Murphy Brown

  1. Episode 13 Happy New Year
    Murphy Brown Season Finale Recap: Murphy at Midnight Murphy and Co. wrap things up with a sweet, charming reflection on a season that’s skillfully blended the new with the old.
  2. Episode 12 AWOL
    Murphy Brown Recap: Life During Wartime Depressed after his splashy departure from Wolf Network, Avery Brown sets out to renew his commitment to journalism.
  3. Episode 11 The Wheels on the Dog Go Round and Round
    Murphy Brown Recap: You’re Wheeling with the Big Dogs Now The hard moment of truth has arrived for Avery Brown — but so has a dog!
  4. Episode 10 Beat the Press
    Murphy Brown Recap: Showdown at the Kozy Kafe The show wades into the “fake news”/free press schism with an overstuffed episode enlivened by some great character moments.
  5. Episode 9 Thanksgiving and Taking
    Murphy Brown Recap: Thanksgiving on ICE With a Very Special Episode About Immigration that we knew was coming since Phyllis hired Miguel, the Trump-era Murphy Brown finally hits its stride.
  6. Episode 8 The Coma and the Oxford Comma
    Murphy Brown Recap: Dial ‘M’ For Murphy It’s Murphy’s cynicism versus Corky’s idealism when an old friend’s recovery from a coma rekindles suspicions of attempted murder.
  7. Episode 7 A Lifetime of Achievement
    Murphy Brown Recap: Nighttime Is the Right Time With this light, smart, cameo-filled episode, the Murphy Brown revival finally becomes the show we all wanted it to be.
  8. Episode 6 Results May Vary
    Murphy Brown Recap: Zhush the Vote Competing his-and-hers newsroom antics enliven a full day of midterm-elections coverage.
  9. Episode 5 The Girl Who Cried About Wolf
    Murphy Brown Recap: When You’ve Got It, Leak It The gang’s got a big story, but everyone’s under suspicion when their rivals report it first.
  10. Episode 4 Three Shirts to the Wind
    Murphy Brown Recap: Debate Me Murphy takes on a Steve Bannon–esque blowhard in another ripped-from-the-headlines outing.
  11. Episode 3 #MurphyToo
    Murphy Brown Recap: APPropriate Behavior A sexual harassment seminar dredges up some unpleasant memories that send Murphy back to reassess her past.
  12. Episode 2 I (Don’t) Heart Huckabee
    Murphy Brown Recap: Basic Maternal Instinct Murphy and Avery jockey for attention at a White House press briefing as everyone gets used to their new schedules.
  13. Episode 1 Fake News
    Murphy Brown Season-Premiere Recap: You Had Me at Hillary Murphy returns to a changed media world, as the long-running sitcom begins a second life in the Trump era.

The Latest Murphy Brown News

  1. coronavirus
    Candice Bergen Scaled a Wall While Walking Her Dog in Quarantine Every day at 3 p.m., the actress takes her rescue dog, Bruce, on an adventure in Central Park. Some days are more exciting than others.
  2. cancellations
    CBS Cancels Murphy Brown, As Well As Fam, Life in Pieces, and Happy Together Sorry, Murphy.
  3. premiere dates
    CBS Announces 2019 Premiere Dates for Comedies Fam and Man With a Plan They’ll fill up the comedy lineup after Murphy Brown and Happy Together wrap up their runs.
  4. tv ratings
    Are Network TV’s Reboots and Revivals Succeeding This Season? From The Conners to Murphy Brown, the early verdict is in.
  5. behind the scenes
    How Murphy Brown Faked That Sarah Huckabee Sanders Cameo A combination of real-life news footage, voice and body doubles, and a very particular wardrobe.
  6. close reads
    Murphy Brown’s Righteous, Furious, Flawed Protest Against Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sure, it’s liberal wish-fulfillment. But isn’t that the point?
  7. murphy brown
    How Murphy Brown Landed a Surprise Hillary Clinton Cameo “It was actually Candice’s idea,” says creator Diane English.
  8. feuds
    Murphy Brown Revival Mocks the Downfall of Roseanne Who knew network sitcoms could be so shady?
  9. premieres
    Did You Catch Murphy Brown’s ‘Tired-Ass Honky Ho’ Pillow? There’s a fun, hidden significance behind it.
  10. tv review
    Murphy Brown Is Back and Ready to Take On Donald Trump The feminist sitcom revival isn’t afraid to be partisan, but it still has to work out a few kinks.