Lovecraft Country

  1. Episode 6 Meet Me in Daegu
    Lovecraft Country Recap: Love, Lore, Film, and War A cinematic, episode-length flashback is both a welcome change of pace and an argument for Ji-Ah’s centrality to this story.
  2. Episode 5 Strange Case
    Lovecraft Country Recap: Under the Skin This episode is a difficult watch on multiple levels, and likely intentionally so.
  3. Episode 4 A History of Violence
    Lovecraft Country Recap: Disappointment Above, Disappointment Below This week’s foray into the adventure genre makes some fairly disastrous missteps.
  4. Episode 3 Holy Ghost
    Lovecraft Country Recap: Murder House Death haunts every inch of a Letitia-centric episode in which the past is unburied.
  5. Episode 2 Whitey’s on the Moon
    Lovecraft Country Recap: Sci-Fi Worldburning Lovecraft Country doubles down on strange in an indulgently absurd second episode.
  6. Episode 1 Sundown
    Lovecraft Country Premiere Recap: Black Horror Heroes The new HBO series kicks off with a horrifying, thrilling, and even pleasurable episode that feels like a middle finger to restraint.

The Latest Lovecraft Country News

  1. casting
    Jonathan Majors to Make Paul Rudd Look Very Small in Ant-Man 3 He’s reportedly joining as villain Kang the Conqueror.
  2. tv review
    In Lovecraft Country, Monsters Past and Present Converge A present-tense correction of science fiction’s racist past, the new HBO series is what academics would call a “rich text.”
  3. jussie smollett
    Jurnee Smollett Speaks Out About Brother Jussie’s Scandal for First Time “Everyone who knows me knows that I love my brother and I believe my brother.”
  4. trailer mix
    The Elder Gods Are Ready for Their Close-ups in HBO’s Lovecraft Country Trailer That might not be Cthulhu itself, but they’re definitely at least cousins.
  5. chat room
    Jonathan Majors on Shooting Da 5 Bloods With a MAGA Hat on Set The Last Black Man in San Francisco co-star plays the son of a Trump voter in Spike Lee’s new Netflix movie.
  6. summer 2020
    The 20 Best and Biggest TV Shows to Watch This Summer Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story, The Good Lord Bird, I May Destroy You, and more worth seeing during the Great Indoor Summer.
  7. trailer mix
    HBO’s Lovecraft Country Teaser Has Arrived to Take You to Eldritch Territory All this non-Euclidean geometry makes the road maps hell to read.
  8. abortion
    Jordan Peele, J.J. Abrams Pledge HBO Show Fees to Fight Georgia Abortion Ban “In a few weeks we start shooting our new show Lovecraft Country and will do so standing shoulder to shoulder with the women of Georgia.”
  9. vulture lists
    And Now, Every Jordan Peele Project Currently in Development It’s not all scary stuff.