Parks and Recreation

  1. Are You Better Off?
    Episode 22 Are You Better Off?
  2. Jerry’s Retirement
    Episode 20 Jerry’s Retirement
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Retire in Peace Jerry has been talking about his retirement for about two years, but nobody noticed.
  3. Swing Vote
    Episode 20 Swing Vote
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Rage-Sweat/Rage-Glow Who won last night’s round of Policy Putt-Putt?
  4. Article Two
    Episode 19 Article Two
    Parks and Recreation Recap: The One With the Star Wars Filibuster Let’s take a second to cherish that vision of Leslie in old-timey clothes.
  5. Animal Control
    Episode 18 Animal Control
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Epic and Private Finding out that Ron Swanson can be felled by illness is like finding out there are people on Earth who are taller than your dad.
  6. Partridge
    Episode 17 Partridge
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Welcome Back, Ice Clown! There’s only one thing Ron Swanson hates more than lying, and that’s skim milk.
  7. Bailout
    Episode 16 Bailout
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Mona Lisa and Porn Shops In which Ann, April, and Donna sing a Cyndi Lauper song.
  8. Leslie and Ben/Correspondents Lunch
    Episodes 14 and 15 Leslie and Ben/Correspondents Lunch
    Parks and Recreation Recap: I Love You and I Like You Ben and Leslie got married, and it was the best.
  9. Emergency Response
    Episode 13 Emergency Response
    Parks and Recreation Recap: You Just Got Jammed “Any dog under 50 pounds is a cat, and cats are pointless.”
  10. Ann’s Direction
    Episode 12 Ann’s Direction
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Baby Talk and Mini Calzones Ann finally got a big, main story line all to herself!
  11. Women in Garbage
    Episode 11 Women in Garbage
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Getting Trashed Pawnee has a ways to go where the rights and representation of women are concerned.
  12. Two Parties
    Episode 10 Two Parties
  13. Ron and Diane
    Episode 9 Ron and Diane
  14. Pawnee Commons
    Episode 8 Pawnee Commons
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Pawnee vs. Eagleton People from Eagleton call their boogers Pawnee caviar.
  15. Leslie vs. April
    Episode 7 Leslie vs. April
    Parks and Recreation Recap: The One with Joe Biden Ben surprises Leslie with the greatest engagement gift of all time.
  16. Ben’s Parents
    Episode 6 Ben’s Parents
    Parks and Recreation Recap: The Parent Trap In which we meet Ben’s mother and father.
  17. Halloween Surprise
    Episode 5 Halloween Surprise
  18. Sex Education
    Episode 4 Sex Education
    Parks and Recreation Recap: I Wanna (Safe) Sex You Up #Unbreakable #WhatsMrGlassuptothesedays? #whynosequel?
  19. How a Bill Becomes a Law
    Episode 3 How a Bill Becomes a Law
  20. Soda Tax
    Episode 2 Soda Tax
  21. Ms. Knope Goes To Washington
    Episode 1 Ms. Knope Goes To Washington
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Twinkle Twinkle Big Star Citizens of Pawnee, we are back, and Leslie and Andy are in the nation’s capitol.
  1. Moving Up, Parts 1 and 2
    Episodes 21 and 22 Moving Up, Parts 1 and 2
    Parks and Recreation Season-6 Finale Recap: The Hardest Climb Let’s start at the end: What a stellar last few minutes.
  2. 1 in 8,000
    Episode 19 1 in 8,000
    Parks and Recreation Recap: More Than One Surprise Even when it comes to babies, Leslie is super productive.
  3. Flu Season 2
    Episode 18 Flu Season 2
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Some Good News “I don’t drink alcohol from that portion of the color spectrum.”
  4. Prom
    Episode 17 Prom
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Confetti Explosions The Parks Department has a prom to organize.
  5. Galentine’s Day
    Episode 17 Galentine’s Day
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts “Listen to me: I have not been taken. This is not a Liam Neeson situation.”
  6. New Slogan
    Episode 16 New Slogan
    Parks and Recreation Recap: When You’re Here, Then You’re Home “Martha, I’m going to need two hours’ worth of waffles.”
  7. The Wall
    Episode 15 The Wall
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Tear Down This Wall “My son is several weeks old. He is familiar with the sound of power tools.”
  8. Anniversaries
    Episode 14 Anniversaries
  9. Ann and Chris
    Episode 13 Ann and Chris
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Best Friends, Literally An emotional send-off for Ann and Chris.
  10. Farmers’ Market
    Episode 12 Farmers’ Market
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Get a Chard-On Who knew chard could be so raunchy?
  11. New Beginnings
    Episode 11 New Beginnings
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Behold Your Spirit Kangaroo Naturally, Leslie insists on interviewing for her old job.
  12. Second Chunce
    Episode 10 Second Chunce
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Power Is Pizza Much like its title, “Second Chunce” was a little off.
  13. Cones of Dunshire
    Episode 9 Cones of Dunshire
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Kick Out the Jamm We get it: He’s the worst. The best? Ron’s cabin.
  14. Fluoride
    Episode 8 Fluoride
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Chemical Reaction A fight with Jamm, a last-minute Leslie solution, a Ron/Chris contest … things are starting to feel very familiar.
  15. Recall Vote
    Episode 7 Recall Vote
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Out of Office That one was sort of heartbreaking.
  16. Filibuster
    Episode 6 Filibuster
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Warriors of Democracy It was basically nineties night on Parks and Rec.
  17. Gin It Up!
    Episode 5 Gin It Up!
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Ds Without Bs Tom Haverford falls for the star of Orphan Black.
  18. Döppelgangers
    Episode 4 Döppelgangers
    Parks and Recreation Recap: The Merger Czar Nice but ultimately ineffectual usage of waffles as a diversionary tactic.
  19. The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic
    Episode 3 The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Eagleton Sucks Butch Count-city and the Sum-dance Kid to the rescue!
  20. London, Parts 1 & 2
    Episodes 1 and 2 London, Parts 1 & 2
    Parks and Recreation Season-Premiere Recap: Winning London Weddings and foreign travels on this season premiere.
  1. One Last Ride
    Episode 12 One Last Ride
    Parks and Recreation Series Finale: First in Friendship How do you say good-bye to your friends?
  2. Two Funerals
    Episode 11 Two Funerals
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Thank You, Good-bye Forever Bill Murray! Two deaths! A mysteriously sudden marriage proposal!
  3. The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show
    Episode 10 The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show
    Parks and Recreation Recap: The 5 Karate Moves to Success The entire show-within-the-show is just perfect.
  4. Pie-Mary
    Episode 9 Pie-Mary
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Woman of the Year Sometimes it feels really good to have a show pander to you.
  5. Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington
    Episode 8 Ms. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington
  6. Donna and Joe
    Episode 7 Donna and Joe
    Parks and Recreation Recap: The Microwave Incident Even in the face of unequal career opportunities, Leslie and Ben continue to be the couple of the century.
  7. Save JJ’s
    Episode 6 Save JJ’s
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Treat Yo Self 2017 (!) Donna’s wedding brings the return of a cherished motto.
  8. Gryzzlbox
    Episode 5 Gryzzlbox
  9. Leslie and Ron
    Episode 4 Leslie and Ron
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Work Proximity Associates Finally: Morningstar is revealed!
  10. William Henry Harrison
    Episode 3 William Henry Harrison
    Parks and Recreation Recap: Consorting With Celebrities Ben tries to bribe Leslie into the same room as Ron by promising to let her rename the triplets “Ruth,” “Bader,” and “Ginsburg.”
  11. Ron and Jammy
    Episode 2 Ron and Jammy
    Parks and Recreation Recap: The Crotch-Blinder Sad Jamms, corpses, and a plethora of hugs.
  12. 2017
    Episode 1 2017

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