Love and Death

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  1. Episode 7 Ssssshh
    Love & Death Series-Finale Recap: The Rage Love & Death resolves predictably and discomfortingly, courtesy of Olsen and Plemons’s fascinatingly mismatched dynamic.
  2. Episode 6 The Big Top
    Love & Death Recap: Media Circus The show’s cool detachment becomes more confusing the further we get into the trial.
  3. Episode 5 The Arrest
  4. Episode 4 Do No Evil
    Love & Death Recap: A Husband Should Be Home Candy adds “Cover up murder” to her already long to-do list.
  5. Episode 1 Episodes 1-3: The Huntress/Encounters/Stepping Stone
    Love & Death Series-Premiere Recap: The Affair Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons are oddly mesmerizing as suburbanites fumbling their way through an affair.

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    And Just Like That … Can’t Let Go and Neither Can WeNo matter how hard this season tried to push us away with unhinged coat choices and olive-slurping, we kept smashing that play button.
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    It’s Almost Gilded Age Fall Starring Hot Girl GummerSeason two is on its way via the rails.
  10. some questions
    How Is And Just Like That … Going to Wrap This Up?And most importantly, what Patricia Field outfit will Kim Cattrall wear?
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