity of mischief gets a soft reset in a premiere that’s funny, mysterious, and appealingly weird.

The Latest MCU News

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    Michaela Coel Joins Black Panther 2 Marvel really said Wakanda for-ever ever.
  2. undead ip
    Fear Street Director Wants to Create the MCU of Horror For what is a trilogy, if not one movie persevering?
  3. key takeaways
    How Marvel’s New TV Triad Will Shape the MCU’s Next Phase The timelines may have split at the end of Loki, but everything is still connected in the world of the MCU.
  4. the vest
    An Exhaustive List of All the Easter Eggs in Black Widow Here’s to that vest and that box of blonde hair dye.
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    Marvel Villains, Ranked by Hotness Who watches the MCU for the plot?
  6. renewals
    Loki Season Two Exists on the Sacred Timeline The Disney+ show announced its renewal in the most Marvel way: a mid-credits reveal.
  7. easter eggs
    Chris Hemsworth Had a Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It Loki Cameo As Frog Thor, Throg.
  8. timey-wimey
    When Does Black Widow Take Place in the MCU Timeline? The “Cheap Thrills” needle drop only tells us so much.
  9. movie review
    Black Widow Bids a Barbed Farewell to the MCU’s First Female Superhero Scarlett Johansson plays Natasha one last time (for now) in an espionage adventure that’s as much a criticism of the character as a good-bye.
  10. hawkeye who
    The Black Widow Post-Credits Scene, Explained What is [redacted cameo] up to now?