Moon Knight

  1. Episode 6 Gods and Monsters
    Moon Knight Finale Recap: Laters Gators The finale leaves the future of Moon Knight uncertain, and that’s pretty cool for a Marvel series.
  2. Episode 5 Asylum
    Moon Knight Recap: Trauma Bonding This trauma dump of an episode tells us pretty much everything there is to know about Marc Spector’s past.
  3. Episode 4 The Tomb
    Moon Knight Recap: It’s Kind of a Funny Story Phase four being the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s freak era is confirmed with Moon Knight’s weirdest episode yet.
  4. Episode 3 The Friendly Type
    Moon Knight Recap: Stars and the Moon Marc and Steven need to learn to share if they’re going to get anything done.
  5. Episode 2 Summon the Suit
    Moon Knight Recap: The Monster in the Mirror This week provides more information on the “bloody handsome” “little American man living inside” Steven Grant (his words, not ours).
  6. Episode 1 The Goldfish Problem
    Moon Knight Series-Premiere Recap: Exit Through the Gift Shop Oscar Isaac pulls double duty in Disney+’s Moon Knight. As Marc, he’s a superhero, but he’s the audience surrogate as Steven.

The Latest Disney+ News

  1. truth or dare
    Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio May Dare to Return to Daredevil A revival is reportedly in the works at Disney+.
  2. trailer mix
    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Trailer: (Green) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Smashing onto Disney+ on August 17.
  3. buffering
    CBS’s Success and the Case for Paramount+ Turns out, people love to stream old-fashioned network television.
  4. coming soon
    Disney+ Has Found Its Percy Jackson in The Adam Project’s Walker Scobell Now actors for Grover and Annabeth complete the trio.
  5. chat room
    Moon Knight’s May Calamawy on Layla’s Future and Love of Marshmallows “I’m going to fight to tell a true story and a true woman, and what comes with it.”
  6. perseverance
    Scrat Got Nut! Scrat Got Nut! These words either mean nothing to you or they mean everything to you.
  7. buffering
    Moving Dancing With the Stars to Disney+ Just Might Work The show brings a needed new element to the popular streaming service.
  8. disney villains night
    Get Ready for More Dancing With the Stars Disney Nights Airing on Disney+, it’ll be the first live reality series on streaming.
  9. streamliner investigates
    Disney+ Has Fixed That Goofy Falcon and the Winter Soldier Mistake The blood spatter is back onscreen.
  10. thirst watch
    Oscar Isaac Came Up With His Moon Knight Accent Himself “Laters, gators.”