Love Life

  1. Episode 10 Epilogue
    Love Life Season-Finale Recap: Final Draft “Epilogue” suggests finality, but the finale instead promises a thrilling new beginning for Marcus and Mia.
  2. Episode 9 Marcus Watkins
    Love Life Recap: Letting the Mask Down If the pandemic has forced Marcus to reprioritize his relationships, it’s also caused him to rethink his career.
  3. Episode 8 Yogi & Kian
    Love Life Recap: Bro Code Yogi and Kian have feelings, too.
  4. Episode 7 Suzanné Hayward & Leon Hines
    Love Life Recap: Reconnection Jessica Williams shines in the long-awaited Mia episode.
  5. Episode 6 Becca Evans, Part II
    Love Life Recap: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Mia is the only person Marcus can talk to about his whole mess. If only their Before Sunrise–esque date could last forever.
  6. Episode 5 Becca Evans
    Love Life Recap: No Strings Attached Marcus has finally grown confident in his singledom. Maybe too confident.
  7. Episode 4 Ola Adebayo
    Love Life Recap: Dysfunction This week, it’s Ola Adebayo (an outstanding Ego Nwodim) who is on the receiving end of Marcus’s aimlessness.
  8. Episode 3 Destiny Mathis
    Love Life Recap: Meet the Parents Feeling suffocated in his childhood home, Marcus slides into the DMs for a onetime thing to feel guilty about.
  9. Episode 2 Paloma
    Love Life Recap: Ass Time It’s a new chapter in Marcus’s life, but he radiates woeful levels of divorced-guy energy.
  10. Episode 1 Mia Hines
    Love Life Season-Premiere: An Emotional Affair The spark between Marcus (William Jackson Harper) and Mia (Jessica Williams) is enough to set Marcus’s life on fire.

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