1. Episode 21 I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive
    Nashville Season Finale Recap: Crash and Burn It’s a shame that season finale was so uneventful, huh?
  2. Episode 20 A Picture From Life’s Other Side
    Nashville Recap: Dead Ringers Check your death pools!
  3. Episode 19 Why Don’t You Love Me
    Nashville Recap: Don’t Call Me Daughter Deacon really dropped some man wisdom last night.
  4. Episode 18 Take These Chains from My Heart
    Nashville Recap: Unchain My Heart A night full of misdirection capped by sweet release.
  5. Episode 17 My Heart Would Know
    Nashville Recap: Under the Influence There were bad influences all over last night’s episode.
  6. Episode 16 I Saw the Light
    Nashville Recap: They’ll Take Manhattan Rayna takes the girls to NYC, and the cuties threaten to be the Thing That Ate the Show.
  7. Episode 15 When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts
    Nashville Recap: Breaking Sad Deacon with that puppy. That’s all we’re thinking about.
  8. Episode 14 Dear Brother
    Nashville Recap: Dog Days Are Here Last night’s episode could’ve been called “Checking in With Little-Used Cast Mates Whose Contracts You Thought We Had Voided.”
  9. Episode 13 There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
    Nashville Recap: Family Ties Oh, that Liam — he tends to bring out the rock-star-on-a-bender side of our girl Rayna.
  10. Episode 12 I’ve Been Down That Road Before
    Nashville Recap: Riding in Elevators With Boys Do you think Rayna just rode that hotel elevator over and over again, waiting for Deacon to step in?
  11. Episode 11 You Win Again
    Nashville Recap: As My Guitarist Gently Weeps Hot damn that was a good episode.
  12. Episode 10 I’m Sorry for You, My Friend
    Nashville Recap: Scruff Riders Last night’s episode had us rolling our eyes several times and muttering, “Yeah, right.”
  13. Episode 9 Be Careful of the Stones You Throw
    Nashville Recap: Boys on the Side “The more things change, the more they stay the same (y’all).”
  14. Episode 8 Where He Leads Me
    Nashville Recap: Teddy Bared It’s time to pick a team.
  15. Episode 7 Lovesick Blues
    Nashville Recap: Ladies’ Night It’s duet time, y’all.
  16. Episode 6 You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)
    Nashville Recap: The Devil May Care Finally, the big Avery episode we’ve all been waiting for! Anyone? Anyone?
  17. Episode 5 Move It on Over
    Nashville Recap: Guitar Heroes This whole “Deacon on the Edge” plot really took us by surprise.
  18. Episode 4 We Live in Two Different Worlds
    Nashville Recap: Swines and Misdemeanors In this episode, the love triangles got love triangles.
  19. Episode 3 Someday You’ll Call My Name
    Nashville Recap: The Girl Worth Choosin’ Three episodes in, Nashville clearly knows what kind of television it wants to be.
  20. Episode 2 I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love With You)
    Nashville Recap: Why Don’t We Duet in the Road? On Nashville, songwriting is its own form of foreplay.
  21. Episode 1 Pilot
    Nashville Recap: Grand Ole (Soap) Opry Are we living in the Golden Age of TV musicals?
  1. Episode 22 On the Other Hand
    Nashville Season 2 Finale Recap: Ring Tones We’re glad that last night’s season finale didn’t end with a car crash or some other calamitous event.
  2. Episode 21 All or Nothing With Me
    Nashville Recap: FLOTUS Interruptus I’ve heard of phoning a performance in; I’d never heard of Skyping one.
  3. Episode 20 Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad
    Nashville Recap: The Scarlett Letters Last night was a veritable Scarlett-palooza.
  4. Episode 19 Crazy
    Nashville Recap: The Mother Lode Frankly, Scarlett, your mama don’t give a damn.
  5. Episode 18 Your Wild Life’s Gonna Get You Down
    Nashville Recap: I Will Unfollow Social media is wacky, y’all.
  6. Episode 17 Insignificant Others
    Nashville Recap: That Little Narcissistic Person Juliette jumps the gun and faces Rayna’s wrath.
  7. Episode 16 Strange Bedfellows
    Nashville Recap: The Gig Is Up Avery throws Gunnar into a wall. Things just got real.
  8. Episode 15 They Don’t Make ’Em Like Daddy Anymore
    Nashville Recap: Facing the Music Nobody puts Glenn in the corner, except when they do.
  9. Episode 14 Too Far Gone
    Nashville Recap: All the People Who Died Megan refuses to die — metaphorically, at least.
  10. Episode 13 It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right
    Nashville Recap: Broken Records So this Luke Wheeler guy is here to stay, huh?
  11. Episode 12 Just for What I Am
    Nashville Recap: Bad Romance Music-star cameos must be a big part of Nashville’s success, because they keep ramming them down our throats.
  12. Episode 11 I’ll Keep Climbing
    Nashville Recap: The Dead Wives Club The second half of this season gave us exactly what we wanted right out of the gate.
  13. Episode 10 Tomorrow Never Comes
    Nashville Recap: Murder They Wrote Avery and Juliette are on, you guys! (Sort of.)
  14. Episode 9 I’m Tired of Pretending
    Nashville Recap: Out of Tune This show keeps featuring relationships that we’re not invested in.
  15. Episode 8 Hanky Panky Woman
    Nashville Recap: True Blood We just need to accept the fact that there’s Good Nashville and Bad Nashville, often on display in the same episode.
  16. Episode 7 She’s Got You
    Nashville Recap: Your Presence Is Requested For whom the wedding bells toll? They toll for Teddy.
  17. Episode 6 It Must Be You
    Nashville Recap: Polo Matches and Fabulous Hats With advice on who should be in future soft-lit sex scenes.
  18. Episode 5 Don’t Open That Door
    Nashville Recap: Highway Robbery So that was an elegant hour of television, huh?
  19. Episode 4 You’re No Angel Yourself
    Nashville Recap: Their Lips Are Sealed Do you know what Nashville needs? More record contracts.
  20. Episode 3 I Don’t Want to Talk About It Now
    Nashville Recap: What’s Your Damage? Rayna’s vocal problem: a convenient way to get Connie Britton to stop singing?
  21. Episode 2 Never No More
    Nashville Recap: Label Conscious Welcome, new villain/suit!
  22. Episode 1 I Fall To Pieces
    Nashville Recap: Girlfriend in a Coma On soap operas, people come down with comas the way the rest of us come down with the common cold.
  1. Episode 22 Before You Go, Make Sure You Know
    Nashville Season Finale Recap: Dream Believers This was the most cliff-hanger-iffic episode ever.
  2. Episode 21 Is the Better Part Over
    Nashville Recap: Tears for Fears You gotta let us pace ourselves, Nashville!
  3. Episode 20 Time Changes Things
  4. Episode 19 The Storm Has Just Begun
    Nashville Recap: On Again, Off Again What exactly is Nashville’s endgame here?
  5. Episode 18 Nobody Knows But Me
    Nashville Recap: Father Knows Least Do not turn Juliette into a caricature, show!
  6. Episode 17 This Ain’t a Good Day for Leavin’
    Nashville Recap: Big Babies I want Rayna (read: Connie Britton) in my life to attend to all my personal crises.
  7. Episode 16 I Can’t Keep Away From You
    Nashville Recap: Smash Landings I’m so glad they started right after the slap-hug combo, aren’t you?
  8. Episode 15 That’s the Way Love Goes
    Nashville Recap: Slap-Happy This, my friends, was the slap of the year.
  9. Episode 14 Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
    Nashville Recap: Boardroom Blitz! Oops, I destroyed your empire.
  10. Episode 13 I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong
    Nashville Recap: Pregnant Pause Man-tears abound, and Rayna goes into mama-bear mode.
  11. Episode 12 I’ve Got Reasons to Hate You
    Nashville Recap: Liver Let Die Somebody needs to give Deacon a hug.
  12. Episode 11 I’m Not That Good at Goodbye
    Nashville Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Achy-Cakey Heart This week’s return seems transitional, so here’s the stuff you should give a damn about.
  13. Episode 10 First to Have a Second Chance
    Nashville Recap: The Plot Quickens That was a completely calm, not at all nutty mid-season finale.
  14. Episode 9 Two Sides to Every Story
    Nashville Recap: Baby, It’s Cold Inside Let us explore Nashville’s hipster neighborhood.
  15. Episode 8 You’re Lookin at Country
    Nashville Recap: The Country Music Awards The CMAs brought out the worst in America’s least-favorite couple.
  16. Episode 8 Unguarded Moments
  17. Episode 7 I’m Coming Home to You
    Nashville Recap: Misery Loves Company The road’s not real life or real love.
  18. Episode 6 Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy
    Nashville Recap: Drama Queens Juliette gets all the story lines.
  19. Episode 5 Road Happy
    Nashville Recap: Baby Boom Last night’s Nashville will forever be called the “of course that happened” episode. 
  20. Episode 4 I Feel Sorry for Me
  21. Episode 3 I Can’t Get Over You to Save My Life
    Nashville Recap: Who Moved My Cheese? Luke goes off the rails a bit.
  22. Episode 2 How Far Down Can I Go
    Nashville Recap: They Fall to Pieces Juliette is such a Patsy.
  23. Episode 1 That’s Me Without You
  1. Episode 21 Maybe You’ll Appreciate Me Someday
    Nashville Series Finale Recap: Crash Landing This was a cliffhanger. The kind you end a season with, not a series.
  2. Episode 20 It’s Sure Gonna Hurt
    Nashville Recap: Dead Show Walking As you’ve all undoubtedly heard, ABC has consciously uncoupled with Nashville. We are a lame duck. We are a dead show walking.
  3. Episode 19 After You’ve Gone
    Nashville Recap: House Arrest There were many sad and depressing things about last night’s Nashville.
  4. Episode 18 The Trouble With the Truth
    Nashville Recap: Les Miserables You win, Deacon and Rayna! You had the worst day ever!
  5. Episode 17 Baby Come Home
    Nashville Recap: Wicked Games Oh, Nashville, why you gotta play us like that?
  6. Episode 16 Didn’t Expect It to Go Down This Way
    Nashville Recap: Girl, Interrupted What is Autumn’s deal?
  7. Episode 15 When There’s a Fire in Your Heart
    Nashville Recap: Wild Child This is the episode where it all hits the fan. 
  8. Episode 14 What I Cannot Change
    Nashville Recap: Wherefore Art Thou Juliette? How do you give us a healthy, happy Juliette who is also still Juliette?
  9. Episode 13 If I Could Do It All Again
    Nashville Recap: You Mad? Welcome to today’s edition of Characters We Don’t Care About Are Very, Very Angry!
  10. Episode 12 How Does It Feel to Be Free
    Nashville Recap: On the Nose We are in some sort of bizarro world, people, where Juliette is the seeker of safe spaces and Avery is the one causing drama.
  11. Episode 11 Forever and Always
    Nashville Recap: Barnstorming It’s just not a real wedding until someone has a panic attack and someone else rage-vomits.
  12. Episode 10 We’ve Got Nothing But Love to Prove
    Nashville Recap: Put a Ring on It I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but I think we may have killed three randos with one stone on last night’s winter finale.
  13. Episode 9 Three’s a Crowd
    Nashville Recap: Testy, Testy Man, was everyone PMSing on Nashville last night, or what?
  14. Episode 7 Can’t Get Used to Losing You
    Nashville Recap: What About Bob? Nashville is usually very good at killing off people we don’t really care about. But this one hurt.
  15. Episode 6 Please Help Me, I’m Fallin’
    Nashville Recap: Free Fallin’ Okay, Nashville, I’ve got to hand it to you: I never saw that coming.
  16. Episode 5 Stop the World (and Let Me Off)
    Nashville Recap: This Is Not a Love Song Lots of things I wanted to see happen happened, but they didn’t quite happen in the way I wanted them to happen.
  17. Episode 4 The Slender Threads That Bind Us Here
    Nashville Recap: Everything Is Awful Charles Esten is the best TV crier this side of Claire Danes.
  18. Episode 3 How Can I Help You Say Goodbye
    Nashville Recap: Sadness Pile Scenes involving both Teddy and Scarlett made me cry. Please respect my privacy during this difficult time.
  19. Episode 2 ’Till the Pain Outweighs the Shame
    Nashville Recap: Boulevard of Broken Dreams Nashville clearly overestimates how much we care whether Aunt Bev lives or dies.
  20. Episode 1 Can’t Let Go
    Nashville Recap: It’s Aliiiiive! New hair is always the best part of a season premiere.
  1. Episode 22 Reasons to Quit
    Nashville Season-Finale Recap: Kiss Off There aren’t enough WTFs in the world to describe this episode.
  2. Episode 21 Farther On
    Nashville Recap: Maybe She’s Born With It Remember when Juliette was actually fun?
  3. Episode 20 Speed Trap Town
    Nashville Recap: Bad Grandma Not gonna lie, I like Gunnar’s grandma.
  4. Episode 19 You Can’t Lose Me
    Nashville Recap: Slap Happy If Scarlett doesn’t want Gunnar now, she never will.
  5. Episode 18 The Night Before (Life Goes On)
    Nashville Recap: Big Little Sighs This episode ends with a scene so bananas, I still can’t believe it happened.
  6. Episode 17 Ghost in this House
    Nashville Recap: Shame of Thrones We need to talk about Will’s Budweiser commercial.
  7. Episode 16 Not Ready to Make Nice
    Nashville Recap: Ship Wrecked Deacon would be a really good sitcom dad.
  8. Episode 15 A Change Would Do You Good
    Nashville Recap: Memes Like Old Times This show constantly gets the internet and modern technology wrong.
  9. Episode 14 (Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such As I
    Nashville Recap: Police Story A sensitive and insightful episode about racist policing.
  10. Episode 13 ‘Til I Can Make it On My Own
    Nashville Recap: Blurred Lines We’ve veering into Very Special Episode territory here, folks.
  11. Episode 12 Back in the Saddle Again
    Nashville Recap: Bad Omens We’ve officially entered the post-Rayna James era.
  12. Episode 11 Fire & Rain
    Nashville Recap: Unfinished Business It’s time to acknowledge the truth about Scarlett: She’s awesome.
  13. Episode 10 I’ll Fly Away
    Nashville Recap: Cry, Cry, Cry A curiously small crowd for a Rayna James funeral, no?
  14. Episode 9 If Tomorrow Never Comes
    Nashville Recap: The Queen Is Dead Where does Nashville go from here? I honestly don’t know.
  15. Episode 8 Stand Beside Me
    Nashville Recap: Seeing Red Really, Nashville? Another car crash?
  16. Episode 7 Hurricane
    Nashville Recap: Hurts So Good “Hurricane” is a giant Deynapalooza.
  17. Episode 6 A Little Bit Stronger
    Nashville Recap: The Gospel Truth Remember when Juliette and Rayna used to have scenes together? Good times.
  18. Episode 5 Love Hurts
    Nashville Recap: Cool Stories, Bros Ugh, Scarlett and Gunnar’s music video is terrible.
  19. Episode 4 Leap of Faith
    Nashville Recap: Like a Prayer Who is Rayna’s stalker?
  20. Episode 3 Let’s Put It Back Together Again
    Nashville Recap: Who’s That Girl? Nashville is slowly turning into The Ashley Willerman Show.
  21. Episodes 1 and 2 “The Wayfaring Stranger” and “Back in Baby’s Arms”
    Nashville Season Premiere Recap: Guess Who’s Back? Welcome back to Nashville, the show where everyone sings like an angel.
  1. Episode 16 Beyond the Sunset
    Nashville Recap: Swan Song The long-running song- and drama-filled series calls it a day.
  2. Episode 15 I Don’t Want to Lose You Yet
    Nashville Recap: I’m a Loser, Baby The penultimate episode of the final season turns the focus to Gunnar — finally.
  3. Episode 14 For the Sake of the Song
    Nashville Recap: Same As It Ever Was Some major characters remain largely MIA as Juliette threatens Darius and the drama between Twig and Maddie deepens.
  4. Episode 13 Strong Enough to Bend
    Nashville Recap: Premature Evacuations Juliette keeps her cool while Deacon sorts through some paternal issues as the final season inches to its close.
  5. Episode 12 The House That Built Me
    Nashville Recap: Chime’s Up Juliette’s largely MIA in an episode in which Alannah experiences a #MeToo moment.
  6. Episode 11 No Place That Far
    Nashville Recap: The Struggle Is Real Things are, shockingly, not going well for Juliette in Bolivia.
  7. Episode 10 Two Sparrows in a Hurricane
    Nashville Recap: Insignificant Others A group of newish characters continues to dominate the series as it enters the home stretch.
  8. Episode 9 Pick Yourself Up
    Nashville Recap: 99 Problems Right as it hits the homestretch, the show seems to have lost its way.
  9. Episode 8 Sometimes You Just Can’t Win
    Nashville Recap: Talent Down! Would Nashville dare end with Avery and Juliette not together?
  10. Episode 7 Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound
    Nashville Recap: Long Strange Trip Juliette has basically been body snatched by a cult.
  11. Episode 6 Beneath Still Waters
    Nashville Recap: Bad Romance Daphne has officially taken over the role of Nashville’s snotty teenager.
  12. Episode 5 Where the Night Goes
    Nashville Recap: Gone Girl Is Juliette really trekking off to Bolivia now?
  13. Episode 4 That’s My Story
    Nashville Recap: Strings Attached The cult really hits the fan this week, huh?
  14. Episode 3 Jump Then Fall
    Nashville Recap: Getting Twiggy With It I will not be swayed by your charms, young Jonah.
  15. Episode 2 Second Chances
    Nashville Recap: The New Normal Is Nashville even a soap opera anymore?
  16. Episode 1 New Strings
    Nashville Season-Premiere Recap: Blond Ambition The adventures of Gunnar’s hair deserve their own TV show.

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