One Day At A Time

  1. Episode 13 Ghosts
    One Day at a Time Season Finale Recap: No Regrets A finale that’s all about finding fulfillment doesn’t skimp on the heady topics as it gives the series’ main characters their happy endings.
  2. Episode 12 Drinking and Driving
    One Day at a Time Recap: Day One A poignant, stellar episode finds Schneider hitting rock bottom once again — but this time with the support of a real family to guide him out.
  3. Episode 11 A Penny and a Nicole
    One Day at a Time Recap: Twin Peeps Penelope’s ex-husband Victor returns, and he’s got a new outlook — and a new fiancé.
  4. Episode 10 The Man
    One Day at a Time Recap: Family Is Everything The sudden appearance of Schneider’s deplorable father reveals the lengths a child will go to please an unloving parent.
  5. Episode 9 Anxiety
    One Day at a Time Recap: Trickle-Down Effect The series returns to the topic of Penelope’s mental health in an excellent episode that grapples with anxiety and hereditary.
  6. Episode 8 She Drives Me Crazy
    One Day at a Time Recap: Mami Dearest Lydia’s attempt to “fix” her daughter inspires Penelope to take a sledgehammer to the archaic parenting system of her past.
  7. Episode 7 The First Time
    One Day at a Time Recap: The Domino Effect A gem of an episode centered on Elena and Syd illustrates how far television’s portrayal of teen sex has come.
  8. Episode 6 One Valentine’s Day at a Time
    One Day at a Time Recap: Rich in Love Elena and her Syd-nificant Other are the joyful highlight of a Valentine’s episode that showcases all of the show’s current couplings.
  9. Episode 5 Nip It In The Bud
    One Day at a Time Recap: Weeding Out the Problem A nuanced, thoughtful take on recreational marijuana use neatly sidesteps Very Special Episode cliches.
  10. Episode 4 Hermanos
    One Day at a Time Recap: Oh, Brother The sudden appearance of Penelope’s brother showcases the negative effects of Lydia’s smothering on her family.
  11. Episode 3 Benefit With Friends
    One Day at a Time Recap: Heels Over Head A housekeeping episode catches us up on the state of Lydia’s health and Penelope’s love life.
  12. Episode 2 Outside
    One Day at a Time Recap: Pay Attention, Boys The always-timely series makes its #MeToo moment count by structuring it as a teachable moment for Alex Alvarez.
  13. Episode 1 The Funeral
    One Day at a Time Season Premiere Recap: Familia Para Siempre The guest-star triumvirate of Gloria Estefan and Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero and Stephanie Beatriz kicks off season 3 in style.

The Latest One Day At A Time News

  1. revive time
    Don’t Start Mourning One Day at a Time Just Yet There’s “hope” the show will be saved, says the co-creator.
  2. representation
    Why Are Latinx Stories Still So Rare on TV? The showrunners of One Day at a Time and Vida talk Hollywood, Latinx representation, and the “alchemy” of seeing yourself on TV.
  3. the industry
    CBS All Access Wants to Save One Day at a Time. Will Netflix Let It? Pop and the CW have also expressed an interest in keeping the critically beloved sitcom alive.
  4. hail mary
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Getting Hyped to Save One Day at a Time Surely there’s still some TV execs who haven’t seen Hamilton and need the hook-up.
  5. the internet
    Why Netflix’s One Day at a Time Cancellation Feels Like a Betrayal When a multi-billion-dollar media company tweets like your online friend, its business decisions are bound to feel personal.
  6. appreciations
    A Eulogy for the Dearly Departed One Day at a Time Even though Netflix canceled it, this sitcom mattered.
  7. cancellations
    Netflix Cancels One Day at a Time After 3 Seasons Sony Pictures TV will shop it to other networks.
  8. last night on late night
    You Won’t Believe What Rita Moreno Admits to Doing at the Kennedy Center Honors What’s it gonna take to get Netflix to renew the show?
  9. chat room
    ODAAT Star Isabella Gomez on Elena and Syd’s Groundbreaking ‘First Time’ “I just wanted to make sure that this was truthful to the experience of two 17-year-olds being awkward.”
  10. chat room
    ODAAT’s Todd Grinnell on How His Sobriety Inspired Schneider’s Big Episode “I’ve been sober for 17 years. At this point, those stories are from when I was a different person.”