1. Episode 10 Dance
    PEN15 Season Finale Recap: Don’t Leave Me Maya and Anna figure out how to move through their heartache together, and get to a place where they can care a little less.
  2. Episode 9 Anna Ishii-Peters
    PEN15 Recap: Sister Act An episode charting the highs and lows of having a friend over for a long-term stay builds to a make-or-break friendship moment for Maya and Anna.
  3. Episode 8 Wild Things
    PEN15 Recap: Walk on the Wild Side The series threads a tricky needle as it tackles the crown jewel of young-adult milestones: the first kiss.
  4. Episode 7 AIM
    PEN15 Recap: Buddy List Maya and Anna’s first foray into the wilds of AOL Instant Messenger conjures a time when technology represented endless possibility and mystery.
  5. Episode 6 Posh
    PEN15 Recap: Say You’ll Be There The series offers a nuanced depiction of awakening to prejudice — both as the person on the receiving end, and the person too privileged to see it.
  6. Episode 5 Community Service
    PEN15 Recap: Thongs of Innocence and Experience Maya and Anna’s Sisterhood of the Traveling Panties yields some great, weird, occasionally gross comedy.
  7. Episode 4 Solo
    PEN15 Recap: Let’s Just Not Care Outstanding performances elevate an episode that explores the gap between the approval we want as adolescents, and what we actually receive.
  8. Episode 3 Ojichan
    PEN15 Recap: She Bop Maya’s sexual awakening, and the shame that accompanies it, is far from a feel-good story.
  9. Episode 2 Miranda
    PEN15 Recap: Smoking in the Girls’ Room After being shamed for their childish interests, Maya and Anna face a rapid series of teenage milestones.
  10. Episode 1 First Day
    PEN15 Series Premiere Recap: Ugliest Girl in School The Hulu series kicks off with a pitch-perfect realization of the scared, willful seventh-grader that lives inside each of us.
  1. Episode 15 Home
    PEN15 Series-Finale Recap: Whose Back Do You Have? Life is hard, but at least your best friend has your back.
  2. Episode 14 Runaway
    PEN15 Recap: Alas, Poor Daddy It’s a return to classic cringe comedy in the penultimate episode.
  3. Episode 13 Luminaria
    PEN15 Recap: Are You Mad At Me? The magical realism of an empty stadium.
  4. Episode 12 Grammy
    PEN15 Recap: Death in the Family No Oakleys in the classroom.
  5. Episode 11 Yuki
    PEN15 Recap: Lost in Translation Maya’s mom gets a stand-alone episode and a cool, sexy past.
  6. Episode 10 Shadow
    PEN15 Recap: I Hate You Maya flounders trying to navigate her minority status in school.
  7. Episode 9 Bat Mitzvah
    PEN15 Midseason-Premiere Recap: Nothing Matters As the show begins its final bow, we see Maya and Anna drifting even further apart.
  8. Episode 8 Jacuzzi
    PEN15 Recap: Florida, Baby As good as the writing and acting are, the flat animation style doesn’t live up to the energy and emotions of the live-action Maya and Anna.
  9. Episode 7 Opening Night
    PEN15 Midseason-Finale Recap: Oh, What a Night! The high of Anna and Maya’s onstage disaster-turned-triumph quickly gives way to a bleak — and perfectly teenage — ending.
  10. Episode 6 Play
    PEN15 Recap: Drama Queens As nice as it is to see Maya and Anna growing as individuals, it’s hard to see them growing apart.
  11. Episode 5 Sleepover
    PEN15 Recap: Secret Blood When it comes to revealing the unspoken indignities of female bodily functions, this show is peerless.
  12. Episode 4 Three
    PEN15 Recap: Chain of Fools This is about as real as adolescence gets, and it is very, very tough to watch.
  13. Episode 3 Vendy Wiccany
    PEN15 Recap: Impractical Magic Adolescence is a curse, and there’s no breaking its spell.
  14. Episode 2 Wrestle
    PEN15 Recap: Monday Night Raw Maya and Anna will get over this incident eventually, but they’ll never get over patriarchy in general.
  15. Episode 1 Pool
    PEN15 Season-Premiere Recap: Desperate Sluts Faced with their own social irrelevance, Anna and Maya resort to the worst possible idea.

The Latest PEN15 News

  1. profile
    Put Maya Erskine in Everything PEN15 introduced her as a gonzo comedic talent. Mr. & Mrs. Smith makes a convincing case for her as a rom-com lead.
  2. a long talk
    ‘I’m Feeling the Loss of a 13-Year-Old Perspective’ Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle kill their Pen15 counterparts’ innocence.
  3. never been kissed
    Drew Barrymore Goes Back to Middle School With PEN15 Girls Barrymore reprises her Never Been Kissed role, Josie Geller.
  4. middle school's out forever
    Hulu’s PEN15 Will Finish After Its Second Season The second half of the final season drops December 3.
  5. trailer mix
    See Anna and Maya Go on a Vacation Into Animation in PEN15 The special episode, “Jacuzzi,” premieres on August 27.
  6. animation
    PEN15 to Make Like an After-School Special and Go Animated For season two, episode eight, “Jacuzzi,” hitting Hulu on August 27.
  7. casting
    PEN15’s Maya Erskine Graduates to Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ From the alien world of middle school to the alien world of Star Wars.
  8. coming soon
    BFFs Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine Pregnant With Future BFFs It’s what besties dream about.
  9. pen15
    PEN15’s Dylan Gage Was Happy to Go All-in on Gabe’s Storyline And he’s still trying to get his friends to watch the Hulu series.
  10. middle school stuff
    Talking Mom Fights and Theater Kids With PEN15’s Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine A Zoom conversation about season two of the Hulu middle-school dramedy gets real, then real glitchy.