Mythic Quest

  1. Episode 11 Everlight
    Mythic Quest: Everlight Recap: Believe in the Light A characteristically chaotic office celebration for a fictional holiday finds Mythic Quest, and us, reveling in a post-pandemic return to normalcy.
  1. Episode 3 #YumYum
    Mythic Quest Recap: Calm Before the Divorce Ian and Poppy’s carefully calibrated ceasefire is approaching its inevitable end.
  2. Episode 2 Grouchy Goat
    Mythic Quest Recap: Maybe It’s the Estrogen Poppy and public speaking just don’t go together — or perhaps they do.
  3. Episode 1 Titans’ Rift
    Mythic Quest Season-Premiere Recap: It Came to Me in a Dream It’s a new dawn at Mythic Quest, yet both Poppy and David are being forced by their subconsciouses to recognize the sway Ian has over them.

The Latest TV News

  1. snl
    SNL Excited to Find Out How Low You and Your Post-COVID Standards Will Go “They’re either here for Comic-Con or the porn-producers reunion.”
  2. spooky sequels
    Let’s See Those (Undead) Spirit Fingers for Syfy’s Bring It On: Halloween Boo! It’s ghosts in here!
  3. snl
    Muppet Show Security Finally Does Something About Waldorf and Statler on SNL “We don’t give a hot damn about the show. We work for the venue.”
  4. snl
    Give Heidi Gardner an Emmy for SNL’s Last Dance Parody Paired with Keegan-Michael Key as Michael Jordan, it’s a tour de force.
  5. snl
    Keegan-Michael Key Does ‘Every Single SNL Thing’ in His Monologue “I am so honored to be here, and because of that, I am going to make the most of it.”
  6. cbs
    CBS Picks Up Pete Holmes Bowling Sitcom, Sophia Bush Surgeon Drama to Series The network won’t be moving forward, however, with Sarah Cooper’s workplace-comedy pilot.
  7. dun dun
    Organized Crime to Keep Christopher Meloni on Your TV for Another Season We can get behind that.
  8. tv
    ABC Orders Quinta Brunson Comedy, Brandy’s Queens, and Wonder Years to Series So that’s where all the comedies are headed.
  9. reality tv
    Real Housewives of Dallas: What’s Going on With Tiffany Moon and the Westcotts? A lawyer for Moon has called racist comments made by Kameron Westcott’s family “defamatory.”
  10. from the desk of lady whistledown
    Netflix Grants Us a Bridgerton Spinoff About Young Queen Charlotte The limited series will also follow young Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton.