Love, Victor

  1. Episode 10 Close Your Eyes
    Love, Victor Season-Finale Recap: New Beginnings The season ends on an optimistic note, albeit one with many question marks attached.
  2. Episode 9 Victor’s Day Off
    Love, Victor Recap: Take a Break Victor heads off on another secret adventure, this time with an intriguing new companion.
  3. Episode 8 The Morning After
    Love, Victor Recap: Caught in the Act Looks like this show has picked up yet another love triangle.
  4. Episode 7 Table For Four
    Love, Victor Recap: The First Cut Is the Deepest Victor and Benji are faced with their first big fight, and Isabel is faced with their reconciliation.
  5. Episode 6 Sincerely, Rahim
    Love, Victor Recap: A Mother’s Love After all the tension between her and Victor this season, it’s a relief to see Isabel beginning to rise to the occasion.
  6. Episode 5 Gay Gay
    Love, Victor Recap: The Perfect Level of Gay Is Victor willing to sacrifice a part of his identity in order to forge a new one?
  7. Episode 4 The Sex Cabin
    Love, Victor Recap: You Never Forget Your First Felix and Victor discover just how confusing first-time sexual encounters can be, regardless of orientation.
  8. Episode 3 There’s No Gay in Team
    Love, Victor Recap: The Court of Public Opinion Victor’s announcement invites a rather predictable cold shoulder from some of the people in his life, but others are warming up in heartening ways.
  9. Episode 2 Day One, Take Two
    Love, Victor Recap: The Truth Will Set You Free Isabel thinks she’s doing Victor a favor, but all she really does is get into his head.
  10. Episode 1 Perfect Summer Bubble
    Love, Victor Season-Premiere Recap: Everything’s Changed Victor’s coming-out journey isn’t over; it’s just beginning.
  1. Episode 8 Brave
    Love, Victor Series-Finale Recap: One Last Ferris Wheel Ride The finale would be a letdown if Victor didn’t get a big, romantic moment.
  2. Episode 7 The Gay Award
    Love, Victor Recap: Breakups and Breakthroughs Love, Victor explores what it means to be out.
  3. Episode 6 Agent of Chaos
    Love, Victor Recap: Clueless Wrecking Ball lot going on in this episode.
  4. Episode 5 Lucas and Diego
    Love, Victor Recap: Code Name Diego We’re finally seeing Benji as a person instead of just Victor’s unattainable crush or on-off boyfriend.
  5. Episode 4 You Up?
    Love, Victor Recap: Casual Encounters Someone help “Mr. Casual” navigate the world of casual hookups.
  6. Episode 3 The Setup
    Love, Victor Recap: On the Rebound As Victor deals with his heartbreak over Benji, Isabel enters her final form as a hypersupportive parent.
  7. Episode 2 Fast Times at Creekwood High
    Love, Victor Recap: Love Squares Time to resolve all the nagging heartbreak from the now-defunct love triangles.
  8. Episode 1 It’s You
    Love, Victor Season-Premiere Recap: It’s Always Been You It’s a very rough time for those us on Team Rahim.

The Latest Love, Victor News

  1. renewals
    ‘Love, Victor’ Renewed for a Third Season Maybe the third time will be the charm for Victor Salazar.
  2. chat room
    Love, Victor’s Bebe Wood on Lake’s Season Two Ups and Downs “She does some really brave stuff, even though she very well knows that her actions might have consequences.”
  3. close reads
    Love, Victor Is Maturing Into a Better, Messier Version of Itself Season two of the Hulu YA series gets more explicit, yes, but it also allows its protagonist, and the series, to exist outside tidy resolutions.
  4. behind the music
    How Drag Race’s Resident Composer Is Bringing a Queer Sensibility to TV Music Leland, one of the most prolific out gay musicians working right now, breaks down his standout tracks for Drag Race, The Other Two, and Love, Victor.
  5. tv review
    In Love, Victor, a Spinoff Pushes Back Against Its Origin Story On its own, Hulu’s new teen coming-out series is pleasant TV. As a frankly resentful follow-up to Love, Simon, it’s something much more interesting.
  6. backstories
    Love, Victor’s Long Journey to Finding Itself Written for Disney+ but bumped to Hulu, the Love, Simon spinoff gently challenges the Hollywood gay narrative.
  7. trailer mix
    Watch the Very Cute Love, Victor Trailer That Was Somehow Too Much for Disney+ The Love, Simon follow-up is out June 19.
  8. summer 2020
    The 20 Best and Biggest TV Shows to Watch This Summer Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, The Good Lord Bird, I May Destroy You, and more worth seeing during the Great Indoor Summer.
  9. absolute filth
    Watch a Cute Coffee Shop Flirtation in the First Love, Victor Clip The Love, Simon spinoff was intended for Disney+ and moved to Hulu.
  10. sequels
    Love, Simon Spin-Off TV Show Moves From Disney+ to Hulu Meet (and) Love, Victor.