Mad Men

  1. The Jet Set
    Episode 11 The Jet Set
    Mad Men: A Case of Darkest Before the Dawn? Betty gets some much-needed rest while everyone else goes haywire.
  2. The Inheritance
    Episode 10 The Inheritance
    Mad Men: Endgame With just four episodes left, the pace is quickening. And this week, the show goes even darker.
  3. Six Month Leave
    Episode 9 Six Month Leave
    Mad Men: The Noose Tightens Betty is still on a tear. And Don isn’t the only guy who gets the heave-ho.
  4. A Night to Remember
    Episode 8 A Night to Remember
    Mad Men: Fight Night! Last week, cuckolded comedian Jimmy Barrett told Don and Betty that he knew Don was shtupping his wife. This week, Betty freaks out.
  5. The Gold Violin
    Episode 7 The Gold Violin
    Mad Men: What’s Matthew Weiner Driving At? This week, Don looks in the mirror and thinks he’s figured out what’s wrong: That guy would look a lot better in a Cadillac.
  1. Tea Leaves
    Episode 3 Tea Leaves
    Mad Men: Time Isn’t on Their Side “Fat Betty” underscores the imbalance in how the show treats Betty versus Don.
  2. A Little Kiss
    Episode 1 A Little Kiss
    Mad Men Recap: Dawn of an Old Age Don Draper, 1966 model: a handsome but increasingly craggy stud.
  1. In Care Of
    Episode 13 In Care Of
    Mad Men Season Finale Recap: The Only Unpardonable Sin Quiet as it was, “In Care Of” was a pretty eventful wrap-up to Mad Men’s sixth season.
  2. The Quality of Mercy
    Episode 12 The Quality of Mercy
    Mad Men Recap: The Importance of Being Bob Bob Benson’s life story written in steam.
  3. Favors
    Episode 11 Favors
    Mad Men Recap: The Ballad of Don and Bob Two moments dominated last night’s episode.
  4. A Tale of Two Cities
    Episode 10 A Tale of Two Cities
    Mad Men Recap: There’s an Extra Nipple for You You can’t go back to Disneyland.
  5. The Better Half
    Episode 9 The Better Half
  6. The Crash
    Episode 8 The Crash
  7. Man With a Plan
    Episode 7 Man With a Plan
    Mad Men Recap: Reach Out of the Darkness “Man With a Plan” is an ironic title for an episode about characters running around like headless chickens.
  8. For Immediate Release
    Episode 6 For Immediate Release
    Mad Men Recap: First-Class Lounge Last night was payoff for four straight episodes that offered little besides characterization and atmosphere.
  9. The Flood
    Episode 5 The Flood
    Mad Men Recap: A Shameful, Shameful Day Let’s talk about race.
  10. To Have and To Hold
    Episode 4 To Have and To Hold
    Mad Men Recap: The Electric Circus Can Don Draper ever find peace?
  11. The Collaborators
    Episode 3 The Collaborators
    Mad Men Recap: Roosters in the Henhouse Collaboration/appeasement and prostitution were intertwined in last night’s episode.
  12. The Doorway
    Episodes 1 and 2 The Doorway
    Mad Men Recap: The Nocturne of Their Discontent This sixth season premiere feels like a direct continuation of themes from season five.
  1. Person to Person
    Episode 14 Person to Person
    Mad Men Series Finale Recap: I’m Okay, You’re Okay Our recap of Mad Men’s series finale.
  2. The Milk and Honey Route
    Episode 13 The Milk and Honey Route
    Mad Men Recap: The Song Fades Out “The Milk and Honey Route” felt like the second-to-last bar of a song that’s about to fade out rather than end.
  3. Lost Horizon
    Episode 12 Lost Horizon
    Mad Men Recap: ‘Women Love It Here’ A sense of finality hung over this episode, and it was more purgatorial or hellish than heavenly.
  4. Time & Life
    Episode 11 Time & Life
    Mad Men Recap: ‘I Thought We Were Safe’ The end of SC&P wasn’t supposed to come quite like this. 
  5. The Forecast
    Episode 10 The Forecast
    Mad Men Recap: Whistling Through the Graveyard The series is uncertain about its future, and tacitly admits as much.
  6. New Business
    Episode 9 New Business
    Mad Men Recap: That’s What the Money Is For Don is a sexual version of the boy who cried wolf, a parable that shows how liars are rewarded.
  7. Severance
    Episode 8 Severance
    Mad Men Midseason Premiere Recap: You Like What You See Is that all there is? How sad, and what a relief.
  8. Waterloo
    Episode 7 Waterloo
    Mad Men Mid-Season Finale Recap: The Moon Belongs to Everyone The one quality that every great scripted show has in common is surprise. Last night’s episode was a perfect example.
  9. The Strategy
    Episode 6 The Strategy
    Mad Men Recap: Shangri-La With Fries “The Strategy” is a little cathedral of a show, one of the great hours of Mad Men.
  10. The Runaways
    Episode 5 The Runaways
    Mad Men Recap: That Machine Makes Men Do Unnatural Things What’s the counterculture, and what’s the Establishment?
  11. The Monolith
    Episode 4 The Monolith
    Mad Men Recap: A Cosmic Disturbance As the episode’s title, “The Monolith,” made clear, Kubrick was everywhere in this episode.
  12. Field Trip
    Episode 3 Field Trip
    Mad Men Recap: A Perfect Day The anxiety of feeling that you don’t belong somewhere permeates nearly every scene of this week’s episode.
  13. A Day’s Work
    Episode 2 A Day’s Work
    Mad Men Recap: I’m So Many People Just the kind of deeply uncomfortable Valentine’s Day episode you’d expect from this show.
  14. Time Zones
    Episode 1 Time Zones
    Mad Men Season 7 Premiere Recap: The Men and the Girls Like most Mad Men episodes, “Time Zones” is about more than one thing, but its core is about disappointment.

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