Only Murders in the Building

  1. Episode 10 Open and Shut
    Only Murders in the Building Season-Finale Recap: We Are All Tim Kono The finale ties up enough loose ends to satisfy but holds on to some unfinished business to keep the story going.
  2. Episode 9 Double Time
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Romantic Fury The penultimate episode of the season smoothly builds up to Jan’s secret.
  3. Episode 8 Fan Fiction
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Outside the Box In “Fan Fiction,” pressure from Teddy and their fans make Oliver, Mabel, and Charles rush the most crucial episode yet.
  4. Episode 7 The Boy from 6B
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Shine On A truly inspiring episode answers nearly all the questions remaining about the night Zoe died.
  5. Episode 6 To Protect and Serve
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Forward, Not Back The most emotional and meta episode yet reveals just how connected Tim and Zoe’s deaths truly are.
  6. Episode 5 Twist
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: My Head Is Spinning With All These Lies It only took leaving New York City for Charles and Oliver to find out Mabel’s secret past.
  7. Episode 4 The Sting
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Embrace the Mess The past catches up to Charles and Mabel. And Sting.
  8. Episode 3 How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Make a Splash Martin Short is allowed to do the absolute most in Oliver’s breakout episode.
  9. Episode 2 Who Is Tim Kono?
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Every Person Is a Mystery In true-crime fashion, the past never stays solely in the past. And who knew uncovering the past could be so much fun?
  10. Episode 1 True Crime
    Only Murders in the Building Season-Premiere Recap: What Is It About You? Steven Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez bring plenty of charm in Hulu’s new true-crime comedy.
  1. Episode 8 Hello Darkness
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: What Turns Up in the Dark A citywide blackout sends the Arconia into darkness while OMITB threatens to lose the plot.
  2. Episode 7 Flipping the Pieces
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Unlikely Allies Mabel and Theo spend the day at Coney Island and realize just how far their parents will go to protect them.
  3. Episode 6 Performance Review
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: A (Glitter) Bombshell Murder mystery parties and TV reboots aside, the trio’s lives are on the line.
  4. Episode 5 The Tell
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Oliver, Twist Only Murders tries a little too hard to recapture the magic of season one in an uncharacteristically blunt episode.
  5. Episode 4 Here’s Looking at You …
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Charles in Charge We’re learning so much about Charles.
  6. Episode 3 The Last Day Of Bunny Folger
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Baby-Bumpy Betrayal In order to solve a murder mystery, you have to get to know the victim — that’s amateur sleuthing 101.
  7. Episode 2 Framed
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Affairs to Remember The core trio is as dynamite as ever, but the new additions are more of a mixed bag.
  8. Episode 1 Persons of Interest
    Only Murders in the Building Season-Premiere Recap: A Whole New Direction The Only Murders crew will have to clear their names if they want to reap the rewards of renewed relevance and newfound notoriety.

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