Mare of Easttown

  1. Episode 7 Sacrament
    Mare of Easttown Series-Finale Recap: A Way to Live With It Mare could never have left this alone. It’s not in her nature.
  2. Episode 6 Sore Must Be the Storm
    Mare of Easttown Recap: A Protector With Erin’s story as the central remaining question, the penultimate episode purposefully lays down clues that point in disparate directions.
  3. Episode 5 Illusions
    Mare of Easttown Recap: Jump In Together Just when Mare and Colin were starting to finally click as an investigative partnership …
  4. Episode 4 Poor Sisyphus
    Mare of Easttown Recap: Life of the Party Mare may be chastened, but she’s not about to stop pushing her boulder up that mountain.
  5. Episode 3 Enter Number Two
    Mare of Easttown Recap: Hero Detective An episode packed with twists, turns, backstory reveals, and plot progression reveals just how far Mare will go to avoid losing another child.
  6. Episode 2 Fathers
    Mare of Easttown Recap: Not Ruling Anything Out A bleak episode doesn’t so much peel away the layers of Easttown’s dysfunction as it shoves them directly in Mare’s face.
  7. Episode 1 Miss Lady Hawk Hersel
    Mare of Easttown Premiere Recap: Being the Hero Our introduction to detective Mare Sheehan and her struggling hometown sets the table with tragedies past and present, and hints at even more to come.

The Latest Mare of Easttown News

  1. oh mare god
    Take a Break From Hunting the Killer to Try Wawa’s Mare of Easttown Cheesesteak Pairs perfectly with a hardened stare and the vape flavor of your choosing.
  2. influences
    Mannequin Pussy’s Secret to the Art of Surprise The real Philly band behind Mare of Easttown’s fake band threw out the rulebook for their new EP, Perfect.
  3. vulture lists
    What to Watch Now That Mare of Easttown Is Over Moody detective shows galore!
  4. filmmaking
    The Hardest Mare of Easttown Scene to Film Series director Craig Zobel breaks down why the shocking end to episode five took two sets and three days to get right.
  5. hoagies & herr's & hors d’oeuvres
    The Stories Behind Mare of Easttown’s Most Memorable Edible Moments Props master Susannah McCarthy breaks down the cheese-smothered details on Easttown’s “a little bit mind-blowing” dietary preferences.
  6. endings
    Mare of Easttown Kept It All in the Family The HBO miniseries’ dual fixation on crime-solving and family drama makes for a finale reveal that is startling but also immediately right.
  7. chat room
    Angourie Rice on That Jaw-Dropping Mare of Easttown Finale The actress talks family dynamics with Kate Winslet, fervent fan theories, and the Jean Smartaissance.
  8. spoilers
    Let’s Talk About Mare’s Decision in the Mare of Easttown Finale Her choice speaks to the theme of the entire HBO series.
  9. vulture lists
    12 Essential Kate Winslet Performances Whether she’s being painted like a French girl or vaping and eating hoagies, Kate Winslet always draws you in.
  10. theories
    Let’s All Obsess Over What’s in That Mare of Easttown Photo The possibilities are truly endless.
  11. whodunnit?
    The Odds on Mare of Easttown’s Killer Just Got a Whole Lot Shorter. However … A major confession seems to close the book on the McMenamin murder, but the final moments of “Sore Must Be the Storm” shatter any sense of certainty.
  12. whodunnit
    The Odds on Mare of Easttown’s Killer Just Got a Serious Shake-up While “Illusions” clears up the picture in some corners of the story, it clouds it up elsewhere. Let’s assess the majorly shifted suspect list.
  13. pennsylvania
    Here’s What Every Mare of Easttown Character Would Order at Wawa Italian hoagie? Chicken strips? The Gobbler?
  14. fruit ninja
    A Celebration of Jean Smart’s Sad-Funny Work on Mare of Easttown Helen Fahey just wants to play Fruit Ninja in peace.
  15. whodunnit?
    Let’s Lay Odds on Mare of Easttown’s Long List of Suspects More than halfway through the series, it still seems like just about anyone could be the killer (killers?).
  16. snl
    Kate McKinnon Gives Kate Winslet a Run for Her Wawa With SNL’s Mare of Easttown Youse guys won’t believe this: There’s been another murdur.
  17. tv review
    Mare of Easttown Is More Than It Appears to Be The HBO limited series starring Kate Winslet is not not a familiar-looking crime drama, but its appeal goes much deeper than that.
  18. trailer mix
    Kate Winslet Joins HBO’s Sad-Detective Canon in the Mare of Easttown Trailer With a compelling accent.