My Brilliant Friend

  1. Episode 8 La Promessa (The Promise)
    My Brilliant Friend Finale Recap: For Better, for Worse As Lila’s wedding approaches, the differences between her and Elena unite the two friends in silent understanding.
  2. Episode 7 I Fidanzati (The Fiancés)
    My Brilliant Friend Recap: The Marriage Plot Elena’s return to the quartiere finds her sorting out her own romantic confusion against the chaotic backdrop of Lila’s engagement.
  3. Episode 6 L’isola (The Island)
    My Brilliant Friend Recap: La Isla Bonita A viciously effective episode gives Elena what she’s always wanted, and then rips it all away.
  4. Episode 5 Le Scarpe (The Shoes)
    My Brilliant Friend Recap: If The Shoe Fits … A slow and slightly clunky hour fixates on the Cerullo siblings’ relationship to jealousy and fury.
  5. Episode 4 Le Smarginatura (Dissolving Margins)
    My Brilliant Friend Recap: Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon The disproportionate dynamics between women and men color everything as Lila and Elena slide toward womanhood and all it entails.
  6. Episode 3 Le Metamorfosi (The Metamorphoses)
    My Brilliant Friend Recap: Growing Pains As Elena and Lila lurch toward womanhood, the closed-off intimacy of their relationship has been stretched loose.
  7. Episode 2 I Soldi (The Money)
    My Brilliant Friend Recap: The Plebs Lila and Elena’s trajectories begin to diverge in an episode that fixates on what connects the two girls, and what sets them apart from each other.
  8. Episode 1 Le Bambole (The Dolls)
    My Brilliant Friend Premiere Recap: The Sounds of Violence The Elena Ferrante HBO adaptation kicks off with a tightly packed episode establishing the contours of Lila and Elena’s loud, crowded lives.

The Latest My Brilliant Friend News

  1. things to look forward to
    HBO’s Stylish and Dramatic My Brilliant Friend Season 3 Trailer Is Here The full season-three trailer is here, amici.
  2. roll clip!
    My Brilliant Friend Season Two Trailer Will Have You Booking Flights to Italy We return to Naples on March 16.
  3. theater review
    London Theater Review: My Brilliant Friend, in Five Hours Onstage, Still Playful Elena Ferrante’s four books become four acts.
  4. behind the scenes
    How My Brilliant Friend Filmed Its Most Disturbing Scene Director Saverio Costanzo employed a body double and a closed set for the show’s gut-wrenching molestation scene.
  5. close reads
    My Brilliant Friend and the Relatable Horror of Elena’s Zits It isn’t merely that teenage Elena has acne, but how exquisitely all those pimples function as a (forsaken) facet of her character.
  6. season renewals
    My Brilliant Friend Renewed for a More Brilliant Season Two Saluti!
  7. close reads
    The Hidden Meaning Behind My Brilliant Friend’s Neapolitan Dialect If Neapolitan is the language of Lenù and Lila’s imprisoning neighborhood, then Italian is the language of social mobility.
  8. tv review
    My Brilliant Friend Is an Intimate Adaptation of a Beloved Novel Based on Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan books, HBO’s My Brilliant Friend is a late-breaking candidate for show of the year.
  9. backstories
    The Challenges of Adapting Ferrante The team behind HBO’s My Brilliant Friend on bringing the author’s Naples to life.
  10. winter preview 2019
    Winter TV Preview: True Detective, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and 7 More Shows to Watch A complete guide to the TV shows worth seeing this winter.