1. Episode 8 Chapter Eight
    Pachinko Season-Finale Recap: Surviving Survival can be a radical act, and Pachinko’s finale is a beautiful reminder that this is a story of survival.
  2. Episode 7 Chapter Seven
    Pachinko Recap: The 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake Pachinko’s dedicating an episode to Koh Hansu and the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake proves adaptations can be fully realized creations on their own.
  3. Episode 6 Chapter Six
    Pachinko Recap: A Split Life Solomon and Hana finally reconnect.
  4. Episode 5 Chapter Five
    Pachinko Recap: Leap Into the Future Young Sunja struggles to adapt to life in Japan, but bonds with her new sister-in-law, Kyunghee.
  5. Episode 4 Chapter Four
    Pachinko Recap: In Between Days Young Sunja loses her mother and motherland.
  6. Episode 3 Chapter Three
    Pachinko Recap: She’s Earned Those Tears While Sunja in Japanese-occupied Korea struggles with the sudden imposition of new life, 1989 Sunja is presented with the sudden imposition of death.
  7. Episode 2 Chapter Two
    Pachinko Recap: Fighting for Home As Koh Hansu and Sunja’s romance blossoms, Solomon hears from a long-lost love.
  8. Episode 1 Chapter One
    Pachinko Series-Premiere Recap: Like Grandmother, Like Grandson Meet Sunja, our heroine, as she survives growing up in Japanese-occupied Korea and a family curse.

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