1. Episode 10 This Little Light
    Outcast Season Finale Recap: Who Do You Love? It’s tough to trust a show that keeps stringing its audience along.
  2. Episode 9 Close to Home
    Outcast Recap: Devil’s Advocate Watching Outcast is like riding the world’s most underwhelming roller coaster.
  3. Episode 8 What Lurks Within
    Outcast Recap: Sympathy for the Devil “What Lurks Within” is a deceptively slow episode.
  4. Episode 7 The Damage Done
    Outcast Recap: Satanic Panic After a few bumpy episodes, “The Damage Done” shows new signs of promise.
  5. Episode 6 From the Shadows It Watches
    Outcast Recap: Who Still Uses VHS Tapes? “From the Shadows It Watches” is a major tumble backward.
  6. Episode 5 The Road Before Us
    Outcast Recap: A Cesspool of Pride “The Road Before Us” is about what people do when their best is not enough.
  7. Episode 4 A Wrath Unseen
    Outcast Recap: Keeping the Romance Alive “A Wrath Unseen” is Outcast’s best episode yet.
  8. Episode 3 All Alone Now
    Outcast Recap: God Is Messing With Us The weakest installment of an otherwise promising new series.
  9. Episode 2 (I Remember) When She Loved Me
    Outcast Recap: The Banality of Evil It’s tough to take this show’s heavy-handed psychologizing seriously.
  10. Episode 1 A Darkness Surrounds Him
    Outcast Series Premiere Recap: Kicking and Screaming This show feels like Robert Kirkman’s comic, for better and worse.

The Latest TV News

  1. feud: kardashians
    Kim Kardashian Will Practice Law (on a Ryan Murphy Show) As a divorce attorney in a procedural.
  2. 2023 kennedy center honors
    The Sweetness and Bittersweetness of the 2023 Kennedy Center Honors Queen Latifah, Billy Crystal, Barry Gibb, Dionne Warwick, and Renée Fleming received their due in an often personal and poignant ceremony.
  3. chat room
    Drag Race UK’s Ginger Johnson Didn’t Sneak Up on Anyone “I’m not trying to start fights with people. I was just trying to get into drag and try not to look too busted.”
  4. 25 days of reality
    Tom Hanks’s Niece Doesn’t Regret Her Claim to Fame Calamity “Once I calmed down, everything was fine.”
  5. trailer mix
    Jodie Foster Isn’t New to This; She’s True Detective Night Country premieres January 14, 2024.
  6. best of 2023
    All About the Algorithm TV in 2023 explicitly and subliminally cast doubt on the sparkling future of streaming television.
  7. best of 2023
    The Best TV Shows of 2023 Shows may come and shows may go, but great TV will never leave us.
  8. cancel culture
    If You’re Reading This, Your Favorite Show Is Canceled Josh Gad announced on Threads that Central Park had ended.
  9. unbreak my heart
    Supernatural’s Mark Sheppard Recovering From ‘Six Massive Heart Attacks’ His co-stars from ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Doom Patrol,’ and more wished him well on Instagram.
  10. trailer mix
    Every TV, Movie Trailer Announced at CCXP Release the (House of the) Dragon (trailer)!