Perry Mason

A peak TV noir with plenty of fedoras, palm trees, and shallow graves

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The second season of Perry Mason is a testament to how satisfying it is when a second season successfully reshapes the raw materials of a promising but imperfect first season. Perry Mason’s season two, does this in some minor ways (Shea Whigham’s investigator character, Paul Strickland, has a better-defined emotional arc) and in some much more significant ones (a noir-style mystery that’s a better fit for the show’s “dark side of L.A.” vibe.) The clearest and most obvious improvement on the first season, though, is also the simplest. Perry Mason — the HBO show, but also the original TV series and the radio serial before it — is a story about a defense attorney. Wouldn’t you know it: Perry Mason gets a lot better when the man spends a lot of time in a courtroom! — Kathryn VanArendonk, “Perry Mason Has Solved the Case of Perry Mason

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  2. Episode 2 Chapter Ten
    Perry Mason Recap: The Illusion of Vengeance Now that Mason’s a full-fledged lawyer, it’s a real treat when he gets back in his seedy PI bag.
  3. Episode 1 Chapter Nine
    Perry Mason Season-Premiere Recap: The Illusion of Justice Perry Mason gets his Saul Goodman on and finds himself on the “right” side of the law and the wrong side of justice.

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