Pam and Tommy

  1. Episode 8 Seattle
    Pam & Tommy Series-Finale Recap: The Redemption Will Be Televised The finale proved that Pam & Tommy was a show with so much to talk about and ultimately little to say.
  2. Episode 7 Destroyer of Worlds
    Pam & Tommy Recap: The Verdict Is In The penultimate episode shows hints at what this series could have been if it dropped its preoccupation with ’90s machismo and focused on Pam instead.
  3. Episode 6 Pamela In Wonderland
    Pam & Tommy Recap: Badgering the Witness An episode full of backstory never manages to answer even the most basic questions about who Pam is beyond her exploitation.
  4. Episode 5 Uncle Jim and Aunt Susie in Duluth
    Pam & Tommy Recap: Bad News Travels Tommy’s attempts to “help” only make matters worse.
  5. Episode 4 The Master Beta
    Pam & Tommy Recap: Primal Scream Pam and Tommy’s tape and privacy belong to the world now.
  6. Episode 3 Jane Fonda
    Pam & Tommy Recap: The Stories We Tell Pam is living her own personal fairy tale, but it’s on a collision course with Rand’s rags-to-riches redemption arc.
  7. Episode 2 I Love You, Tommy
    Pam & Tommy Recap: Bad Boys for Life It’s 1995, and Pamela is swearing off bad boys when Tommy Lee walks up …
  8. Episode 1 Drilling and Pounding
    Pam & Tommy Series-Premiere Recap: Karma Was a Carpenter Carpenter Rand Gauthier (Seth Rogen) plans a heist that will forever change the lives of Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan).

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