Mad Men

  1. Episode 13 Meditations in an Emergency
    Mad Men Season Finale: Near-Annihilation Don is finally fascinated by his own catastrophe again.
  2. Episode 12 The Mountain King
    Mad Men: The End Is Nigh! In this season’s penultimate episode, the clouds — and the waves — suddenly break, and a light shines down upon a few chosen ones.
  3. Episode 11 The Jet Set
    Mad Men: A Case of Darkest Before the Dawn? Betty gets some much-needed rest while everyone else goes haywire.
  4. Episode 10 The Inheritance
    Mad Men: Endgame With just four episodes left, the pace is quickening. And this week, the show goes even darker.
  5. Episode 9 Six Month Leave
    Mad Men: The Noose Tightens Betty is still on a tear. And Don isn’t the only guy who gets the heave-ho.
  6. Episode 8 A Night to Remember
    Mad Men: Fight Night! Last week, cuckolded comedian Jimmy Barrett told Don and Betty that he knew Don was shtupping his wife. This week, Betty freaks out.
  7. Episode 7 The Gold Violin
    Mad Men: What’s Matthew Weiner Driving At? This week, Don looks in the mirror and thinks he’s figured out what’s wrong: That guy would look a lot better in a Cadillac.
  8. Episode 6 Maidenform
    Mad Men Writers Bone Up on Lacan This episode, Peggy and Don take their circus act into a hall of mirrors.
  9. Episode 5 The New Girl
    Mad Men: Peggy 2.0 The escalating nuttiness at home and Peggy’s utter placidness in the office seemed just more proof that Peggy is the only other Sterling Cooper employee with anything approaching Don’s lockjaw discretion.
  10. Episode 4 Three Sundays
  11. Episode 3 The Benefactor
    Mad Men: Marriage As a Full-Contact Sport Of course this week the show ditches both Peggy and Pete, while the other admen bring their wives into the ring.
  12. Episode 2 Flight 1
    Mad Men Crosses Into the Dark Side The second episode of the most deviously unpredictable show on TV ditched everything already established this season.
  13. Episode 1 For Those Who Think Young
    Mad Men Season Premiere: Baby-Boomers Confuse and Frighten Don Draper How do you sell a prestige product to a demanding Sunday-night audience who now expects nothing less than the next ‘Sopranos’? Last night we found out!
  1. Episode 13 Shut the Door. Have a Seat
    Mad Men Season Finale: After the Fall We can no longer deny that we’re watching one of the most bold and unpredictable shows to ever air on television.
  2. Episode 12 The Grown Ups
    Mad Men: We Didn’t Start the Fire This week, the second-to-last episode of the season sets up the finale with a bang.
  3. Episode 11 The Gypsy and the Hobo
    Mad Men: The Masked Ball Don’s brand comes under scrutiny.
  4. Episode 10 The Color Blue
    Mad Men: The Downward Spiral This bleak episode seems to set the stage for even more tragedy.
  5. Episode 9 Wee Small Hours
    Mad Men: The Pursuit of Happiness All kinds of heartbreak for Don, Betty, and especially Sal.
  6. Episode 8 Souvenir
    Mad Men: You Can’t Go Rome Again When in Rome on a Roman holiday, Don and Betty live la dolce vita, burning Roman candles from both ends.
  7. Episode 7 Seven Twenty Three
    Mad Men: The Lost Symbols Peggy, Don, and Betty step into a three-ring circus of heavy symbolism.
  8. Episode 6 Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency
    Mad Men: Greener Pastures Party foul! One bold stroke rejiggers the entire season.
  9. Episode 5 The Fog
    Mad Men: Sally Forth The season’s most satisfying episode yet brings Pete, Peggy, Don, and Betty to the brink of major turning points — and brings one old friend back into the fold.
  10. Episode 4 The Arrangements
    Mad Men: The Decline and Fall of Dear Old Dad An excursion into historical metaphor!
  11. Episode 3 My Old Kentucky Home
    Mad Men: Performance Anxiety A spirited Charleston, a forced accordion solo, a blackface serenade, and a Tigertone duet, plus one heartfelt performance of “I Am Peggy, Hear Me Roar.”
  12. Episode 2 Love Among the Ruins
    Mad Men: Changing the Conversation One of our favorite episodes spirals around a nuanced debate between Don and Peggy — a multilayered meditation on the nature of feminine wiles.
  13. Episode 1 Out of Town
    Mad Men Season Premiere: Once a Dick, Always a Dick Matthew Weiner loves to mess with us.
  1. Episode 13 Tomorrowland
    Mad Men Finale Recap: Did Don Disappoint You? The WTF look on Peggy’s face when she stares at Don, stunned and disbelieving and disappointed? Elisabeth Moss was standing in for most of last night’s viewers.
  2. Episode 12 Blowing Smoke
    Mad Men Recap: Screw You, Jerry Maguire “You complete me … ” Ha!
  3. Episode 11 Chinese Wall
    Mad Men Recap: Something Good, Something Bad In some way, Peggy must be attracted to the fact that Abe thinks she’s a war criminal.
  4. Episode 10 Hands and Knees
    Mad Men Recap: Hit Me, Fire Me, Hurt Me Put simply, everything goes to hell.
  5. Episode 9
    Mad Men Recap: Sex, Soup, and Sandwiches “I would have my secretary do it, but she’s dead.”
  6. Episode 8 The Summer Man
    Mad Men Recap: Climb Every Mountain! This is a guy who knows when a back-of-the cab blow job is just a blow job, and also when it might turn into something more.
  7. Episode 7 The Suitcase
    Mad Men Recap: Best Episode Yet? Bert Cooper and Ida Blankenship share a special secret.
  8. Episode 6 Waldorf Stories
    Mad Men Recap: Let’s Get Liberated! Well, here’s what happens if you use that neat-o iPhone Cocktail Culture app too often.
  9. Episode 5 The Chrysanthemum and the Sword
    Mad Men Recap: The Only Thing We Learn “A man is shamed by being openly ridiculed and rejected — it requires an audience.”
  10. Episode 4 The Rejected
    Mad Men Recap: You Look Swellegant! My name is Peggy Olson and I’d like to — oh, hell, I’ll try anything!
  11. Episode 3 The Good News
    Mad Men Recap: New Year, Same You “Hand jobs!” sniggers Beavis. “Yee-Haw!” screams Butt-Head.
  12. Episode 2 Christmas Comes But Once a Year
    Mad Men Recap: Fake It Till You Make It A truckload of coal, jammed down your stocking by the world’s most resentful Santa.
  13. Episode 1 Public Relations
    Mad Men Season Premiere: Stage Fright Once again: “Who is Don Draper?”
  1. Episode 13 The Phantom
    Mad Men Recap: Chasing a Phantom Season five’s nonstop intimations of death, separation, violence, and dread finally pay off.
  2. Episode 12 Commissions and Fees
    Mad Men Recap: The Price of Impulsiveness Remember when we asked “Why Is Mad Men’s Season Five Obsessed With Death?” Well.
  3. Episode 11 The Other Woman
    Mad Men Recap: Three Women Joan, Megan, and Peggy get the spotlight, to devastating effect.
  4. Episode 10 Christmas Waltz
    Mad Men Recap: Hare Krishna A Christmas-themed episode gives us a gift in the form of sexual tension between Don and Joan.
  5. Episode 9 Dark Shadows
    Mad Men Recap: Shady Betty They can’t all be gems.
  6. Episode 8 Lady Lazarus
    Mad Men Recap: Surrender to the Void This season, all the major Mad Men characters are learning to follow the Beatles’ advice.
  7. Episode 7 At the Codfish Ball
    Mad Men Recap: It’s Dirty Don gets lauded while Roger and Megan’s mother carry on the oral tradition.
  8. Episode 6 Far Away Places
    Mad Men Recap: They Weren’t Made for These Times Last night’s anthology-like episode featured a HoJo and a hand job.
  9. Episode 5 Signal 30
    Mad Men Recap: The Thrilla of Vanilla The Englishman versus the Wasp. Who emerges victorious?
  10. Episode 4 Mystery Date
    Mad Men Recap: Fever Dreams Two unshakeable images: a purse on a table and a dead woman’s shoe.
  11. Episode 3 Tea Leaves
    Mad Men: Time Isn’t on Their Side “Fat Betty” underscores the imbalance in how the show treats Betty versus Don.
  12. Episode 1 A Little Kiss
    Mad Men Recap: Dawn of an Old Age Don Draper, 1966 model: a handsome but increasingly craggy stud.
  1. Episode 13 In Care Of
    Mad Men Season Finale Recap: The Only Unpardonable Sin Quiet as it was, “In Care Of” was a pretty eventful wrap-up to Mad Men’s sixth season.
  2. Episode 12 The Quality of Mercy
    Mad Men Recap: The Importance of Being Bob Bob Benson’s life story written in steam.
  3. Episode 11 Favors
    Mad Men Recap: The Ballad of Don and Bob Two moments dominated last night’s episode.
  4. Episode 10 A Tale of Two Cities
    Mad Men Recap: There’s an Extra Nipple for You You can’t go back to Disneyland.
  5. Episode 9 The Better Half
  6. Episode 8 The Crash
  7. Episode 7 Man With a Plan
    Mad Men Recap: Reach Out of the Darkness “Man With a Plan” is an ironic title for an episode about characters running around like headless chickens.
  8. Episode 6 For Immediate Release
    Mad Men Recap: First-Class Lounge Last night was payoff for four straight episodes that offered little besides characterization and atmosphere.
  9. Episode 5 The Flood
    Mad Men Recap: A Shameful, Shameful Day Let’s talk about race.
  10. Episode 4 To Have and To Hold
    Mad Men Recap: The Electric Circus Can Don Draper ever find peace?
  11. Episode 3 The Collaborators
    Mad Men Recap: Roosters in the Henhouse Collaboration/appeasement and prostitution were intertwined in last night’s episode.
  12. Episodes 1 and 2 The Doorway
    Mad Men Recap: The Nocturne of Their Discontent This sixth season premiere feels like a direct continuation of themes from season five.
  1. Episode 14 Person to Person
    Mad Men Series Finale Recap: I’m Okay, You’re Okay Our recap of Mad Men’s series finale.
  2. Episode 13 The Milk and Honey Route
    Mad Men Recap: The Song Fades Out “The Milk and Honey Route” felt like the second-to-last bar of a song that’s about to fade out rather than end.
  3. Episode 12 Lost Horizon
    Mad Men Recap: ‘Women Love It Here’ A sense of finality hung over this episode, and it was more purgatorial or hellish than heavenly.
  4. Episode 11 Time & Life
    Mad Men Recap: ‘I Thought We Were Safe’ The end of SC&P wasn’t supposed to come quite like this. 
  5. Episode 10 The Forecast
    Mad Men Recap: Whistling Through the Graveyard The series is uncertain about its future, and tacitly admits as much.
  6. Episode 9 New Business
    Mad Men Recap: That’s What the Money Is For Don is a sexual version of the boy who cried wolf, a parable that shows how liars are rewarded.
  7. Episode 8 Severance
    Mad Men Midseason Premiere Recap: You Like What You See Is that all there is? How sad, and what a relief.
  8. Episode 7 Waterloo
    Mad Men Mid-Season Finale Recap: The Moon Belongs to Everyone The one quality that every great scripted show has in common is surprise. Last night’s episode was a perfect example.
  9. Episode 6 The Strategy
    Mad Men Recap: Shangri-La With Fries “The Strategy” is a little cathedral of a show, one of the great hours of Mad Men.
  10. Episode 5 The Runaways
    Mad Men Recap: That Machine Makes Men Do Unnatural Things What’s the counterculture, and what’s the Establishment?
  11. Episode 4 The Monolith
    Mad Men Recap: A Cosmic Disturbance As the episode’s title, “The Monolith,” made clear, Kubrick was everywhere in this episode.
  12. Episode 3 Field Trip
    Mad Men Recap: A Perfect Day The anxiety of feeling that you don’t belong somewhere permeates nearly every scene of this week’s episode.
  13. Episode 2 A Day’s Work
    Mad Men Recap: I’m So Many People Just the kind of deeply uncomfortable Valentine’s Day episode you’d expect from this show.
  14. Episode 1 Time Zones
    Mad Men Season 7 Premiere Recap: The Men and the Girls Like most Mad Men episodes, “Time Zones” is about more than one thing, but its core is about disappointment.

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