Love Island

  1. Episode 35 Finale
    Love Island Season Finale Recap: Coronation Celebration Are Justine and Caleb just showing off at this point? Yes. Do we care? No.
  2. Episode 6 Week 6 (Episodes 28-34)
    Love Island Recap: I Love You Say It Back Parental “visits,” robot babies, and dates all around — we’re approaching the finish line, people.
  3. Episode 5 Week 5 (Episodes 22-27)
    Love Island Recap: Date Guy Laurel’s been trying to connect with Carrington for two and a half weeks, and Lakeyn managed to do it in 17 minutes.
  4. Episode 4 Week 4 (Episodes 15-21)
    Love Island Recap: Musical Beds The rest of these jokers can keep running around in increasingly toxic circles, but we all know Cely and Justine will prevail.
  5. Episode 3 Week 3 (Episodes 9-14)
    Love Island Recap: 60 Abs’ Worth of Men Hey, production didn’t build an entirely separate rooftop “villa” a half-mile down the road for nothing. Meet your ten new islanders!
  6. Episode 2 Week 2 (Episodes 3-8)
    Love Island Recap: Big Personalities Mackenzie is ready to verbally destroy anyone who would dare call her girls anything less than gorgeous, kind, or funny.
  7. Episode 1 Week 1 (Episodes 1 and 2)
    Love Island Recap: A Disinfected Rooftop We’re Calling an Island The U.S. series’s ill-advised Las Vegas quarantine edition is off to a very horny, very sweaty start.

The Latest Reality TV News

  1. bravo encore
    What’s Going on With RHONY: Legacy? Is she “dead”?
  2. honest work
    Anna Delvey Spins House Arrest Into Reality-TV Deal Delvey’s Dinner Club tries to turn lemons into lemonade.
  3. i call shade
    Trixie Mattel Battles Drag Race Stan in the Twitter Coliseum George Santos had fun at a festival and watching All Stars 3.
  4. bikini weather
    Love Island U.K. to Remind Us of a Hotter Time This Winter The islanders finally make it to Hulu on January 30.
  5. chat room
    Drag Race’s Sugar Knew That Lip Sync Was Coming “I mean, come on, it’s Drag Race. I wasn’t expecting it to be that soon, though.”
  6. chat room
    Kate Chastain Went on The Traitors to Wear Cute Outfits “I didn’t lug two suitcases full of wool jackets from Florida for them not to get on-camera.”
  7. statements
    Jen Shah Would ‘Rather Remain Silent’ Than Speak to Andy Cohen She said she won’t do a sit-down interview with the Bravo host because she wants to “accurately share” her own story.
  8. alex x 3
    All Three Alexes Are Coming Back to Selling the OC For a second and third season.
  9. vacation time
    Alex McCord Returns for a Sweet Vacation in Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip The OG RHONY decided to come back for another trip.
  10. own it baby
    Lisa Rinna Is Leaving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills After 8 Seasons Her husband, Harry Hamlin, said she “elevated the show” and “took it as far as she could take it.”