Love and Death

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  1. Episode 7 Ssssshh
    Love & Death Series-Finale Recap: The Rage Love & Death resolves predictably and discomfortingly, courtesy of Olsen and Plemons’s fascinatingly mismatched dynamic.
  2. Episode 6 The Big Top
    Love & Death Recap: Media Circus The show’s cool detachment becomes more confusing the further we get into the trial.
  3. Episode 5 The Arrest
  4. Episode 4 Do No Evil
    Love & Death Recap: A Husband Should Be Home Candy adds “Cover up murder” to her already long to-do list.
  5. Episode 1 Episodes 1-3: The Huntress/Encounters/Stepping Stone
    Love & Death Series-Premiere Recap: The Affair Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons are oddly mesmerizing as suburbanites fumbling their way through an affair.

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    Mary Catherine Garrison Loves Growing With TriciaThe Somebody Somewhere actor “lit up” at season two’s scripts: “She’s trying so hard to do her best and life just keeps toppling over.”
  2. a long talk
    ‘How Far Can We Push This Character?’Sarah Goldberg bids farewell to Barry and Sally Reed after four “elastic” seasons.
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    Let’s Talk About Max’s First WeekAn emergency discussion about the streaming service formerly known as HBO Max.
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    John Wilson Is Back to Make You Go ‘Wowww’Oh, he’s documentin’.
  5. a long talk
    ‘I Told My Assistant, “They’re Gonna Fire Me”’Ewan Roy’s eulogy stole the show in Succession’s penultimate episode. James Cromwell thought it would end his career.
  6. movie review
    Even If You Know Tina Turner’s Story, You Should Watch TinaThe HBO documentary is a comprehensive and moving look at the wild, inspiring life of a rock icon.
  7. maxin’ out
    So How Different Is Max From HBO Max?The new streamer has arrived with a host of tweaks to its UI.
  8. cannes 2023
    Sam Levinson on The Idol: ‘Things That Might Be Revolutionary Are Taken Too Far’He says the nudity and sexuality of his new HBO show are “true to what almost every pop star is doing these days.”
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    Harriet Walter Embraced Succession’s Meeting of the WAGs“Logan messed up all these people. Yet we’ve all had our time when we’ve loved him.”
  10. predictions
    How Is Succession Going to Wrap This All Up?The finale must answer the CEO question, settle dangling subplots, and find a country for Connor’s ambassadorship in just 90 minutes.
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