Money laundering is a dirty business.

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Marty and Wendy Byrde and their two kids seem like a normal, upper-middle class family. But, it turns out they’re actually not so normal, and when Marty’s involvement in laundering money for a Mexican drug cartel goes south, the whole family relocates to Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks where they get more and more involved in a life of crime.

Ozark stars Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner. Over the course of the Netflix’s series four seasons, the crime drama was nominated for dozens of Emmys and received popular and critical acclaim.

  1. Episode 10 The Toll
    Ozark Season-Finale Recap: Life Is All About Choice A slow-burning season finally arrives at its propulsive finale, and the Byrdes are all out of exit plans.
  2. Episode 9 Coffee, Black
    Ozark Recap: Panic Mode Things heat up as the laundering deadline runs out.
  3. Episode 8 Kaleidoscope
    Ozark Recap: The Day the Music Died Ozark looks back to 2007 to reveal how Marty and Wendy ended up in the laundering game.
  4. Episode 7 Nest Box
    Ozark Recap: Invasive Species This is what a crisis of faith looks like on Ozark.
  5. Episode 6 Book of Ruth
    Ozark Recap: Finding That Spark Again Ruth makes her move on Marty.
  6. Episode 5 Ruling Days
    Ozark Recap: True Faith A turf war between the Byrdes and Snells is under way.
  7. Episode 4 Tonight We Improvise
    Ozark Recap: Money Laundering 101 It turns out Marty isn’t the first person to realize the Ozarks is a great place to launder money.
  8. Episode 3 My Dripping Sleep
    Ozark Recap: Still the Same Get some sleep, Marty.
  9. Episode 2 Blue Cat
    Ozark Recap: Family Business Meet Ruth and the Langmores.
  10. Episode 1 Sugarwood
    Ozark Series-Premiere Recap: Washed Money Marty puts his quick thinking into action when he finds himself in an impossible situation.
  1. Episode 10 The Gold Coast
    Ozark Recap: Everything is Broken Season two ends with a revelation about how far Wendy will go to get what she wants.
  2. Episode 9 The Badger
    Ozark Recap: Nothing Personal Rifts deepen in the marriages of the Byrdes and the Snells in season two’s eventful penultimate episode.
  3. Episode 8 The Big Sleep
    Ozark Recap: Be Best Marty plays tough to get Rachel out of a jam and the season’s body count appears to get even higher.
  4. Episode 7 One Way Out
    Ozark Recap: The Righteous Path Death continues to trail the Byrdes in an episode that shines the spotlight on Laura Linney and Michael Mosley.
  5. Episode 6 Outer Darkness
    Ozark Recap: Them Bones In the aftermath of a major loss, Marty and Rachel bond and share secrets.
  6. Episode 5 Game Day
    Ozark Recap: Acceptable Risk The Byrdes and Langmores find themselves caught between the FBI and the Mexican cartel in an especially tense episode.
  7. Episode 4 Stag
    Ozark Recap: Blood Money After a couple of leisurely episodes the season bounces back with a tense hour that leaves Marty with more enemies than ever.
  8. Episode 3 Once a Langmore…
    Ozark Recap: Not Everything Is Negotiable Some misunderstandings lead to trouble as the Byrdes try a combination of persuasion and force.
  9. Episode 2 The Precious Blood of Jesus
    Ozark Recap: Waitin’ Around to Die The Byrdes continue on the long road to building a casino as Ruth plays the long game against her abusive father.
  10. Episode 1 Reparations
    Ozark Recap: Building Normal The series returns with a premiere that introduces new players and new complications.
  1. Episode 10 All In
    Ozark Season-Finale Recap: Adapt or Die The only way for the Byrdes to survive this is to make themselves too important to hurt.
  2. Episode 9 Fire Pink
    Ozark Recap: Of Mice and Men The series’ saddest episode ever is also one of its best.
  3. Episode 8 BFF
    Ozark Recap: Law-Abiding Citizens Everyone seems to be getting exhausted with one another, and it’s going to lead to the death of someone. Probably more than one someone.
  4. Episode 7 In Case of Emergency
    Ozark Recap: Cooler Heads Could this be the moment that causes Ruth Langmore to question exactly where she stands in the hierarchy of the Byrde empire?
  5. Episode 6 Su Casa Es Mi Casa
    Ozark Recap: Family Game Night Nothing brings a couple together like fear. And board games.
  6. Episode 5 It Came From Michoacán
    Ozark Recap: A Very Responsible Citizen At least the old Marty was predictable. This one could be dangerous.
  7. Episode 4 Boss Fight
    Ozark Recap: What Do You Want? Everyone in the Ozarks has to cover for Marty as he goes through life-changing trauma south of the border.
  8. Episode 3 Kevin Cronin Was Here
    Ozark Recap: Time For Me to Fly A great, tense, and improbably funny episode ends with one of the best scenes in the history of Ozark.
  9. Episode 2 Civil Union
    Ozark Recap: All Apologies How is Wendy Byrde going to intimidate her way out of this one?
  10. Episode 1 Wartime
    Ozark Recap: A Path Forward An excellent opener sets up ongoing tension between safety and progress in the Byrde empire, and introduces a wild card to complicate it further.
  1. Episode 14 A Hard Way to Go
    Ozark Series-Finale Recap: Ghosts The Byrdes’ knew laundering money for the cartel would come with a price. In the finale, the final bill is due.
  2. Episode 13 Mud
    Ozark Recap: Right Is Right With one more episode to go, Wendy goes completely off the rails to secure the power she’s worked the entire series to acquire.
  3. Episode 12 Trouble The Water
    Ozark Recap: Right Down the Line Wendy is capable of playing FBI agents, cartel bosses, and powerful politicians, but she’s no match for her dad?
  4. Episode 11 Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin’
    Ozark Recap: Do Not Pas Go Marty is finally starting to unravel.
  5. Episode 10 You’re the Boss
    Ozark Recap: This Is a Dream Marty gets his hands dirty playing at cartel boss.
  6. Episode 9 Pick a God and Pray
    Ozark Recap: Mankind’s Problems The Byrdes scramble to pick up the pieces.
  7. Episode 8 The Cousin of Death
    Ozark Midseason-Premiere Recap: If I Ruled the World Ruth is done being pushed around.
  8. Episode 7 Sanctified
    Ozark Midseason-Finale Recap: The Long Goodbye An explosive midseason finale massively shifts the power structures and puts everyone in danger.
  9. Episode 6 Sangre Sobre Todo
    Ozark Recap: Thin Blood Several familial betrayals thrust us into the midseason finale.
  10. Episode 5 Ellie
    Ozark Recap: Big Fish in a Small Pond Wendy descends into Heisenberg territory.
  11. Episode 4 Ace Deuce
    Ozark Recap: Spinning Plates Ruth gets into serious trouble.
  12. Episode 3 City on the Make
    Ozark Recap: The Art of the Deal “To your business being my business and mine being yours.”
  13. Episode 2 Let the Great World Spin
    Ozark Recap: Rising Waters The Byrdes are wheeling and dealing, per usual.
  14. Episode 1 The Beginning of the End
    Ozark Season-Premiere Recap: When a Stranger Calls As friends become enemies and a new big bad emerges, is this the Byrdes’ downfall?

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