1. Episode 16 To Ransom a Man’s Soul
    Outlander Recap: Scottish History X Outlander’s finale puts the recent brouhaha over Sansa Stark and Ramsey Bolton’s wedding night to shame.
  2. Episode 15 Wentworth Prison
    Outlander Recap: Have Fun Storming the Castle! Out of the frying pan and into the Pit of Despair.
  3. Episode 14 The Search
    Outlander Recap: Claire and Jenny Become Thelma and Louise Someone please GIF the hell out of Jenny milking herself like a boss among the ferns.
  4. Episode 13 The Watch
    Outlander Recap: My Cousin Jamie The unwashed rabble have the temerity to mock Jenny’s labor pains — these are the forefathers of #GamerGate, one imagines.
  5. Episode 12 Lallybroch
    Outlander Recap: Throwback Thursday at Lallybroch In which we see a penis (not Jamie’s).
  6. Episode 11 The Devil’s Mark
    Outlander Recap: The Witch of Blackbird Loch Did Claire time-travel only to get burned at the stake?
  7. Episode 10 By the Pricking of My Thumbs
    Outlander Recap: Frenemies A witch, a duke, and a dead baby walk into a bar …
  8. Episode 9 The Reckoning
    Outlander Recap: Fifty Shades of Plaid This is Outlander, aka Game of Thrones for librarians.
  9. Episode 8 Both Sides Now
    Outlander Mid-Season Finale: Both Sides Now Black Jack rears his sadistic head again.
  10. Episode 7 The Wedding
  11. Episode 6 The Garrison Commander
    Outlander Recap: Cold, Hard Lash Extreme brutality followed by possible bliss.
  12. Episode 5 Rent
    Outlander Recap — I’m Going There: The Rent Is Too Damn High A trip to collect taxes proves … taxing.
  13. Episode 4 The Gathering
  14. Episode 3 The Way Out
    Outlander Recap: The One Where Claire Is Too Good for Her Own Good Claire is given the Ice Bucket Challenge by Mrs. Fitz.
  15. Episode 2 Castle Leoch
    Outlander Recap: The Feminist Struggle Stays So Damn Real Jamie takes his shirt off and a bunch of other stuff happens.
  16. Episode 1 Sassenach
    Outlander Series Premiere Recap: A Thoroughly Modern Woman Welcome to 18th-century Scotland — and our Outlander recap.
  1. Episode 13 Dragonfly in Amber
    Outlander Season Finale Recap: Back to the Future In 1745, it’s time for the long-awaited Battle of Culloden. In 1968, it’s time to meet Brianna and Roger.
  2. Episode 12 The Hail Mary
    Outlander Recap: Brotherhood Can Claire and Jamie do anything to avert the looming disaster? Not bloody likely.
  3. Episode 11 Vengeance Is Mine
    Outlander Recap: Sweet Revenge Claire proves her mettle as a warrior queen.
  4. Episode 10 Prestonpans
    Outlander Recap: The Flavor of Victory “War tastes bitter, no matter the outcome.”
  5. Episode 9 Je Suis Prest
    Outlander Recap: Ready or Not Like Hamlet says, the readiness is all. And Jamie knows it.
  6. Episode 8 The Fox’s Lair
    Outlander Recap: The Old Fox Fear of La Dame Blanche extends to both sides of the English Channel.
  7. Episode 7 Faith
    Outlander Recap: Keeping Faith In light of another tragic loss, Claire must free Jamie from the Bastille.
  8. Episode 6 Best Laid Schemes…
    Outlander Recap: The Duel Everything is legal in the Bois de Boulogne.
  9. Episode 5 Untimely Resurrections
    Outlander Recap: The Meddler Can Claire convince Jamie to spare the life of his nemesis?
  10. Episode 4 La Dame Blanche
    Outlander Recap: The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover Sorry, Claire: No dinner party is complete without a fistfight.
  11. Episode 3 Useful Occupations and Deceptions
    Outlander Recap: French Letters The cardinal risk of mixing sex with time travel: What if your current lover erases your future lover from existence?
  12. Episode 2 Not In Scotland Anymore
    Outlander Recap: The Queen of Versailles Claire and Jamie play the long game against France’s overdressed, oversexed aristocrats.
  13. Episode 1 Through a Glass, Darkly
    Outlander Season Premiere Recap: The Time Traveler’s Husband(s) Everyone’s favorite bigamist is back! And she’s having a very bad day.
  1. Episode 13 Eye of the Storm
    Outlander Season-Finale Recap: The Tempest Even for Outlander, this finale is a lot.
  2. Episode 12 The Bakra
    Outlander Recap: Never Look Bakra It’s frigging Geillis! Remember her?
  3. Episode 11 Uncharted
    Outlander Recap: (Eventually) Reunited and It Feels So Good This season has been irritatingly low on upbeat sexy hijinks.
  4. Episode 10 Heaven and Earth
    Outlander Recap: The Hot Zone Great job teaching germ theory to 18th-century sailors, Claire.
  5. Episode 9 The Doldrums
    Outlander Recap: The Sloop Jamie F. Jamie and Claire seem rather chill about embarking for the West Indies.
  6. Episode 8 First Wife
    Outlander Recap: The First Wives Club As much as I’m loving Claire’s return to Jamie, this whole secret-wife nonsense is a bit much.
  7. Episode 7 Creme De Menthe
    Outlander Recap: A Hole in the Head After Claire and Jamie’s reunion, even a smuggling-heavy episode is okay.
  8. Episode 6 A. Malcolm
    Outlander Recap: You’re the One That I Want Starz has richly provided us that which we needed most.
  9. Episode 5 Freedom & Whisky
    Outlander Recap: The Door of the Past I need the reunion, and I need it now.
  10. Episode 4 Of Lost Things
    Outlander Recap: Indecent Proposal Even Father Time can’t mar Jamie’s beauty.
  11. Episode 3 All Debts Paid
    Outlander Recap: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Randall? Caitriona Balfe’s best work of the season.
  12. Episode 2 Surrender
    Outlander Recap: The Fugitive Forced into hiding, Jamie has gone full Grizzly Adams.
  13. Episode 1 The Battle Joined
    Outlander Season Premiere Recap: War Is Hell Welcome back to Outlander, an epic romance about high-quality knitwear and incredible sex.
  1. Episode 13 Man of Worth
    Outlander Season Finale Recap: Frasers to the Rescue Reunions, farewells, forehead-touching, and one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the entire series — this finale was worth the wait.
  2. Episode 12 Providence
    Outlander Recap: The Idiot Hut As if this episode wasn’t already tough to watch, there’s even less Jamie and Claire than there was last week.
  3. Episode 11 If Not For Hope
    Outlander Recap: Put a Ring on It Bree’s time as a contestant on The Bachelorette: Colonial Edition takes center stage, but Claire and Jamie get the best scene of this episode.
  4. Episode 10 The Deep Heart’s Core
    Outlander Recap: To Tell the Truth This Fraser family reunion has taken a real turn.
  5. Episode 9 The Birds & the Bees
    Outlander Recap: Family Matters Can this show just be Brianna and Jamie eating fresh honey and bonding forever?
  6. Episode 8 Wilmington
    Outlander Recap: Operating Theater Prepare yourself for some emotional whiplash.
  7. Episode 7 Down The Rabbit Hole
    Outlander Recap: Sightseeing in 18th-Century Scotland Brianna and Roger arrive separately in the past, and would you believe things don’t go smoothly for them?
  8. Episode 6 Blood of My Blood
    Outlander Recap: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner An old friend pops in at Fraser’s Ridge for some fever-induced character development.
  9. Episode 5 Savages
    Outlander Recap: Staycation From Hell A long-awaited reunion is the silver lining amid some very dark clouds that are forming around the Frasers.
  10. Episode 4 Common Ground
    Outlander Recap: Hello, My Name Is Bear Killer As Claire and Jamie settle into their picturesque new life, the development of Fraser’s Ridge is complicated by some issues with the neighbors.
  11. Episode 3 The False Bride
    Outlander Recap: Taking the New World by Storm Brianna and Roger circa 1970 return to rain on the gloriousness that is Jamie and Claire holding each other and looking at nature.
  12. Episode 2 Do No Harm
    Outlander Recap: The Spark to Light the Fuse Jaime and Claire’s arrival at River Run puts them face-to-face with the horrors of slavery — and in a no-win situation.
  13. Episode 1 America the Beautiful
    Outlander Season Premiere Recap: Rubies Red as Blood I am emotionally compromised, and we have barely even started.
  1. Episode 12 Never My Love
    Outlander Season-Finale Recap: A Safe Place To simply say this finale is brutal would be an understatement.
  2. Episode 11 Journeycake
    Outlander Recap: Through the Stones Somehow, Claire and Jamie’s extremely hot window sex is maybe the least important moment in this jam-packed episode.
  3. Episode 10 Mercy Shall Follow Me
    Outlander Recap: Creatures of Habit Just when you thought Stephen Bonnet couldn’t get any more monstrous, it turns out he’s now into some light human trafficking.
  4. Episode 9 Monsters and Heroes
    Outlander Recap: Where the Buffalo Roam Even when the Frasers stick close to home, danger and drama manage to find them.
  5. Episode 8 Famous Last Words
    Outlander Recap: Don’t Speak It’s been three months since the tragedies that befell the Frasers at the Battle of Alamance, and no one is doing well.
  6. Episode 7 The Ballad of Roger Mac
    Outlander Recap: The Godfather We haven’t had an installment of Outlander this tragic in quite some time. This one’s going to leave a mark.
  7. Episode 6 Better to Marry Than Burn
    Outlander Recap: The Last Wedding Guest Only on this show could a literal plague of locusts be the least intense storyline of an episode.
  8. Episode 5 Perpetual Adoration
    Outlander Recap: Desperate Times Well, that’s not how I imagined this stop in Hillsborough to go down.
  9. Episode 4 The Company We Keep
    Outlander Recap: In the Name of Love Maybe Jamie and Roger do have one thing in common after all.
  10. Episode 3 Free Will
    Outlander Recap: House of Horrors A very strange episode takes an excursion to the Beardsley household for what can only be described as Outlander Makes a Horror Movie.
  11. Episode 2 Between Two Fires
    Outlander Recap: The Doctor Is In Doctor Fraser is on a mission to bring preventative medicine and homemade penicillin to the backcountry, time, space, and history be damned.
  12. Episode 1 The Fiery Cross
    Outlander Season Premiere Recap: Take a Vow Jamie, and his relationship with Murtagh, is about to be put through the wringer. But first: a wedding night sex montage!
  1. Episode 8 I Am Not Alone
    Outlander Season-Finale Recap: A Litany of Near-Death Experiences There is no way that Jamie is going to let Claire down, right? Right???
  2. Episode 7 Sticks and Stones
    Outlander Recap: Throuple Trouble There are so many mysteries all around Fraser’s Ridge.
  3. Episode 6 The World Turned Upside Down
    Outlander Recap: Fever Dreams Someone needs to take the ether away from Claire.
  4. Episode 5 Give Me Liberty
    Outlander Recap: A House Divided Jamie Fraser is a rebel now, and there’s no turning back.
  5. Episode 4 Hour of the Wolf
    Outlander Recap: Wolf’s Brother Jamie guides Ian through a traumatizing time and learns what the Trail of Tears is. Big week for the big guy!
  6. Episode 3 Temperance
    Outlander Recap: The Boy From Paris Fergus is going through it!
  7. Episode 2 Allegiance
    Outlander Recap: A Blessing and a Curse Wow, big surprise that the settlers are not respecting the treaty lines with the Cherokee.
  8. Episode 1 Echoes
    Outlander Season-Premiere Recap: Who’s the Boss? After almost two years wandering in the desert that is droughtlander, the season-premiere isn’t the lighthearted re-entry we hoped it might be.
  1. Episode 8 Turning Points
    Outlander Recap: Stupid Hero Complex We need more Claire and Jamie angsting about life and less Benedict Arnold. Ideally, this is a show about hot Scottish people having sex.
  2. Episode 7 A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers
    Outlander Recap: Reality Bites Time travel becomes a major buzzkill when you’re aware a whole lot of people are going to die.
  3. Episode 6 Where the Waters Meet
    Outlander Recap: Catch and Release Claire is going through a lot right now, all right? Let her have her brandy in peace!
  4. Episode 5 Singapore
    Outlander Recap: Seeing Is Believing Why won’t the Men in Charge listen to Jamie????
  5. Episode 4 A Most Uncomfortable Woman
    Outlander Recap: The War Detour Tom Christie serves his only purpose: making Claire and Jamie all horny over a bit of jealousy.
  6. Episode 3 Death Be Not Proud
    Outlander Recap: Dreams About Landlines We’re getting vows of revenge, tearful good-byes, visiting the 1980s, and, yep, making plans for a return to Scotland.
  7. Episode 2 The Happiest Place on Earth
    Outlander Recap: Chekhov’s Ether A packed episode kicks off with a bombshell, ends with an explosion, and in between delivers one of the most moving scenes of this whole series.
  8. Episode 1 A Life Well Lost
    Outlander Season-Premiere Recap: Who’s the Boss? Will Jamie ever tell Claire what he did in her honor? He has to, right??

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