Money Heist

  1. Episode 10 A Family Tradition
    Money Heist Series-Finale Recap: A New Life Was there ever any doubt that Money Heist would end like this?
  2. Episode 9 Pillow Talk
    Money Heist Recap: Accept Your Defeat or Fight Let’s hope The Professor has one last trick up his sleeve.
  3. Episode 8 The Elegance Theory
    Money Heist Recap: It’s Already Lost The Berlin flashbacks and the Bank of Spain heist finally collide.
  4. Episode 7 Wishful Thinking
    Money Heist Recap: I’ll Never Be Your Friend The Professor and Sierra make their great escape.
  5. Episode 6 Escape Valve
    Money Heist Midseason-Premiere Recap: You Still Think There’s a Right Side? Ready or not, it’s time to go back to the Bank of Spain.
  6. Episode 5 Live Many Lives
    Money Heist Midseason-Finale Recap: Brave Enough to Be Born Again A beautiful look at the many lives of Tokyo.
  7. Episode 4 Your Place in Heaven
    Money Heist Recap: Nobody’s Going to Die It’s nice to see Nairobi and Tokyo together again, even for a brief flashback.
  8. Episode 3 Welcome to the Spectacle of Life
    Money Heist Recap: There’s Always a Way Out Chekhov’s pregnancy finally culminates with the Professor delivering Alicia’s baby.
  9. Episode 2 Do You Believe In Reincarnation?
    Money Heist Recap: Churchill Would See It As a Victory Why, oh why, did they let Arturo get a gun?
  10. Episode 1 The End Of The Road
    Money Heist Season-Premiere Recap: There’s No Plan B Sierra has the Professor at gunpoint! Lisbon is in the Bank of Spain! The plan is utterly falling apart!

The Latest TV News

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    The 6 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend The games are coming for the movies.
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    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets Theories In season two’s “Edible Complex,” Chekhov’s gun meets Jackie’s ear.
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    Will Daisy Jones & the Six Actually Go on Tour? It looks like the band could be getting back together!
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    Rachel Weisz Plays God (Twice Over) in Dead Ringers It’s like Twitches but with gynos.