Money Heist

  1. Episode 10 A Family Tradition
    Money Heist Series-Finale Recap: A New Life Was there ever any doubt that Money Heist would end like this?
  2. Episode 9 Pillow Talk
    Money Heist Recap: Accept Your Defeat or Fight Let’s hope The Professor has one last trick up his sleeve.
  3. Episode 8 The Elegance Theory
    Money Heist Recap: It’s Already Lost The Berlin flashbacks and the Bank of Spain heist finally collide.
  4. Episode 7 Wishful Thinking
    Money Heist Recap: I’ll Never Be Your Friend The Professor and Sierra make their great escape.
  5. Episode 6 Escape Valve
    Money Heist Midseason-Premiere Recap: You Still Think There’s a Right Side? Ready or not, it’s time to go back to the Bank of Spain.
  6. Episode 5 Live Many Lives
    Money Heist Midseason-Finale Recap: Brave Enough to Be Born Again A beautiful look at the many lives of Tokyo.
  7. Episode 4 Your Place in Heaven
    Money Heist Recap: Nobody’s Going to Die It’s nice to see Nairobi and Tokyo together again, even for a brief flashback.
  8. Episode 3 Welcome to the Spectacle of Life
    Money Heist Recap: There’s Always a Way Out Chekhov’s pregnancy finally culminates with the Professor delivering Alicia’s baby.
  9. Episode 2 Do You Believe In Reincarnation?
    Money Heist Recap: Churchill Would See It As a Victory Why, oh why, did they let Arturo get a gun?
  10. Episode 1 The End Of The Road
    Money Heist Season-Premiere Recap: There’s No Plan B Sierra has the Professor at gunpoint! Lisbon is in the Bank of Spain! The plan is utterly falling apart!

The Latest TV News

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    Single Drunk Female Is a Jarringly Light Portrait of Alcoholism and Addiction The Freeform series’ zealous devotion to buoying the inherent darkness of its subject matter also means it fails to take any real risks.
  2. appreciations
    Bob Saget, Remembered by Those Who Knew Him “Luckily, I got to tell Bob I loved him a lot while he was still here. But I’d sure love to be able to tell him again.”
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    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets Theories Time to render some post-finale verdicts.
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    Congrats to The White Lotus Season-Two Cast on Its Alleged Italian Vacation EDIT: Its alleged *SICILIAN* Vacation.
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    TVCC’s Coaches Talk Cheer, Sportsmanship, and ‘Eff the Judges’ Vontae Johnson and Khris Franklin explain what you didn’t see when it comes to the Navarro rivalry, scoring, and the unsmiling “Weenies.”
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    On the High Seas or in Court, La Fortuna Excels in David-vs.-Goliath Mode If the Lincoln Lawyer author Michael Connelly were to secretly write fanfiction for the National Treasure universe, it might look like this.
  7. good one podcast
    ‘Our Better Episodes Are the Ones That We Fight Over’ Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton talk It’s Always Sunny and when they’ll know it’s time for the long-running show to end.
  8. last night on late night
    Watch Jimmy Fallon Play Every Streaming-Service Soundmark You got your ta-dum in my bwaaah!
  9. sitcoms
    It’s the Perfect Time for Abbott Elementary Teachers need to feel seen right now, and this very funny workplace comedy has its eyes wide open.
  10. awards
    Jon Stewart Recognized With Mark Twain Prize for American Humor He’ll be presented with the award on April 24.