Looking for Alaska

  1. Episode 8 It’s Very Beautiful Over There
    Looking for Alaska Finale Recap: My Milkshake Brings All the Pranks to the Yard Pudge, the Colonel, and Takumi go full Hardy Boys with their investigation into what happened to Alaska in a clear-eyed, touching conclusion.
  2. Episode 7 “Now Comes the Mystery”
    Looking for Alaska Recap: (At Least Try to) Do the Right Thing How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?
  3. Episode 6 We Are All Going
    Looking for Alaska Recap: I’ll Follow You Into the Dark At one day before, the Colonel is well and truly busted, and Pudge believes in a thing called love.
  4. Episode 5 “I’ll Show You That it Won’t Shoot”
    Looking for Alaska Recap: Hey Macarena Never underestimate the healing power of an epic revenge prank.
  5. Episode 4 “The Nourishment Is Palatable”
    Looking for Alaska Recap: Actually, Parents Do Understand Teens gonna teen, but the adults in this show are uniformly good eggs.
  6. Episode 3 “I’ve Never Felt Better”
    Looking for Alaska Recap: Nowhere to Run to, Baby In the wake of the prank war and truce, the Colonel’s deep bonds with Sara, Takumi, and Alaska are tested.
  7. Episode 2 “Tell Them I Said Something”
  8. Episode 1 Famous Last Words
    Looking for Alaska Premiere Recap: Teenage Dream Miles heads out to seek his great perhaps, and meets in quick succession the people who will shape his experiences over the next year.

The Latest Looking For Alaska News

  1. banned in ya
    John Green: Don’t Ban My Book at My Old School “It’s really upsetting for my mom.”
  2. chat room
    Looking for Alaska’s Denny Love Sank 3-Pointers and Got Almond Drunk on Set “I promised the director I’d only need three shots, and guaranteed I’d sink it. I made it on the first shot. You can fact-check me on that!”
  3. tv review
    Looking for Alaska Is the Rare Adaptation That Improves on the Original Hulu’s long-gestating miniseries adaptation of John Green’s 2005 YA novel moves the story closer to what it perhaps should’ve been in the first place.
  4. adaptations
    Looking for Alaska Trailer: These Teens Love Angst, and Also Books The best-selling John Green novel comes to life.
  5. casting
    Looking for Alaska Adds Adult Supervision With Timothy Simons, Ron Cephas Jones Two characters with three lungs between them.
  6. book adaptations
    The John Green Looking for Alaska Adaptation Has Finally Cast Its Stars Kristine Froseth will play Alaska, and Charlie Plummer will play Miles.
  7. adaptations
    Sarah Polley May Adapt John Green’s Debut Novel Looking for Alaska.