New Girl

  1. Episode 24 See Ya
    New Girl Recap: White Fang Problems Everyone goes to the desert in the season-one finale.
  2. Episode 23 Backslide
    New Girl Recap: The Backslide Brings You Down Jess tries to get back with that guy who looks like Justin Long and Nick reconnects with Caroline.
  3. Episode 22 Tomatoes
    New Girl Recap: Secrets of the Model Dorm Schmidt dates a Russian model and gets a broken penis. We’ve all been there.
  4. Episode 21 Kids
  5. Episode 20 Normal
    New Girl Recap: Fun and Games Drinking games and Beyoncé-colored shakes.
  6. Episode 19 Secrets
    New Girl Recap: The Big Reveal Even by New Girl’s shouty standards, last night contained a lot of yelling.
  7. Episode 18 Fancyman (Part 2)
    New Girl Recap: Who Fancies the Fancyman? “Look at them! They don’t know what Saved by the Bell is and they’ve never felt pain.”
  8. Episode 17 Fancyman (Part 1)
    New Girl Recap: Let Them Eat Cars Against type, Jess now digs a rich dude.
  9. Episode 16 Control
    New Girl Recap: Meet Hippie Schmidt “I got fat because I used to eat Concord grape jelly from the jar using a candy bar as a fork.”
  10. Episode 15 Injured
    New Girl Recap: The One Where Nick Thinks He Has Cancer “Nick Miller, Nick Miller, never does anything.”
  11. Episode 14 Bully
    New Girl Recap: Schmidt Gets Cheesy “Your happiness seems like a mask.”
  12. Episode 13 Valentine’s Day
    New Girl Recap: Feeling Twirly Jess attempts to find some “strange.”
  13. Episode 12 The Landlord
    New Girl Recap: Y Tu Landlord También Sometimes humanity is just a guy who lives in the basement and wants to experiment with group sex. 
  14. Episode 11 Jess and Julia
  15. Episode 10 The Story of the 50
    New Girl Recap: Party Down Looks like there’s room for more than one hipster pinup on this show.
  16. Episode 9 The 23rd
  17. Episode 8 Bad in Bed
    New Girl Recap: Starfish Sex “I hope Paul’s packing some coral polyps.”
  18. Episode 6 Thanksgiving
  19. Episode 6 Bells
    New Girl Recap: Gleeking Out “’Nick’s such a tinkle.’ ‘I think he’s more of a tunkle.’”
  20. Episode 5 Cece Crashes
    New Girl Recap: Model Behavior “My face is my job! My face is my job!”
  21. Episode 4 Naked
    New Girl Recap: Show Me Your Heart-Penis “Country’s broke. Betty White’s back.”
  22. Episode 3 Wedding
    New Girl Recap: The Slut Butler Did It “Suppress the Jess.”
  23. Episode 2
    New Girl Recap: Wham, Bam, Thank You, Jam The sitcom has some growing pains in episode two.
  1. Episode 25 Elaine’s Big Day
    New Girl Season-Two Finale Recap: Before You Say No, Don’t Say No It’s a sitcom wedding, so obviously things went smoothly.
  2. Episode 24 Winston’s Birthday Party
    New Girl Recap: Winston’s Birthday Party Jessica Day is large and in charge.
  3. Episode 23 Virgins
    New Girl Recap: Losing It Last night’s episode pushed the Nick-Jess plot forward by looking backwards at everyone’s embarrassing first sexual encounters.
  4. Episode 22 Bachelorette Party
    New Girl Recap: The Dead Dad Pass A bachelorette party and Winston sends a roomful of women a very NSFW pic of Nick.
  5. Episode 21 First Date
    New Girl Recap: Romancing Yolanda Winston This show’s been on a roll lately, so we’re a bit forgiving of last night’s subpar episode.
  6. Episode 20 Chicago
    New Girl Recap: Four Roommates and a Funeral We got to meet the rest of Nick’s relatives. At a funeral.
  7. Episode 19 Quick Hardening Caulk
    New Girl Recap: No Other Fish in the Sea Everyone save Winston got facially bruised in last night’s episode.
  8. Episode 18 Tinfinity
    New Girl Recap: Equals Nick and Schmidt throw an anniversary party for themselves. The tagline: “Ten years, two hearts, one home.”
  9. Episode 17 Parking Spot
    New Girl Recap: The No-Nail Oath That kiss from two weeks ago didn’t douse the sexual tension — it only inflamed it.
  10. Episode 16 Table 34
    New Girl Recap: Seating Arrangements After last week’s big moment, the roomates deal with the fallout. Sort of.
  11. Episode 15 Cooler
    New Girl Recap: Hot to Trot So that happened.
  12. Episode 14 Pepperwood
    New Girl Recap: Nick Miller, P.I. Last night’s episode contained no moments of deep feeling. Instead, it was all goofy slapstick.
  13. Episode 13 A Father’s Love
    New Girl Recap: A Day at the Races “Who eats elephant tacos? That’s not even a saying.”
  14. Episode 12 Cabin
    New Girl Recap: The One Where Schmidt Almost Smokes Crack Don’t play chicken with Schmidt. That guy does not back down.
  15. Episode 11 Santa
    New Girl Recap: Holiday Dump Fantasy We gotta workshop that headline.
  16. Episode 10 Bathtub
    New Girl Recap: Never Cross the Bar Roof tubs, strippers, and lightning-bolt suits.
  17. Episode 9 Eggs
    New Girl Recap: Real Va-Genius Ladies be worried about their eggs and guys be worried about their virility.
  18. Episode 8 Parents
    New Girl Recap: Schmidt vs. Schmidt Jamie Lee Curtis, Rob Reiner, Rob Riggle — what was not to like?
  19. Episode 7 Menzies
    New Girl Recap: Aunt Flo Comes to Town Let’s take a moment to appreciate Nick Miller.
  20. Episode 6 Halloween
    New Girl Recap: Jess Likes Sam All of our main characters on last night’s episode were big fat liars.
  21. Episode 5 Models
    New Girl Recap: You’re the Turtle Would Cece and Jess be friends if they met today?
  22. Episode 4 Neighbors
    New Girl Recap: Aging Gracefully We all get old eventually. Schmidt has trouble dealing with this.
  23. Episode 3 Fluffer
    New Girl Recap: Fluffer Nutter How do you pronounce thermos?
  24. Episode 2 Katie
    New Girl Recap: Off the Grid Last night’s episode managed to take two wildly different genres — sex farce and time travel — and blend them together wonderfully.
  25. Episode 1 Re-Launch
    New Girl Recap: Congrats on Your Penis, Man Season two of New Girl begins with multiple endings.
  1. Episode 23 Cruise
  2. Episode 22 Dance
    New Girl Recap: Sometimes Teal Jess throws a middle-school dance that no one really wants to attend.
  3. Episode 21 Big News
    New Girl Recap: Wind Mice and Shell Beavers Somehow, Winston gets accepted into the police academy.
  4. Episode 20 Mars Landing
    New Girl Recap: Babes and Toyland We were hoping that it wouldn’t come to this.
  5. Episode 19 Fired Up
    New Girl Recap: Courtroom Brown This week’s episode was impressive in how it dusted off the debris from the show’s “Sister” arc.
  6. Episode 18 Sister III
    New Girl Recap: End of an Error Farewell, Abby Day. Farewell.
  7. Episode 17 Sister II
    New Girl Recap: Sky Knife We all love Linda Cardellini, but Abby Day is just the most unpleasant character.
  8. Episode 16 Sister
    New Girl Recap: Sistermeanors This week’s episode, starring Linda Cardellini as Jess’s sister, put an ambitious number of balls in the air but neglected to catch any of them.
  9. Episode 15 Exes
    New Girl Recap: The Ex Factor Let’s talk about exes.
  10. Episode 14 Prince
    New Girl Recap: Dropping the L-Bomb Cameos are the New Year’s Eve of television. High expectations; enormous potential for failure.
  11. Episode 12 Basketsballs
    New Girl Recap: My Buddy’s Girlfriend In “Basketsball,” Jess tries to crack the difficult walnut that is Coach.
  12. Episode 12 Birthday
    New Girl Recap: Birthday Breakdown It felt sadistic how relieved we were to see Jess break down in tears.
  13. Episode 11 Clavado En Un Bar
    New Girl Recap: Origin Stories The gang finally developed goals other than having sex with each other and fighting.
  14. Episode 10 Thanksgiving III
    New Girl Recap: Of Fish and Men The gang goes camping and men try to be men.
  15. Episode 9 Longest Night Ever
    New Girl Recap: The Drawbacks of Being a Wallflower The wounded, lonely men of New Girl have become the series’ driving force. And they’re driving in circles.
  16. Episode 8 Menus
    New Girl Recap: Manic Pixie Dream Guy Winston is the new Jess. Or maybe he was Jess all along.
  17. Episode 7 Coach
    New Girl Recap: Guess Who’s Back Man, Coach is the worst.
  18. Episode 6 Keaton
    New Girl Recap: The Past Isn’t Even Past New Girl’s Halloween episode is the best of the season so far.
  19. Episode 5 The Box
    New Girl Recap: Long Day’s Journey Into Schmidt What makes someone a good person? Schmidt really wants to know.
  20. Episode 4 The Captain
    New Girl Recap: The Apartment of Dr. Moreau Schmidt is at his best when he’s at his worst.
  21. Episode 3 Double Date
    New Girl Recap: Schmidt Is the Danger Move over, Walter White — Schmidt is the one who knocks.
  22. Episode 2 Nerd
    New Girl Recap: Put It on Me Did you hear about Schmidt and the cat?
  23. Episode 1 All In
    New Girl Season-Premiere Recap: Down in Mexico As season three opens, Paradise Nick and Paradise Jess are coasting blissfully through the Paradise Phase of their relationship.
  1. Episode 22 Clean Break
    New Girl Recap: Sex Mug New Girl has learned from its past mistakes, and it’s making a clean break for the future.
  2. Episode 21 Panty Gate
    New Girl Recap: Fomit and the Love Doctor Convenient and sudden breakups? Check. Obvious misunderstandings? Check.
  3. Episode 20 Par 5
    New Girl Recap: Municipal Burn Was there ever going to be a good time for New Girl to address police racism and brutality?
  4. Episode 19 The Right Thing
    New Girl Recap: Popsicle Psychology The New Girl cast is uniquely suited to selling sitcom-y premises.
  5. Episode 18 Walk of Shame
    New Girl Recap: The Blowout It’s strange that a show four seasons in still feels so much like it’s trying to find its footing.
  6. Episode 17 Spiderhunt
    New Girl Recap: Spider Junk “Spiderhunt” finally helped me put into words the hypothesis that’s long been circling the center of these recaps: New Girl is a good show that could be great if it weren’t a network sitcom.
  7. Episode 16 Oregon
    New Girl Recap: Crush Pond This week’s episode commits the cardinal sin of television: It’s boring.
  8. Episode 15 The Crawl
  9. Episode 14 Swuit
    New Girl Recap: Bread Beard The story of “Swuit,” in many ways, is the story of the American Dream. 
  10. Episode 13 Coming Out
    New Girl Recap: Black Robot Red potatoes, old young men, and Brian Posehn in rare form.
  11. Episode 12 Shark
    New Girl Recap: The Dolphin Show Are we the only people in America who’ve never been to a City Council meeting?
  12. Episode 11 LAXmas
    New Girl Recap: Reverse Santa This stretch of New Girl episodes has proven to be the gift that keeps on giving.
  13. Episode 10 Girl Fight
    New Girl Recap: Sex-Party Miracle Three weeks of consistently funny episodes? Christmas came early!
  14. Episode 9 Thanksgiving IV
    New Girl Recap: Bangsgiving Having a successful episode with so many guest-stars is an impressive feat.
  15. Episode 8 Teachers
    New Girl Recap: Laundry and Rulers Wonderful episode — what an up-and-down ride we’re having this season.
  16. Episode 7 Goldmine
    New Girl Recap: Drowsers One step forward, a million steps back.
  17. Episode 6 Background Check
    New Girl Recap: The Ones Who Knock A new opening, and the best episode in a very long time.
  18. Episode 5 Landline
    New Girl Recap: Shut It Down Every roommate is doing great, but what’s going on with Jess?
  19. Episode 4 Micro
    New Girl Recap: The Ghoulish Raisin Of course that’s the song Winston would play on a bar jukebox.
  20. Episode 3 Julie Berkman’s Older Sister
    New Girl Recap: Spongey Make Wipey Mjölnir is a mouthful.
  21. Episode 2 Dice
    New Girl Recap: Last Piece of Pie Jess tries a trendy new dating service. Predictable results ensue.
  22. Episode 1 The Last Wedding
  1. Episodes 21 and 22 Wedding Eve; Landing Gear
  2. Episodes 17 and 18 Road Trip; A Chill Day In
    New Girl Recap: Bachelor/ette Party All together now: more friendship! Less milquetoast social satire!
  3. Episodes 15 and 16 Jeff Day; Helmet
    New Girl Recap: Of Hoaxes and Helmets Is there a Nick/Jess reunion in the works?
  4. Episode 14 300 Feet
    New Girl Recap: Restraining Order New Girl has a Jess problem.
  5. Episode 13 Sam, Again
    New Girl Recap: Poppycock Palace A little Feelings Farm goes a long way.
  6. Episode 12 D-Dad
    New Girl Recap: Schmidt’s Dad Did I give this episode five stars just for Peter Gallagher’s eyebrows? Maybe.
  7. Episode 11 The Apartment
    New Girl Recap: Moving Day I swear I’ve seen this plotline on Friends.
  8. Episodes 10 and 11 Dress; Return to Sender
  9. Episode 10 Goosebumps Walkaway
    New Girl Recap: Sayonara, Sammy Jess is back! And Reagan actually gets along with her!
  10. Episode 9 Heat Wave
    New Girl Recap: Hot Night in Gstaad During a brutal heat wave, Nick and Reagan share a rat-infested moment of romance.
  11. Episode 8 The Decision
    New Girl Recap: Loftmates’ Dilemma Nick’s not-having-sex-tonight outfit looks very comfortable.
  12. Episode 7 Wig
    New Girl Recap: Reaganing Megan Fox finally descends into loftie madness.
  13. Episode 6 Reagan
    New Girl Recap: Do You Believe in Magic? Say hello to Megan Fox, the newest New Girl.
  14. Episode 5 Bob & Carol & Nick & Schmidt
    New Girl Recap: Mi Leche Es Su Leche The difference between “making it” and “just barely scraping by” is extra avocado.
  15. Episode 4 No Girl
    New Girl Recap: LoftBnB If this is what a Jess-less New Girl feels like, consider me Onboard.
  16. Episode 3 Jury Duty
    New Girl Recap: You Know I’m Not Going to Prison, Right? The lofties say good-bye to Jess — but when will she return?
  17. Episode 2 What About Fred?
    New Girl Recap: Bar Rescue I’ll be honest: This episode is pretty lackluster.
  18. Episode 1 Big Mama P
    New Girl Premiere Recap: Year of Us? The loft gang is finally back together, but big changes are coming this season.
  1. Episode 4 Homecoming
    New Girl Recap: Empire State of Mind New Girl meets Brooklyn Nine-Nine in an underwhelming crossover episode.
  2. Episode 3 Single and Sufficient
    New Girl Recap: The Pepperwood Chronicles You’re on thin ice, New Girl.
  3. Episode 2 Hubbedy Bubby
    New Girl Recap: Booze Girl Wants Your Vote Jess is fired up about Hillary Clinton.
  4. Episode 1 House Hunt
    New Girl Season Premiere Recap: This Old House Seriously, Jess should be a real-estate agent.

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