O.J.: Made in America

  1. Episode 5 Part Five
    O.J.: Made in America Finale Recap: The Verdict Is In The O.J. trial didn’t strike a blow against racism. It changed nothing at all.
  2. Episode 4 Part Four
    O.J.: Made in America Recap: The Killing Filmmaker Ezra Edelman pauses to remind us that two people were murdered.
  3. Episode 3 Part Three
    O.J.: Made in America Recap: Making a Murderer First and foremost, Made in America is a great piece of journalism.
  4. Episode 2 Part Two
    O.J.: Made in America Recap: The Juice Patrol The “not guilty” verdict was a perversion of justice that can only be explained by other perversions of justice.
  5. Episode 1 Part One
    O.J.: Made in America Premiere Recap: The Run “Part One” follows O.J. Simpson’s path from the black housing projects of San Francisco to the white exclusivity of Robert Kardashian’s tennis court.

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