Love Island U.K.

  1. Episode 9 Week 9 (Episodes 56-57)
    Love Island U.K. Recap: Dates, Dances, and Declarations After all this, we have four successful couples who stand a chance to stay together on the outside.
  2. Episode 8 Week 8 (Episodes 49-54)
    Love Island U.K. Recap: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness With two days to go, we’ve never seen a Love Island break up quite like Liberty and Jake’s. It was refreshingly authentic.
  3. Episode 7 Week 7 (Episodes 42-47)
    Love Island U.K. Recap: The Greatest Showman Finally, the public has agreed that Jake is playing Liberty.
  4. Episode 6 Week 6 (Episodes 35-40)
    Love Island U.K. Recap: Casa No More The Faye of Reckoning dumps and demolishes Teddy, potentially the only loyal guy here.
  5. Episode 5 Week Five (Episodes 28-33)
    Love Island U.K. Recap: Lads on Tour The producers’ postcard leads to one of the messiest recouplings in recent memory.
  6. Episode 4 Week Four (Episodes 21-26)
    Love Island U.K. Recap: I Love You, But The producers really worked overtime finding this trio of newcomers.
  7. Episode 3 Week Three (Episodes 14-19)
    Love Island U.K. Recap: Friendship Island Noooo Hugo, you had one chance — finally, one chance! — and you ruined it.
  8. Episode 2 Week Two (Episodes 7-12)
    Love Island Recap: The Rise of the Blonde Women Will there ever be enough blonde women to satisfy Jake?
  9. Episode 1 Week One (Episodes 1-5)
    Love Island U.K. Recap: A Sanitized Sex Bubble The vibe here? Can’t be described as anything but eeh.

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