Never Have I Ever

  1. Episode 10 …Said I’m Sorry
    Never Have I Ever Season Finale Recap: It’s a Beautiful Day A common rom-com trope—the race against the clock to confess to someone that you love them—gets an emotional mother-daughter twist.
  2. Episode 9 …Had to Be on My Best Behavior
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Mother-Daughter Dance This show is at is most surprising, and its best, in its more dramatic moments.
  3. Episode 8 … Pissed Off Everyone I Know
    Never Have I Ever Recap: We’re on a Break Maintaining relationships is hard, and Devi would rather pretend that she doesn’t care about her friends than try to mend the hurt.
  4. Episode 7 …Been a Big, Fat Liar
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Friendship Failure Devi’s flaws are on full display in her self-centered attempts to save her friendships with Fab and Eleanor.
  5. Episode 6 …Been the Loneliest Boy in the World
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Ballad of Ben A new point of view shifts our understanding of Devi’s biggest rival and suggests he could end up being something more.
  6. Episode 5 … Started a Nuclear War
    Never Have I Ever Recap: The Blame Game The best part of this episode is that Devi is the worst part of it.
  7. Episode 4 …Felt Super Indian
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Puja Problems An exploration of Devi’s relationship to her culture reveals how community can provide comfort, but can also be toxic and suffocating.
  8. Episode 3 …Gotten Drunk With the Popular Kids
    Never Have I Ever Recap: A Very Special Riverdale Marathon Devi may have made it onto Paxton’s grid, but the real revelations are happening over in Fab and Kamala’s story lines.
  9. Episode 2 …Had Sex With Paxton Hall-Yoshida
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Griefwork Through Devi’s deflection of her trauma and anger, we get to know the other people in her orbit a bit better.
  10. Episode 1 Pilot
    Never Have I Ever Premiere Recap: Teenage Rage Meet Devi Vishwakumar — funny, ambitious, charming, awkward, angsty, and, beneath it all, a total hothead.
  1. Episode 10 …been a perfect girl
    Never Have I Ever Season-Finale Recap: Two to Tango This ending feels familiar (in a good way).
  2. Episode 9 …Stalked My Own Mother
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Girl, Interrupted Devi’s latest confrontation with her mother forces her to look her “Crazy Devi” reputation square in the face.
  3. Episode 8 …been Daisy Buchanan
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Green Light What’s this? Devi receiving practical advice for dealing with her emotions, and actually taking it? We love to see it.
  4. Episode 7 …begged for forgiveness
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Sorry Won’t Cut It Apologies are hard, but they shouldn’t be this hard.
  5. Episode 6 …betrayed a friend
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Face the Music Devi is unable to wiggle her way out of this through charm or charisma because, frankly, she doesn’t have either of those things.
  6. Episode 5 …ruined someone’s life
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Rumor Has It Devi’s grief, and the bad choices it drives her to make, runs headlong into Aneesa’s own trauma.
  7. Episode 4 … had an Indian frenemy
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Not-So-Evil Twin As much as Devi tries to avoid new transfer student Aneesa, life keeps throwing them at each other.
  8. Episode 3 …opened a textbook
    Never Have I Ever Recap: More Than a Pretty Face A Paxton-centric episode adds some depth to the eye candy and points one of this show’s central pairings in an intriguing new direction.
  9. Episode 2 …thrown a rager
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Party On Devi’s doing a great job of turning Paxton and Ben into sympathetic characters at the expense of her own likability.
  10. Episode 1 … been a playa
    Never Have I Ever Season-Premiere Recap: Three’s a Crowd Devi’s ready to explore new frontiers in messiness this season.
  1. Episode 10 …lived the dream
    Never Have I Ever Season-Finale Recap: Should I Stay or Should I Go We’re finally here — the last day of Devi’s junior year.
  2. Episode 9 …had an Indian boyfriend
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Parents Just Don’t Understand Des, we go to bat for you, and this is how you repay us?
  3. Episode 8 … hooked up with my boyfriend
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Vertical Limits What’s a girl got to do to get horizontal?
  4. Episode 7 … cheated
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Double Jeopardy The sky’s the limit for Devi and Des as a potential power couple.
  5. Episode 6 …had a breakdown
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Mass Exodus We’ve got another Ben-centric episode, so Andy Samberg is back as our buoyant, eternally boyish guide.
  6. Episode 5 …been ghosted
    Never Have I Ever Recap: How Devi Got Her Vibe Back Devi’s sexual vibes are rusty, and people can tell.
  7. Episode 4 …made someone jealous
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Saving Face Devi is still hung up on Paxton until Nirdesh, a stone-cold hottie, enters the chat.
  8. Episode 3 …had a valentine
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Love Is a Battlefield It’s Valentine’s Day, which means relationships end left and right.
  9. Episode 2 …had my own troll
    Never Have I Ever Recap: Trollhunter It’s admirable of Never Have I Ever to navigate the gray areas of the Paxton/Devi/Haley dynamic.
  10. Episode 1 …been slut-shamed
    Never Have I Ever Season-Premiere Recap: The Odd Couple The gossip and pressure of being the school’s hottest and unlikeliest couple get to Devi.

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    Bully for Gigi Hadid, Who Replaced Chrissy Teigen in Never Have I Ever She narrates a teenage boy’s mind for one episode.