Made For Love

  1. Episode 8 I Want to Meet
    Made for Love Season-Finale Recap: Bring It on Home to Me After a diner debate with Byron on the meaning of free will and happiness, Hazel makes a decision directly at odds with her position.
  2. Episode 7 I Want to Feel Normal
    Made for Love Recap: Coming Out of My Cage and I’ve Been Doing Just Fine Byron is ready to connect on a personal level, which might honestly be more frightening than the alternative.
  3. Episode 6 I Want You to Give a F*** About Me
    Made for Love Recap: Reality Check Why is everyone on this show suddenly so eager to articulate the central theme of their lives?
  4. Episode 5 I Want a Lawyer
    Made for Love Recap: Representation Matters True to form, Byron finds a way to add a scary new twist to Hazel’s already scary predicament.
  5. Episode 4 I Want a New Life
    Made for Love Recap: I Can Show You the World What could inspire a person to marry a guy she just met and be trapped in his tech prison for ten years? Time to find out!
  6. Episode 3 I Want This Thing Out of My Head
    Made For Love Recap: Walk the Walk Hazel’s on the scent.
  7. Episode 2 I Want a Divorce
    Made for Love Recap: Ride or Die What this father-daughter relationship lacks in compassion, it makes up for in honesty.
  8. Episode 1 User One
    Made for Love Premiere Recap: I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Head Love may be strange, but whatever the hell is going on here is much stranger.

The Latest Made For Love News

  1. chat room
    Made for Love’s Billy Magnussen Is Deconstructing Douchebags From the Inside Plus, his decade-long friendship with co-star Cristin Milioti.
  2. page to screen
    Made For Love’s Creators on Adapting a Uniquely Weird Book to Equally Weird TV Novelist Alissa Nutting and showrunner Christina Lee on making satire both timely and timeless and the need to present sci-fi through a female lens.
  3. tv review
    Made for Love’s Tech Looks Familiar Cristin Milioti leads a great cast that brings some necessary distinction to a series full of recognizable future-paranoia components.
  4. trailer mix
    Cristin Milioti Discovers the Biggest Dealbreaker Ever In Made for Love Trailer Listening to your spouse seems easier than hacking their brain, but okay.