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“Set five months after the first season finale, P-Valley picks up again as COVID-19 has frozen Chucalissa, Mississippi, in lockdown. The town’s economy was already struggling, but the pandemic made things worse. New Pynk owner Hailey (Elarica Johnson) and predecessor Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) are trying to keep the dancers afloat, but without any federal assistance, they’re burning through the $250,000 Hailey paid for the club. Mercedes, suffering from a recurring injury and shocked that her mother Patrice’s (Harriett D. Foy) new church is so popular, begins to worry about her own future … Still lurking is the threat of the Promised Land Casino and Resort, whose representative, Andre (Parker Sawyers), is not quite ready to leave Chucalissa behind.” — Roxana Hadadi “P-Valley Season Two Spins Out

  1. Episode 10 Sink or Swim
    P-Valley Season-Finale Recap: Sink or Swim After another whirlwind of a season, P-Valley leaves us on the edge of our seats.
  2. Episode 9 Snow
    P-Valley Recap: Welcome to the Stage Ms. Tina Snow Megan’s Tina Snow fits right in at the Pynk as her character takes the stage with Lil Murda during the re-re-re-opening of the club.
  3. Episode 8 The Death Drop
    P-Valley Recap: Back to Black P-Valley explores the duality of human nature.
  4. Episode 7 Jackson
    P-Valley Recap: Haints and Unsung Melodies Terricka’s pregnancy in this week’s episode makes this season feel all the more prescient.
  5. Episode 6 Savage
    P-Valley Recap: Devil in a Red Dress Keyshawn, Murda, and Teak adjust to their new realities.
  6. Episode 5 White Knights
    P-Valley Recap: A Cinderella Story Keyshawn’s fairy tale includes a nefarious stepmother, competitive step sisters, and a star-crossed love interest.
  7. Episode 4 Demethrius
    P-Valley Recap: The Real Househoes of Chucalissa The Pynk is an absolute mess and the future of the club is in question.
  8. Episode 3 The Dirty Dozen
    P-Valley Recap: Champagne Campaign Some interesting arrangements are going down in the valley.
  9. Episode 2 Seven Pounds of Pressure
    P-Valley Recap: Root Work  P-Valley gets a supernatural and Southern Gothic makeover.
  10. Episode 1 Pussyland
    P-Valley Season-Premiere Recap: Welcome Back to Pussy Valley The Pynk is finally back, but the pandemic has had a major impact on the establishment.

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  1. into it
    What TV and Movies Can Tell Us About Abortion — and What They Can’t“A Parks and Rec–style abortion-clinic comedy. That’s what I want to watch.”
  2. coming soon
    Starz Wants P-Valley to Throw It Back for Another SeasonThe show is Starz’s current biggest hit.
  3. chat room
    Shannon Thornton Is Still Reeling From Keyshawn’s P-Valley Cliffhanger“It was really difficult to go home and not take her with me.”
  4. the pynk
    Tina Snow Drives the Boat All the Way to P-ValleyMegan Thee Stallion’s alter ego makes a guest appearance on the hit Starz drama.
  5. chat room
    P-Valley’s J. Alphonse Nicholson on Showing Lil Murda’s Tender Side“It was very selfless to comfort his friend, his ex-lover, his once-companion. I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything on TV like that before.”
  6. real hot girl sh*t
    Megan Thee Stallion Joins the Starz on P-Valley Season 2 As Tina SnowShe also wrote and recorded a new song for the show.
  7. tv review
    P-Valley Season Two Spins OutKatori Hall’s Starz drama loses the consistency and cohesion that drove its first season.
  8. summer preview
    What Summer TV Experience Are You Looking for?Return to the ’80s, fly alongside a dragon, or travel to the cosmos — your couch plans are set with summer’s new and returning series.
  9. close reads
    P-Valley Reclaimed TV Strip-Club Drama for the DancersThe pole-dancing workplace drama is a rebuttal to the Bada Bings of the TV world, but it’s also so much more than that.
  10. close reads
    P-Valley Shows Stripping For What It Is: LaborAmid the glitz and glamor of The Pynk, we’re reminded again and again that strippers are workers, and they have worker concerns.
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