Nine Perfect Strangers

  1. Episode 8 Ever After
    Nine Perfect Strangers Series-Finale Recap: Lose Control An underwhelming finale fully rehabilitates Masha’s manipulative nature and gives everyone happy endings that aren’t satisfying.
  2. Episode 7 Wheels on the Bus
    Nine Perfect Strangers Recap: An Illusion Does the Carmel development work because Regina Hall is committed as hell? Sure. Does it make sense narratively? I don’t really think so.
  3. Episode 6 Motherlode
    Nine Perfect Strangers Recap: Money, Money, Money, Money Is there anyone who does not find Masha attractive? What is the power of this woman!
  4. Episode 5 Sweet Surrender
    Nine Perfect Strangers Recap: The Key Finally, we have some character development and enough plot twists to keep us saying, “Wait, what?”
  5. Episode 4 Brave New World
    Nine Perfect Strangers Recap: Unprecedented Times So everyone is just cool with Masha drugging the smoothies?
  6. Episode 3 Earth Day
    Nine Perfect Strangers Recap: Frame of Reference Masha’s plan seems to be unraveling. Or is it? Yes. Maybe. Actually, what is the plan?
  7. Episode 2 The Critical Path
    Nine Perfect Strangers Recap: Finding the Wound Frances, Tony, and the Marconis reveal their damage, but nearly everyone else remains less compelling.
  8. Episode 1 Random Acts of Mayhem
    Nine Perfect Strangers Series-Premiere Recap: Birth in Death Welcome to the wellness-industrial complex, where everything is beautiful and everything hurts.

The Latest Nine Perfect Strangers News

  1. how we spent our bummer vacation
    The Genre of the Summer Is Resort Horror The premise of a luxury vacation gone wrong is an ideal match for the Hot Vaxxed Summer that wasn’t.
  2. tv review
    Nine Perfect Strangers Is Alluring But Empty The promise of a strong cast and an intriguing premise isn’t enough to compensate for this limited series’s lack of identity.
  3. trailer mix
    Nicole Kidman Serves Cult-Leader Realness in Nine Perfect Strangers Trailer Some sort of icy, vaguely Eastern European Goop witch.
  4. casting
    Perfect Person Manny Jacinto Added to Nine Perfect Strangers Series He joins Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy.
  5. streaming
    Nicole Kidman Is Bringing Nine Perfect Strangers to Hulu And Kate McKinnon’s The Dropout is officially happening.