Love Is Blind

  1. Episode 11 The Wedding Day
    Love Is Blind Season-Finale Recap: Speak Now … This trip to the altar will go down in Love Is Blind history.
  2. Episodes 8 and 9 ‘The Perfect Fit,’ ‘The Last Supper,’ ‘Approaching the Altar’
    Love Is Blind Recap: Nothing But Red Flags At least Alexa and Brennon are doing well. Everyone else, though …
  3. Episodes 6 and 7 ‘Return to Reality’ / ‘Impress the Parents’
    Love Is Blind Recap: Everything’s Realer in Texas How any of these people, besides Alexa and Brennon, plan on getting married in less than two weeks is a mystery.
  4. Episode 5 Trouble in Paradise
    Love Is Blind Recap: Pool Party From Hell I hope poor Zanab is getting paid, because this woman is babysitting.
  5. Episodes 3 and 4 ‘The First Night Together’ / ‘Meet Your Exes’
    Love Is Blind Recap: Chemistry Test Our Texans touch down in Malibu to get to know each other better before they get, well, married.
  6. Episodes 1 and 2 ‘Welcome to Love Is Blind!’ / ‘Love Triangles and Love Triumphs’
    Love Is Blind Season-Premiere Recap: The Pod Squad Is Back All the pieces are in place for a truly unhinged third season.
  1. Episode 4 Week 4 (Episode 12)
    Love Is Blind Season-Finale Recap: Four Weddings (and a Funeral) While Love Is Blind may never recoup the shock factor of its first season, the Seattle iteration proved it may be the best yet.
  2. Episode 3 Week 3 (Episodes 9-11)
    Love Is Blind Recap: Waving the White Dress The weddings are drawing ever closer, and yet the couples seem to be inventing more problems every day.
  3. Episode 2 Week 2 (Episodes 6-8)
    Love Is Blind Recap: Speed Dating The pods may be over, but these couples are still mixing and matching.
  4. Episode 1 Week 1 (Episodes 1-5)
    Love Is Blind Season-Premiere Recap: Mean Girls You’d think by season four of this show, the formula would be tired, but Netflix keeps finding new and inventive ways to punish single people.

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