Modern Family

  1. Episode 24
    Modern Family Recap: Rocking the Boat In the season finale, Jay gets a year older.
  2. Episode 23 See You Next Fall
    Modern Family Recap: Falling Down Physical comedy gets a showcase.
  3. Episode 22 Good Cop, Bad Dog
    Modern Family Recap: I Drink Your Milkshake Claire and Phil switch parenting roles, and there’s a puppy.
  4. Episode 21 Mother’s Day
    Modern Family Recap: Mommy and Me It’s Mother’s Day.
  5. Episode 20 Someone to Watch Over Lily
    Modern Family Recap: Child Custody Mitch and Cam decide who gets Lily, and Claire and Phil lose Luke.
  6. Episode 19 The Musical Man
    Modern Family Recap: The Show Must Go On A musical goes horribly awry, but not without some fun lyrics.
  7. Episode 18 Boys’ Nights
    Modern Family Recap: Reconcilable Differences This week, everyone learns to try new things.
  8. Episode 17 Two Monkeys and a Panda
    Modern Family Recap: Ta-Da! “We don’t want our bodies in these drawers where God cannot find us.”
  9. Episode 16 Regrets Only
    Modern Family Recap: The Wedge Beware the psychological dangers of the wedge salad.
  10. Episode 15 Princess Party
    Modern Family Recap: Death of a Party “Whoa, you came here in a limo? Are you rich?”
  11. Episode 14 Bixby’s Back
    Modern Family Recap: Missed Connections “This weekend I can’t wait to go see the baby pandas at the thoo.”
  12. Episode 13 Caught in the Act
    Modern Family Recap: Sex and Juicebox Stains Claire and Phil learn to lock their door, while Cameron learns not to prematurely spill his juice.
  13. Episode 12 Our Children, Ourselves
    Modern Family Recap: Croctopus “It’s an obsessive-compulsive thing, I’ve read like a hundred articles about it.”
  14. Episode 11 Slow Down Your Neighbors
    Modern Family Recap: Speed “Bullets! A laser! A laser-falcon!”
  15. Episode 10 Dance, Dance Revelation
    Modern Family Recap: Men! Men! Men! How many great episodes does it take to make up for a wobbly beginning to a second season? Three, apparently.
  16. Episode 9 Mother Tucker
    Modern Family Recap: Hands-on Mom “Show me on Lily’s doll where my mother touched you.”
  17. Episode 8 Manny Get Your Gun
    Modern Family Recap: Shoot ’Em Up “You’d think growing up in a place full of death squads and drunken uncles, she’d learn to move a little faster.”
  18. Episode 7 Chirp
    Modern Family Recap: Alarmed “Beep beep, you’re not a man!”
  19. Episode 6 Halloween
    Modern Family Recap: Fear and Loathing “I’m a monogamous social drinker and Claire only sleep-hits me.”
  20. Episode 5 Unplugged
    Modern Family Recap “I don’t get how one barking dog keeps you awake when you slept through cockfights and revolutions.”
  21. Episode 4 Strangers on a Treadmill
    Modern Family Recap: It’s Not Funny “I have always found your beard off-putting.”
  22. Episode 3 Earthquake
    Modern Family Recap: Aftershocks “It was the nineties. We’d just lost Princess Di. I was at sea.”
  23. Episode 2 The Kiss
    Modern Family Recap: Slap the Chicken, Kiss Your Lover “You mess with us, we mess with you. That’s the custom.”
  24. Episode 1 The Old Wagon
    Modern Family Premiere Recap: Girls, Castles, and Automobiles “It was my Vietnam, and I was in Vietnam.”
  1. Episode 24 Baby on Board
    Modern Family Recap: Down in Calexico “Spoiler alert.” How often do we get to use that warning for an episode of Modern Family?
  2. Episode 23 Tableau Vivant
    Modern Family Recap: Contentious Combinations Characters pair up in different ways, and all the bonding time leads to a ton of bickering, of course.
  3. Episode 22 Disneyland
    Modern Family Recap: Disneyland Adventures The theme-park trip is a sitcom cliché — one that Modern Family handled with great humor.
  4. Episode 21 Planes, Train and Cars
    Modern Family Recap: Vehicular Issues This week, everyone has more transportation trouble than usual.
  5. Episode 20 The Last Walt
    Modern Family Recap: Death Comes for Walt Smiling is just Claire’s coping mechanism, okay?
  6. Episode 19 Election Day
    Modern Family Recap: Election Day Everyone attempts to get out the vote for Claire. They fail miserably.
  7. Episode 17 Leap Day
  8. Episode 16 Virgin Territory
    Modern Family Recap: Cool Dad “Dad, she’s still a sweet little doll.”
  9. Episode 16 Send Out the Clowns
    Modern Family Recap: Drunken Clowns The show goes more slapstick than it has all season.
  10. Episode 15 Aunt Mommy
    Modern Family Recap: Egg Donor “This kid needs football.”
  11. Episode 14 Me? Jealous?
    Modern Family Recap: Green-Eyed Monster “You can kiss my wife, you can take her to bed, but you cannot make her laugh.”
  12. Episode 13 Little Bo Bleep
    Modern Family Recap: Naughty Words “You know I have two weaknesses: children cursing and old people rapping.”
  13. Episode 12 Egg Drop
    Modern Family Recap: Competitive Spirit From egg drops to sing-offs.
  14. Episode 11 Lifetime Supply
    Modern Family Recap: Hanging on the Telephone “See you in hell, Klaus.”
  15. Episode 10 Express Christmas
    Modern Family Recap: Fast As You Can Everyone make Christmas!
  16. Episode 9 Punkin Chunkin
    Modern Family Recap: What Would Phil Dunphy Do? “It just tastes a little flat…I think this is a job for cumin.”
  17. Episode 8 After the Fire
    Modern Family Recap: Welcome to Relaxistan “You have your fans. I have mine. Someday your fans are gonna work for my fans.”
  18. Episode 7 Treehouse
    Modern Family Recap: The Gift of the Vagi “You’re the whole package — I just prefer somebody who has a package.”
  19. Episode 6 Go Bullfrogs!
    Modern Family Recap: Sex and the Suburbs Claire channels Samantha on a rare night out on ‘Modern Family.’
  20. Episode 4
    Modern Family Recap: The Tenacity of a Puggle “I love them because they’re a different mix of breeds — just like America.”
  21. Episode 3 Door to Door
    Modern Family Recap: Stop the Madness “Do you want a princess hat?”
  22. Episode 2
  23. Episode 1
    Modern Family Recap: Saddle Up On the heels of all those Emmy wins, ‘Modern Family’ begins season three.
  1. Episode 24 Goodnight Gracie
    Modern Family Season Finale Recap: Grandma, You’re a Firework For a split second, it seemed like our season four finale was going to be … serious?
  2. Episode 23 Games People Play
    Modern Family Recap: How I Prevented My Summer Vacation The Dunphys take a brief, failed road trip.
  3. Episode 22 My Hero
    Modern Family Recap: Skating Sad More roller rink episodes, please!
  4. Episode 21 Career Day
    Modern Family Recap: Jay Pritchett, Novelist Have we never discussed how exactly Jay became filthy rich from owning a closet business?
  5. Episode 20 Flip Flop
    Modern Family Recap: Clameron The continuing adventures of the Dunphy house flippers.
  6. Episode 19 The Future Dunphys
    Modern Family Recap: Reverse Psychiatry The ghost of family-reunion future visits the Dunphys.
  7. Episode 18 The Wow Factor
  8. Episode 17 Best Men
    Modern Family Recap: Banks Is Back We’re past this season’s two thirds mark and we’re wondering if this is going anywhere, if there’s an overarching thread.
  9. Episode 16 Bad Hair Day
    Modern Family Recap: Bud Bundy, Briefly Just keep giving us more Phil Dunphy, please.
  10. Episode 15 Heart Broken
    Modern Family Recap: Bixby Forever Valentine’s Day Eve and we open on Phil Dunphy’s alter ego — turtleneck aficionado and human Wikipedia of pickup lines.
  11. Episode 14 A Slight at the Opera
    Modern Family Recap: Stagehand Luke The Dunphys golf, the Dunphys sing.
  12. Episode 13 Fulgencio
    Modern Family Recap: F.U. Pritchett A baby is named, patience is tested.
  13. Episode 12 Party Crasher
    Modern Family Recap: Kill Kenny Gloria has the baby in a simply great episode.
  14. Episode 11 New Year’s Eve
    Modern Family Recap: Nude Year’s Eve After more than a month of fairly excellent episodes closing out 2012, Modern Family stumbles into 2013 with a belated New Year’s episode.
  15. Episode 10 Diamond in the Rough
    Modern Family Recap: We Bought a House Claire and Cam have a new career.
  16. Episode 9 When A Tree Falls
    Modern Family Recap: Remain in Moving Vehicle Not a momentous episode, but an inspired one.
  17. Episode 8 Mistery Date
  18. Episode 7 Arrested
    Modern Family Recap: Haley Raises Hell A Dunphy daughter gets arrested.
  19. Episode 6 Yard Sale
    Modern Family Recap: Puppet Show by Demand A yard sale at the Pritchett-Delgado headquarters — what a wonderful way to get the entire dysfunctional Modern Family clan together.
  20. Episode 5 Open House of Horrors
    Modern Family Recap: A Very Claire-y Halloween Modern Family returns with a Halloween episode after skipping the holiday last year.
  21. Episode 4 The Butler’s Escape
  22. Episode 3 Snip
    Modern Family Recap: Death to Snippy “I’m sorry, is it a vasecto-you or a vasecto-me?”
  23. Episode 2 Schooled
    Modern Family Recap: The Kids Are All Right Haley heads off to college. Also, a baby burrito.
  24. Episode 1 Bringing Up Baby
    Modern Family Recap: A Baby After All Cam and Mitch deal with the fallout from the end of last season while Gloria tries to figure out how to deal with her good news.

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